10 Sneaky Ways Taylor Swift Makes You Fall in Love With Her

awesomethings about taylor swift

Oh we know, your music tastes are probably far too sophisticated and complex for you to be a fan of Taylor Swift.  As fellow awesome, cool people, we totally get it. But apart from making ridiculously catchy, lyrically clever tunes (if you say you don't know at least some of the lyrics to "Blank Space", you're a filthy liar), Taylor Swift as a regular celebrity human being, seems pretty freakin' awesome and we have to confess we are totally in love with her.

She's not the first celebrity to be generous with their time and money.  Nowadays, it seems like almost every star has a charity of some sort they brand themselves to, including Taylor Swift, who backs roughly 26 charities such as Shriners Hospital For Children, Do Something.org, The Red Cross, and others.  But Taylor is one of the few celebrities whose giving nature extends beyond big name philanthropic endeavors and spills into her personal life, specifically when it comes to her fans. Taylor Swift has been known to surprise her admirers with personalized gifts, she's donated large sums of money for fans in need, she's offered advice, and sometimes she acts like one of your good friends and shares your inside jokes with you.

Being an all-around cool person seems to be part of who Taylor is. So cool in fact, that even the most cynical of human beings will find themselves falling in deep fangirl love with her.

Here are 10 sneaky ways Taylor Swift turns any normal person into a bonafide Swiftie.

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10 She Always Gives Stuff To People!

Taylor Swift is a big fan of giving and supports over 26 charities.  She's also a big fan of using her music as a way to give back even more than she already does.  Her new album, 1989 includes a track called "Welcome To New York," which was her love song to her favorite city.  New York responded by naming Swift as their "Global Ambassador" but not all New Yorkers were happy about it, considering Swift was a fairly new resident to the city and wasn't a "true New Yorker." Taylor Swift silenced the critics (and maybe turned a few of them into Swifties) by being the best New Yorker she could be and donated the proceeds from the song to New York City schools.

9 She Gushes Over Her Fans!

Whenever a celebrity wins an awards, more than likely they'll take the time to thank their fans for making it all happen. But past award shows and talk shows, most celebrity/fan interactions happen pretty rarely.  Unless you happen to be a fan of Taylor Swift, that is. In 2014, Taylor Swift took it up on herself to surprise fans with Christmas gifts.  And it wasn't your generic autographed photo and a box of Taylor Swift brand perfume.  Taylor delved into each of their Tumblr accounts (which fans have referred to as Tay-Lurking) to find out their likes, dislikes, their jobs and other personal details so she could buy them personalized gifts from around the world! Fans received things such as Japanese tea sets, jewelry, robes, along with long, personally handwritten notes from Taylor Swift herself.  Watch the video above of Swift Santa at work and feel your shriveled, cynical heart grow three sizes larger. (But if your left arm goes numb, call 9-1-1, k?)

8 She Photobombs You!

Via whodatitistaylorswift.tumblr.com

Taylor Swift's schedule must be insane and she probably doesn't have a lot of unscheduled free time between promoting her album and touring around the globe.  But leave it to good ol' Swiftie to take the time out of her busy schedule to make someone's day by photobombing their photos like a boss.  One 8-year-old girl in particular will always have an amazing memory of Taylor Swift stopping in the middle of her jog and photobombing her portrait session at the park. Her photobombing shenanigans aren't limited to the park either, as these fans realized when Taylor Swift had no qualms about photobombing them at the Brit Awards.

7 She Pays Off Your Bills (even if you didn't ask her to!)

Via mirror.co.uk

Destiny's Child once asked a very important question, "Can you pay my bills...can you pay my telephone bills...can you pay my automobillls..."

If this question is directed at one Ms. Taylor Swift, then the answer would be, yes, she can totally pay your bills.  In fact, she's done it a few times for a few lucky fans, one of whom was a recipient of custom Swift gifts. Along with the personalized items Taylor picked out for her, she also included a check for $1,989 to put towards her student loan. Taylor once saw an online story about a Texas fireman who helped rescue his own wife and son from a head-on collision.  He had set up a Gofundme page to help pay for their medical bills because they had no medical insurance. Taylor Swift not only favorited the article but she paid a visit to their page and donated $15,000 to help pay for their medical expenses.

6 She Gives Great Advice!

Via twitter.com

Heartbreak, fears, insecurity or just need fashion advice? Tell Auntie Swiftie all about it. Some of the best advice you'll see on the internet is the advice Taylor has doled out to her fans who reached out to the star with their personal problems.  When one young lady had her heart broken Swift gave her some downright inspiring advice slash pep talk.  Another fan just wanted some fashion help and who better to turn to than the always fashionably hip Swift herself, who gave him the style direction he needed so he could look slick for his prom and tell people his suit was Taylor Swift approved.

5 She Stands Up For You!

Via melty.fr

If you want to feel complete and utter despair for mankind, go ahead and take a peek at video comments on YouTube. There are internet dickheads galore because for the most part, there are no repercussions for being a total asshole online. Unless you happen to get assholey with one of Taylor Swift's fan.  Taylor Swift has been known to come to the rescue for her fans that are being cyber-bullied online more than once. Most recently, when a fan was being ridiculed for their looks and love of Taylor Swift, Taylor called them out for their shitty comment (and bad grammar! #swoon).

4 She Puts Ovaries Before Brovaries!

Via meltyfan.it

It can be a shitty deal when you're a famous female pop star in Hollywood.  For men, there seems to be a lot of room at the top in whatever entertainment genre they're in.  The platform at the top for women however, isn't as roomy.  The media has made it so that successful female entertainers and performers are in constant competition with one another ON ALL THINGS; their beauty, their brains, their clothes, their hair, etc. etc. However, Taylor Swift refuses to play the media game and shows love for her fellow female colleagues and friends as much as possible. Of course, she's not without her fair share of media-fueled feuds, but it's clear that Taylor is making more of a conscious effort to be the type of person who supports and celebrates other women and their successes.

3 She's Strives To Be A Good Role Model!

awesomethings about taylor swift
Via theguardian.com

Most parents tend to cringe at what celebrity their teenager chooses to idol worship as most of the people in the public eye are the very epitome of the type of person you don't want your child to emulate  (self indulgent, narcissistic, entitled, materialistic, shallow, a Kardashian). But if you happen to have a teen who's into Taylor Swift, you're probably totally cool with it for many reasons; aside from being talented, generous and hard working, your teen will probably never see a picture of Taylor's vag on TMZ.

2 She's All Nice And Stuff!

If you've gotten this far on the list and you're still not convinced that Taylor is a peach of a person, go ahead and watch that video up there of Taylor talking, singing and playing with a 6-year-old boy named Jordan who has leukemia and try not to be overcome by the warm and fuzzies. When Taylor got wind that a terminally ill 4-year-old's final wish was to speak with Taylor, she immediately Facetimed the little girl and chatted with her for almost a half hour.  In a world where most people can't look up from their phone long enough to say "hi" or "excuse me while I walk mindlessly into you," Taylor Swift is just so genuinely NICE and caring to the people around her that if you told us that she was really a Pixar character, we'd totally believe you.

1 She Hooks You Up With Food! (!!)

What's the universal sign for true love? FOOD. Okay, so maybe that's OUR universal sign for true love, which explains why we have it bad for Taylor. Taylor Swift was once approached by a fan at Central Park to take a picture with her. Once Taylor learned that that it was her birthday and that she was going to Chipotle, she gave the birthday girl $90 so she could make it rain burritos on her special day. She once served her fans in London cookies, milk and pizza because of course she did. How can you not love a person who indiscriminately gives away junk food, carbs and grease? You can't. So give in. You're a Swiftie now. #itsgoingtobeokay

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