10 Most Popular Spin-Off Series

A television spin-off can be a wonderful thing. After a series ends, the idea that we don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to our favourite characters is comforting.  We get to follow these people, w

10 Family Matters – 6.4 million

9 Diagnosis: Murder – 6.6 million

8 Star Trek: Voyager – 8.8 million

7 A Different World - 9.3 million

6 Boston Legal – 9.9 million

5 Melrose Place - 10.4 million

4 Empty Nest – 11.6 million

3 The Facts of Life – 18.2 million

2 Knots Landing – 19.6 Million

1 Frasier – 33.7 million

Frasier was a spin-off of the classic American sitcom, Cheers. It followed Dr. Frasier Crane’s relocation from Boston to Seattle after the break-up of his marriage. The show featured appearances from all but one (Kirstie Alley) of the main cast members from Cheers over its eleven-year run. Frasier was highly critically acclaimed, earning praise for its strong ensemble cast and clever, fast-paced dialogue. It received thirty-one Emmy Awards (beating Cheers, which won twenty-eight). Though the later series are usually perceived as weaker than those preceding them, an impressive 33.7 million still tuned in to watch the final episode.

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10 Most Popular Spin-Off Series