10 Of The Most Common Lies Men Tell Their Girlfriends

We all lie; this is a fact. Granted some people take lying to another level and ruin the positive side of the little white lie for people around the world. Besides that, it is clearly in a human being's nature to lie; we do it to save ourselves from awkward and/or embarrassing situations, we do it to make someone feel better or worse. As much as we do not like to admit it, lying can be both good and bad, it all depends on the situation you are in at the moment. People in relationships have found that lying has both helped and hindered their relationship; mostly helped as it ends up smoothing over a potential bad situation. Now let’s be clear, a lie is a lie and with all the negative stigma around lying, it can quickly make things significantly bad; (i.e.make the liar look like a horrible person and make the person lied to feel like utter crap). However, you cannot deny that when someone is lying to make their significant other feel good about themselves or shield them from a negative situation, one cannot help but feel like they did the right thing. There are a few common lies that men use to keep their relationships on the up and up (because they truly believe that they are doing something noble); these lies are usually about what they do when they are not around their girlfriend, or lies that make her feel like she is the sexiest thing on the planet (can’t fault him for those ones). This makes it hard for us to stay angry for too long, because let’s be honest if you were him you would do the same thing. Here is a list of little white lies that some men commonly tell their significant others.

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10 I Only Have Eyes For You


LIES!!!! Ladies let’s be clear, guys have wandering eyes; hell, even most girls have wandering eyes. It is not a crime to look, and it even has several names to describe the act, one of which is “rubbernecking” where they look but don’t “look”. Even though he takes the time to look at other women it does not mean that he is any less interested in you; it means that he just noticed something good about another girl. If you are in a relationship with a guy who looks and then compares you to the girl he just scoped out, well, that is when you should be worried. There is no way that he only has eyes for you because first that would be psychologically impossible and second, it is healthy to look and notice and gander. Most people believe they want what they cannot have, looking only reinforces this primal nature. They want to believe that they are so content in their relationship that their partner should not have to look elsewhere.

9 No Way, I Don’t Watch P**n

Let’s just get this out of the way, everyone has watched p**n at some point in their life; a curious teenager, a lonely man, a bored girl, the kinky couple, there seems to be p**n for someone in every walk of life. If you believe your man when he says that p**n is not something he is into, think again. What do you think he does when you are not available or just not giving it up? In fact, some guys just like their alone time, they do not always want to put the effort into having sex when they can relieve themselves quickly and move on with their day. Believe it or not old habits die hard and an old habit such as watching adult entertainment is not one that people just give up. It adds variety and spice in one’s personal life and unfortunately just because they now have a significant other does not mean their personal likes are going to miraculously change. Either way, who is ever going to waste their time condemning someone for something they did on their own time?

8 I Love Hanging Out With Your Family/Friends

Translation: in moderation your family/friends are not that bad but if I had the choice I would not hang out with them. No one likes hanging out with their significant other's family, especially if you have no siblings close to their age. What is going through a guy’s head when he hangs out with your family? “This is so awkward, I’m sleeping with your daughter, or I’m sleeping with your sister” and when he hangs out with you and your friends, he is wondering why he cannot hang out with his friends and you hang out with yours and the two of you meet up later. A relationship allows people to come together and blend their interests and share their likes, unfortunately for most relationships the friends and family factor is one that needs to be curbed. Most men feel weird the first couple of times hanging out with your family and when they finally do start to feel comfortable they know it is not necessary to constantly be in contact with them. Just how people need space in their own relationships, guys need some space from your family and friends.

7 I Want To Take Things Slow

In other words; I am not ready to commit to you, however, I do want to keep you in my back pocket for those times when I come home late, did not score and I need some loving or when I need a date for an event that would be awkward to show up to without a date. Taking things slow for a guy usually means that he will grace you with the number one girl title but he is slightly leaving the door open in case he finds someone that he considers an acceptable upgrade. He only wants to take things slow with you because he is unsure if he really likes you. Always keep in mind that a guy knows what he wants, and that is why when they find that girl they do not hesitate to lock it down. However, when he gives you the run around and wants you to show up to his events and mysteriously cannot show up to yours; it is a clear indicator that he is not really ready to commit to you or put much effort in, but is way too scared to tell you.

6 You’re So Funny

You are not really THAT funny but to him you are the funniest person in the world because you mean so much to him. One of the reasons he choose you was because he liked your personality and he enjoys watching you laugh at things that he maybe never realized were funny until you came into his life. Let’s face it you are not a professional comedienne, it is not your life’s work; but your joy is amusing to him and he appreciates that you can make him see things in a different way. To him it is not a lie because he believes that you are the funniest person in the world. But to everyone else they may see him as exaggerating and easily amused, but who cares, right? All that matters is you and him and how you guys perceive one another. Who knows maybe you actually have a career in comedy and he was the first person to tell you about it.

5 I Didn’t Call Cause I’ve Been Busy

AKA: I could not call you because I did not want too. If someone is into you they will call you whatever chance they get, they want to talk to you; they want to be around you and share how their day went. So when an excuse like "I was so busy" or "I lost track of time" comes up, it seems like a cop out. Being busy has never kept someone from talking to the person they love. If he never has time for you then he probably does not care as much as you think. Guys who disappear and reappear when it is convenient for them are showing signs of non-commitment and trust, you should probably run. However, if you do choose to stick around and see where it goes just know that you are in for a crazy amount of disrespect most likely the entire time. If he cannot treat you right as a “friend”, how will he treat you a significant other?

4 I Don’t Know Why She Is Texting Me

Obviously he gave this desperate girl his number because how else would she have the number? And he obviously did not tell her that he is in a relationship because why else would she feel so comfortable texting him at any hour of the day and showing her adoration through text? This girl will keep texting him because he keeps texting her; it is as simple as that. If he keeps lying about it then chances are he is cheating on you or attempting to cheat on you. Either way, it does not look good for you or your questionable relationship. In a normal situation, an unwanted text message would be ignored or maybe the two of you would laugh at what happened. If he is trying to sneak and message her back or keeping close guard of his phone, something is just not right. Just make sure you keep an eye out for flirty emojis like that darn winking eye or the kissy face one. They are the new subtle way to tell someone you are into them.

3 I Would Never Lie To You

Simply put, everyone lies for good reasons, bad reasons and everything else in between. Make sure that you can differentiate the little white lies from the big lies; furthermore, make sure that the lie he is telling is to benefit you in some way. If he can lie about what he ate that day, who that private call was from or even the type of food he likes (it happens more than most would think), then he will not hesitate to lie about the huge things like getting a girl pregnant, living a double life or even his parents not liking you. Never lying to someone is almost impossible; even though most of the time it is not done with ill intent (he could be lying about how he is feeling that day because he does not want to get you down), either way he lied to you. What is important is that when confronted he can explain what made him betray your trust in that way. A lie can be a cover up for deep emotional strain, so hear him out before you start throwing dishes.

2 You’re A Great Cook


Come one girls, you and I both know that you want your boyfriend to believe that your cooking is the best thing he has tasted since his mother's; but you always seem to put yourself in a position that makes him want to lie to your flour covered face. Cooking is not everyone’s specialty and the sooner you admit it the better it will be for him because he will not feel as though he has to tell you that you are a great cook when the both of you know that you straight up suck. Compromise and order out, or take a few cooking classes and at least try to learn how to marry amazing flavours together. This lie is clearly one for the woman’s benefit, especially if she has slaved over the stove for hours and tried her hardest to impress you. Thank god being a good cook is no longer a requirement for being a good significant other, a lot of women would be screwed out of a spouse and nourishment; hungry and single, that is just sad.

1 No You Don’t Look Fat

Stop asking questions that you do not want the real answers to. Of course your man is not going to say you look fat unless he is a complete jerk and likes to put you down, in which case please run. To be honest most of the women that ask that question do not have an ounce of body fat on them but they could be wearing something that is not flattering to their stomach area or their butt, and instead of making you feel bad he opts for the lie. When you think about it he is actually trying to protect your self esteem, so maybe accept this lie for what it is. At the end of the day, as long as he thinks you look good, no one else’s comments matter. Who cares if you do look a bit chunky, have you not heard that thick is currently in? All the celebrities jumping on the body positive movement is enough to make you not care if he thinks you are fat or not. Keep in mind that he is dating you and whether or not he thinks you are fat, he is totally into what you are offering so you should really have no fear.

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