10 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors

OUT magazine put out a call for votes before Valentine’s Day this year, asking men to vote for who they thought were the 10 most eligible gay bachelors of 100 hot names listed. This is the fourth year OUT held the contest and candidates included singer Ricky Martin, fashion designers Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, athletes Jason Collins and Matthew Mitcham, actors Paul Iannaco and Billy Porter, comic book artist Phil Jimenez and more. We don’t know how the initial group of 100 guys were chosen, although you can bet whoever made the selections had fun deciding!

When choosing potential mates, physical attributes are important, no matter what anyone says. While love at first sight may be a myth, extensive studies have shown that there's a correlation between how someone looks and how we judge them as a person. In these days of online dating, most dating sites recommend putting a picture up for best results. This is not superficial - it is human. We're just programmed to react to aesthetic and physical cues, which are important no matter how lofty our ideals.

Once the physical has been reasonably satisfied, because let’s face it, we may not all be James Deans or Marilyns ourselves, we have to decide what matters most to us. For many, important character traits include a potential mate’s ambition (this need not equate to dollars, but might simply mean they are passionate about something), maybe a sense of humor, confidence (without arrogance, though some are attracted to arrogance) and loyalty. What matters most to one person might differ from what matters to someone else.

That’s why a contest like the one OUT held is interesting. As an entire audience base voted, results should portray a fair mix of desirable traits. The contenders come from all walks of life - singers, artists, actors - and while they're all handsome, they come in all shapes and sizes. So who did the public decide upon as the most eligible gay bachelors? These top 10 have been voted as the 'most dateable gay guys' on the planet this year by OUT readers...


10 Andrej Pejic


This Australian model of Serbian and Croatian descent is androgynous and prefers to be referred to as “she” and “her.” Pejic, age 22, models both men and women’s clothing, sometimes at the same show. She has modeled clothing designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Michalsky, and during Barcelona’s bridal week in 2013, Pejic wore bridal designs by Spanish designer Rosa Clara. She has been ranked No. 18 in’s Top 50 Male Models. She appeared in 2012 as a guest judge on Britain and Ireland’s Top Model and also appeared in the David Bowie video “The Stars are Out Tonight,” with Tilda Swinton and others.

9 Wentworth Miller


Born in Oxfordshire, England to American parents, this actor, producer, screenwriter and model was born Wentworth Earl Miller III. He was raised in Brooklyn and moved to LA to pursue his acting career in 1995. Miller became known for his role as Michael Scofield in the Fox series, “Prison Break", for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. In 2013 he made his screenwriting debut with Stoker, a dramatic thriller that starred Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska. Miller denied in a 2007 interview that he was gay, and then publicly came out in 2013.

8 Christopher Rice

The son of late poet Stan Rice and bestselling author Anne Rice, Christopher Rice says he does not write horrors like his mother, but rather considers his books thrillers. He has five best-sellers, the latest of which is called The Heavens Rise (2013). He lives in Los Angeles and writes about life from a contemporary American gay point of view. As a result he has a huge following in the gay community, but likes to think of his writing as being more than just gay literature, but about the human perspective in general. Rice writes a bi-weekly feature called “Coastal Disturbances” for the LGBT magazine The Advocate.

7 Steve Grand


Originally from Chicago, this singer/songwriter currently has a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first album, due out in May. His song “All-American Boy” went viral in the summer of 2013 and garnered him enough attention to get funding through Kickstarter, though he is still looking for contributors. Grand, who is a country singer, believes that “a good love song is a good love song,” whether the person singing is directing the lyrics to someone of the opposite or the same gender. He has faith that the day will come when everyone will recognize that. That’s a sure sign of a tender heart, a great attribute in a partner.

6 Chris Colfer

This multi-faceted artist is a writer first and foremost, but has become known as an actor since his role as Kurt Hummel in Glee. At the age of 23 Colfer has already published a New York Times best-seller, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, which is the first in a trilogy of Young Adult literature. Interestingly enough, the adolescent phase was a difficult period for this award-winning actor, who was reportedly bullied so badly he had to be home-schooled for a year and a half. He wrote, produced, and starred in his first film, Struck by Lightning, which premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Fest. It’s easy to see why this talented guy is considered such a catch!

5 Brian Sims


A lawyer and activist on LGBT rights, this Democrat is a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Sims' parents are both Army Lieutenant Colonels. He was born in Washington D.C. and lived in 17 states before moving to Pennsylvania in the 1990s, where he hast stayed. While attending Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, Brian Sims was co-captain of the football team, and following a football season became the first openly gay NCAA college football captain when he came out. Sims has been instrumental in persuading at least two U.S. Senators to vote in favor of same-sex marriage, one of whom was a Republican. Now that’s impressive!

4 Eliad Cohen

25-year-old Eliad Cohen co-founded Gay-ville in Tel Aviv, where he lives. Gay-ville is a gay-friendly vacation rental destination. In addition to being a savvy entrepreneur, this producer/actor/model completed his required time in the Israeli Army before beginning his acting career. He is a big promoter of Tel Aviv gay pride events. This year on OUT’s list of most eligible bachelors he has dropped from No. 2 to No. 4. He spends a lot of time on the beach at home in Israel, easily evident by the fact that it’s hard to find a picture of this handsome guy with his shirt on!


3 Darryl Stephens


This 39-year-old hottie from up in Los Angeles’ Altadena and Pasadena suburbs and studied ethnic studies, sociology and drama at UC Berkeley, earning himself a degree in American Cultural Studies. He acted in various plays with the San Francisco theater troupe 'Sassymouth' and was also involved with the Berkeley Black Theater Workshop. Eventually he returned to LA to pursue a television and film career. He had roles in a few movies, but his breakthrough role was that of the title character Noah on the series "Noah’s Arc," which saw two seasons and then a feature film.

2 Chris Salvatore

A gay-rights activist, Salvatore credits his parents with instilling in him the importance of creativity. On one of several trips to New York to take in Broadway shows, young Chris saw Phantom of the Opera and attributes this to putting him on his career path. He learned to play piano and wrote his first song by the age of 15. After high school he went to Florida to work with producers the likes of whom developed the Backstreet Boys and Pink. He then studied music at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, after which he went to New York’s Conservatory for Dramatic Arts to study acting. This well-rounded guy ended up in LA and has had great success with cover songs and a YouTube following, and has appeared in three films from the Eating Out series.

1 Adam Lambert


This 32-year-old singer-songwriter and actor was in many amateur productions during his childhood. He continued along this path into adulthood and was in professional productions internationally and at home. Lambert became well known during his stint on "American Idol" during the eighth season, when he was runner up, from which he went on to sign a joint venture with 19 Entertainment and RCA records. His 2009 debut studio album was called For Your Entertainment and sold 198,000 copies in its first week, garnering third place on Billboard 200. Lambert had more involvement as executive producer on his next album, Trespassing, for which he was a principal writer. It made No. 1 on Billboard.


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