10 Of The Craziest Records Registered In The Guinness Book

Many people find the idea of world records to be a fascinating subject. There’s no better place to look for world records than in the Guinness Book of World Records. On some days where you may be bored or stressed out, it’s always fun to take a look at some of the world records and think about if you could have accomplished any of those. Or maybe you think of a world record that you could set. You might also think that the records shown here were never physically possible before.

However, when we do think of records, we think of typical ones, such as the shortest or the tallest person in the world, the oldest person still living, the tallest building, fastest car, etc.  But these are all seemingly ‘boring’ records and not particularly entertaining, for lack of a better word. What we are going to look at here, are different kinds of records that aren't easily found with a quick web search. We’re going to take a look at some of the most unusual records that you wouldn't have even thought could be records in the first place.

Here are ten of the craziest world records recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to come up with something new (and weird) to set a record for.

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10 The World’s Fastest Toilet


Yes, there really is a world’s fastest toilet. Built by a plumber and inventor named Colin Furze, who also holds the record for constructing the world’s largest bonfire and the world’s longest motorbike, recently invented the world’s fastest toilet. It can reach speeds of up to fifty-five miles per hour, and can even be flushed while moving.

9 Most Weight Balanced On Head

via mirror.co.uk

Lifting too much weight may sound dangerous, and indeed it is. Even more dangerous is trying to balance something heavy on your head. But the danger of doing so, proved to be no impediment to John Evans. Evans made worldwide news when he balanced a whole car on his head, not only once, but multiple times. The car was a three hundred and fifty pound Mini, and Evans balanced the car for over half a minute. It may sound physically impossible to balance an entire car on one’s head, but Evans has a very thick neck that measures a circumference of over twenty-four inches, giving him the unique ability to put strenuous pressure on his neck.

8 The First Photographed Person

via en.wikipedia.org

The name of the person who holds the record for being the first photographed person in history is currently not known, but we do know that the photograph was taken in 1838.  Back then, the quality of the cameras definitely weren't as great as they are today, being that they were just invented. It could also take more than ten minutes to take a picture alone. Despite the new invention, no one was willing to sit perfectly still for ten whole minutes. So instead, a photograph was taken of a man sitting still in the middle of a city, while getting his shoes shined. In fact, no one else in the city (including the person performing the shoe shining) appear in the shot, because of the exposure time of the camera. The man probably didn't even know that he was the first person to ever be photographed in history.

7 Most T-Shirts Worn

via url4short.info

This one is definitely strange. The record for the most T-shirts worn at one time by a single person has been broken numerous times recently, so don’t expect the current record to still stand not too far from now. Currently, a young man named Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka, holds the record for the most T-shirts worn by a person at a time, at two hundred and fifty-seven shirts.

6 Most Fireworks Strapped To The Body

via gardnerkansas.gov

The record for the most fireworks strapped to the body is currently held by Todd DeFazio, who has made it his life mission to break and hold as many records as possible. DeFazio had fifteen roman candles and bottled rockets taped to his limbs, torso and head, and then lit them all at once. The most incredible aspect of this record is that DeFazio suffered no burns or injuries at all.

5 Highest Dive Into The Shallowest Pool

via veepveep.com

This record is currently held by Darren Taylor, who took a real dive from a starting point thirty-six feet high, into a pool that was just twelve inches deep. It marked Taylor’s thirteen Guinness record. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could have survived that type of dive, but Taylor works as a professional stunt diver for his career, and has much experience diving from high flight into shallow water.

4 Typing To The Number One Million In Words

The title of this entry may sound confusing, but Les Stewart of Australia, typed all numbers from one to one million, and in words. What’s more? He typed the numbered words with only one finger. He began in 1982, and completed the process in 1998. By the end of the project, he had used up seven different typewriters and nearly twenty thousand pages.

3 Most Bottle Caps Removed By Forehead

via jaderbomb.com

We’ve all probably opened a bottle to something at one point in our lives, but have you ever done it with your forehead? Ahmed Tafzi of Germany is currently the record holder for opening the most bottle caps with his forehead. Yes, his forehead. You’re more than welcome to attempt this feat yourself and try to beat Tafzi’s record of over a dozen bottles, but there’s no shame in congratulating yourself if you can open just one.

2 Largest Airplane Eaten By A Person

via vzletim.aero

Michel Lotito built a name for himself with the ability to eat many materials that were indigestible in other people. For example, Lotito could consume glass, steel, light bulbs and other similar materials. But starting in the 1990s, he embarked on a two-year journey to eat an entire Cessna 150. He cut the Cessna into pieces, using a hammer and bolt cutter.  He also digested all of the pieces he ate just normally. Lotito was able to accomplish eating the airplane, along with all other materials he ate, due to having exceptionally strong teeth and a thick stomach lining. If you don’t have strong teeth or a thick stomach lining, it’s probably a good idea to stick to hamburgers and pizza.

1 The Largest QR Code

via nasa.gov

A corn field in London, England, currently holds the record for being the largest QR code in the world. The field is visible from Google Maps and has been downloaded and shared over one billion times. The field stretches for over three hundred and ten thousand square feet, and is shaped in the form of a QR code, and not your traditional corn maze. Corn mazes are always fun to explore in, and going into this corn maze wouldn’t seem any different on the outside. You’ll have to either get an aerial view or head to Google Maps to see what this maze really looks like.

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