10 Most Common Lies Women Tell Their Boyfriends

Relationships are built on trust and honesty and when both of those qualities go out the window, expect great problems that will ultimately break up your relationship. It is safe to say that most (if

Relationships are built on trust and honesty and when both of those qualities go out the window, expect great problems that will ultimately break up your relationship. It is safe to say that most (if not all) women have told a little white lie in all of their relationships; telling a lie does not make you a horrible person and there doesn't always have to be a negative connotation behind it. A little white lie can help avoid a confrontation that you know could be disastrous, keep your significant other out of trouble or even help you to express how your truly feel. However, usually to keep the peace women lie about the most basic of things and yes, you love her so you let it slide but in the back of your mind you can’t help but think that something is going on with that guy who is supposedly just her best friend, and why she just won’t admit that she is mad when you know that she is mad. These common and petty lies are both hurting and helping your relationship, but they are essential to keeping your relationship in check. You will quickly realize that when she starts being 100% honest about how she really feels, you are in for a lot of trouble. Guys read on to see the top 10 lies women commonly tell in a relationship and please remember we are doing it to protect you.

10 “Nothing Happened, I Swear”

You have caught her in a compromising position, yet she can still look at you and say “babe, nothing happened, I swear.” This lie is so common in a relationship from both ends; however, it is more believable coming from a woman. Are you going to look at your girlfriend and say “you’re lying”? No guy does that (not the first time, at least). Nothing happened can mean so many things; it can mean the obvious, like we crossed the line slightly but I stopped myself before it got too far. It can mean things got completely out of hand and if it was you, you would break up with me. However, it can also mean that she really didn’t do anything but when you’re following your gut, what are the chances of that?

9 “We Are Just Friends”

For a girl, having a guy as a good friend can rattle the cages of boyfriends around the world; there is always a suspicion that something is going on and even if you, as a man, is confident that your girlfriend is 100% committed to you, it is the guy who you feel like you have to watch out for. However, in some cases things in the past have happened with this friend and the inappropriate behavior continues even after you have claimed her. All of a sudden, things that you see as disrespectful (like them constantly hugging or at each other’s home late into the night, or him feeling oh so comfortable enough to lay in her bed with her) is really starting to upset you. Maybe the “we are just friends” line is a half truth; they will always have a better bond than you and her.

8 Age

This will not apply to anyone between the ages of 18-28, unless they are gunning for an older guy who wants an older mature girl (cause that happens often). Unfortunately, for women we feel like after the age of 30 we have to lie about our age depending on who is hitting on us and what they are looking for in life. The age lie is not that horrible compared to others and some guys do it as well, but it is not common for someone to be dating a girl and not know that she is actually 32 and not 26. Let’s face it, some people don’t age and you get the benefit of being with a girl who looks young and hot for a long long time.

7 “I’m Not Mad”

You’ve done this to yourself, you let something slip that she didn’t like, you didn’t defend her honor the way she thinks you should have, and you rightfully got mad because she was being annoying. There is a list of things that could happen that would force her to look you in the face and put on the passive aggressive smile and sweetly and simply say, “oh, I’m not mad” as she walks away with fire in her step. It is best to get out of her eyesight for a few hours and let her come to the realization that she could possibly be mad about nothing.

6 How Many Partners She Has Had

No girl wants to seem like a promiscuous person. We always want to give off a vibe that is innocent with a little bit of edge. Unfortunately, most of us also really enjoy sex and because of this, we end up with a couple of partners in our lifetime. There is nothing wrong with it but some guys (AKA most guys) still live in some archaic world where girls should remain virgins and only have sex for procreation while they get to test every drop of water they can. So yes, we lie a little bit about our sex life because anything over one guy is blasphemous to say the least. But let’s flip it; did you ever think it was mad disrespectful to ask your girlfriend how many men she’s been with? You’re embarrassing her and torturing yourself.

5 “I’ll Be Ready In Like 5 Minutes”

5 minutes turns into 10, then 20, then 30, then we just take our sweet time because hey, the world should wait on us, right? Taking long to get ready is not intentional it’s just that small things happen that prohibit us from moving at a faster pace. Our fake eyelashes won’t stay, we have to re-do a chipped nail then wait for it to dry before we can finish our makeup; we woke up bloated so that fitted dress we planned on wearing will no longer look good so we have to go back to the drawing board and pick out something more convenient. So see, it’s not intentional.

4 “I’m Curvy"

This one is more for the online dater; the question everyone dreads when they fill out their profile is, “what is your body type?” or “what body type do you prefer?” Girls will normally fib if they are significantly overweight; they will fill out “curvy” cause guys like curves, right? Unfortunately, curvy and fat are two significantly different things that people tend to blur the lines with. Don’t start off your relationship with a lie (if you get to the relationship part after pulling that stunt). On the other hand, no one wants to seem like a jerk by filling out “slim” when asked what they prefer, so if you show up overweight they will have no choice but to eat crow.

3 “Trust Me, I’ll Never Hurt You (Emotionally)”

Lies, lies, lies. Feelings are made to be challenged and there is no way in the world that she won’t hurt you emotionally, maybe even physically, in your relationship at least once. This is not to say that it is intentional but when feelings are involved you never know what might be said that rubs you the wrong way. As for trust, keep it to a minimum unless you know that she is the girl who you could marry some day; asking for trust is a huge step and usually when someone is begging you to trust them as opposed to letting you do it on their own, well let’s just say it usually does not have a great outcome.

2 “Just Tell Me, I Won’t Be Upset”

This is a trap, run away as fast as you can. It should be common knowledge by now that when a girl claims she won’t be mad about some big thing you have to reveal to her, she is already mad. Unfortunately, (guys) by this point we have already made up our minds so even if the secret isn’t that bad, we will find something to be mad about. The level of madness should be what scares you the most because if your secret turns out to be something bigger than we expected, please know that there will be a lot of broken dishes, broken hearts and you might end up with a black eye, just saying.

1 ”It’s Okay I’ll Pay Tonight I Don’t Mind”

As much as women fight for equal rights and want to show that they can also be the “man" in a relationship, they still seem to be taken back by the idea of having to pay for the meal when on a date. If you suggest it, she will probably go with it because it makes her look independent and open minded, but unfortunately it could very well be the last time you see this girl. Unless you have been dating for years and feel comfortable allowing her to pay for things once in a while, then I suggest that you don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book and let her pay for anything. You will look like el cheapo and she will never forgive you.


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10 Most Common Lies Women Tell Their Boyfriends