10 Movies That Will Get Her In The Mood For Sex

They're called chick flicks for reason. The film genre that deals with love, romance, relationships and female empowerment doesn't generally appeal to men. But what does appeal to them are the women who watch chick flicks. After all, what better way to get her in the mood for romance than by showing your sentimental and giving nature than by willingly watching a movie that highlights romance — even if it's not generally your cup of tea? You never know, it just might get you lucky.

Of course, not all chick flicks are going to put her in the mood for sex. Women love Thelma and Louise, but even seeing a sexy young Brad Pitt isn't going to overshadow the man-hating nature of the movie. Other chick flicks, such as Bridesmaids, Legally Blonde and Clueless are great fun to watch, but are too comedic to really put her in the mood.

Instead, look for chick flicks that primarily focus on love and romance. Add a sexy scene or two and a studly leading man, and you've got the perfect recipe for a night of carnal pleasure. Happy endings are a plus, although there are always exceptions to that rule, and the final scene of the movie can definitely be key to her desires as the credits begin to roll. Remember, that ending – including any song associated with it – will be on her mind as you make your next move. Choose wisely and she'll be putty in your hands.

Unsure what movie will most likely  put her in the mood for sex? There are a few that will never lead you astray.


10 Zack and Miri Make a Porno


Zack and Miri Make a Porno includes a host of elements that would generally not lead to a romantic evening: Seth Rogen, director Kevin Smith, comedy and pornography. But the film is definitely an exception to all of those rules. The movie tells the story of long-time best friends and underachievers, Zack (Rogen) and Miri, (Elizabeth Banks), who decide to shoot a cheap adult film flick in order to make some much-needed rent money.

But as the pair is cast as the film's leads, requiring them to share a love scene, unrealized emotions bubble to the surface. You'll get a kick out of Smith's typical humor, and she'll be overwhelmed with emotion as the much-anticipated revelation finally comes to pass. The sex scenes don't hurt, either.

9 Pretty Woman


Wealthy man pays for hooker. On the surface, Pretty Woman doesn't sound like a story that will get most women in the mood for sex. But never judge a book by its cover. Instead, women are enthralled as they watch the multiple layers of Vivienne Ward's (Julia Roberts) character unfold during her week with the rich, handsome and workaholic Edward Lewis (Richard Gere).

By the end, when Edward approaches Vivienne in the style of a valiant knight on his white steed, the pair's love story is one that every woman dreams of. Just make sure you don't make a bad joke about prostitutes while you're putting on the moves... unless she's in to that sort of thing.

8 Dirty Dancing

As if Patrick Swayze in his prime isn't enough to put her in the mood, Dirty Dancing is also a coming-of-age love story with a sexy ending. In case you're unfamiliar with the plot of this cinematic classic, when Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) visits an upscale resort with her family in the summer of 1963, she becomes infatuated with the camp's dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Swayze). Ultimately, Baby has to fill in for Johnny's dance partner during the resort's end-of-summer finale.

During the course of the tutelage, plenty of sexy dancing ensues, culminating to an even sexier routine set to the now-classic 'Time of My Life' songWith any luck, the magic of the story and the chemistry between its stars will carry over into your own romantic evening.

7 50 First Dates


Granted, 50 First Dates is a comedy, but it also tells the story of that special type of love every girl dreams of. After all, when it becomes apparent that Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) suffered a serious head injury and her memory resets every day, the easiest thing for Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) to do would be to just walk away, and he would be wiped from his lady love's memory by the next morning.

Instead, viewers get to watch their love grow as he goes to extraordinary lengths to make the relationship work. The bonus? Sandler and Barrymore will keep you laughing while they work their magic on your date... and her inhibitions.

6 Sleepless in Seattle

One of the most beloved love stories in cinematic history, Sleepless in Seattle tells the story of a widower (Tom Hanks), whose young son calls in to a radio show, trying to locate his father a new wife. Of the hundreds of women who respond to Sam Baldwin's (Tom Hanks) story, one, Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), stands apart in the eyes of young Jonah, who insists she is the perfect match for his father.

In one of the most romantic scenes ever, the three finally meet atop the Empire State Building in a nod to another classic love story, An Affair to Remember. The tale of true love and intuition, as well as the anticipation that builds the entire film, is sure to leave her in the mood for love.

5 Say Anything


One of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history, the end of Say Anything finds Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) professing his undying affection for Diane Court (Ione Skye) through song. It doesn't hurt that the song blaring from his boom box happens to be a memorable love ballad by none other than Peter Gabriel.

The story of the underachiever and the valedictorian who fall in love during an eventful summer is sure to bring out her "lovey-dovey" side, but it's that last scene that will make her melt every time. Bonus points for you if you make your move before Gabriel stops singing. Even more bonus points if you have the song on your iPod after you move into the bedroom.

4 Never Been Kissed


Another memorable chick flick starring Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed tells the story of Josie Geller (Barrymore), a rookie reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. Geller's first real assignment is to go undercover at a local high school and find out what really makes teenager's tick. But while conducting her research, Geller - whose actual personal life leaves much to be desired - begins to fall for high-school teacher Sam Coulson (Michael Vartan).

Ladies melt for the final scene of the movie, complete with its artistically-shot and much-anticipated first kiss and a classic song from the Beach Boys. After your date relives the highs and lows of high school through the movie, once she watches that ending scene she'll be primed for you to make your move.


3 Shakespeare in Love


After struggling to earn a living as a poet, young Will Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) finally finds his muse in the beautiful Viola de Lesseps (Gwyneth Paltrow), but she is betrothed to another. Her first love is the theater, however, and she dons a disguise in order to enter the world of male-only players. In the form of Thomas Kent, Viola easily lands the role of Romeo in Shakespeare's yet-unfinished script. The poet soon sees through her facade, however, and the pair embark on a steamy, yet forbidden love journey that became the basis of the playwright's greatest work. Yes, many of the sexiest scenes occur while Paltrow is dressed as a dude. And yes, they are still hot.

2 Ghost

Remember the clay scene? 'Nuff said.

Actually, the entire film will pretty much get her every time. From her perspective, Ghost truly has it all: undying love, romance, sexy actors, memorable music and that sexy-as-hell pottery scene. Nothing can come between true loves Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and Molly Jenson (Demi Moore), not even death. OK, so the story – and the Righteous Brothers' classic Unchained Melody playing on the jukebox – already makes the ladies melt like butter, but when Sam and Molly get intimate while playing with potter's clay, things really get hot. The sheer animal magnetism exuded in the scene won't be lost on her, so make sure that heat isn't relegated to the small screen.

1 The Notebook


Can there be any doubt that The Notebook is the greatest chick flick of all time? Chicks dig it. It tells the story of a decades-long romance between two meant-to-be characters – uptown girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) and poor laborer Noah (Ryan Gosling) – that survives all obstacles. And if, like a lot of guys, you are totally not into any of the above, you'll score plenty of brownie points if you not only pretend to like it, but even suggest the movie yourself. She'll be just as blown away by your sensitivity as she is by the on-screen romance.

After the movie's emotional ending, if she looks over and you're still paying attention, she's all yours.



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