10 Mistakes You Definitely Missed In Spectre

Ian Fleming provided the world with its most iconic spy. In 1952 Casino Royale was published to widespread praise and James Bond was gifted to the world. Fleming produced an additional 11 Bond novels, producing one or more a year between 1953 and 1966, including Dr. No (1958), Goldfinger (1959) and You Only Live Twice (1964). In 1964, Fleming also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

In 1962, director Terence Young brought James Bond to life on the big screen in an adaptation of Dr. No featuring Sean Connery in the title role. The following year, Young directed From Russia With Love. In 1964, Guy Hamilton was brought in to direct Goldfinger. Terence Young returned as director for the 1965 adaptation of Thunderball. Adaptations continued over the following years through a variety of actors and crew members with the most recent batch of films beginning with a Casino Royale reboot in 2006.

Casino Royale re-established the series, creating a new timeline and narrative that separates itself from any previous Bond story lines. Daniel Craig took on the role of 007 with Martin Campbell sitting in the director’s chair. In the subsequent 2008 film Quantum of Solace, Marc Foster took over the role of director and it was another four years before 2012’s Skyfall made it to the big screen. This year, the latest Bond film, Spectre has marked Craig’s fourth turn as 007 and it is fast becoming one of the highest grossing Bond films so far, catching up with Skyfall’s outstanding box office performance.

However, as with many films, there are always small mistakes that slip through the net, regardless of how big and successful the film is - and Spectre is no exception.

Here we look at 10 mistakes that you may have missed.

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10 Confusing License Plates

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The license plate on the Range Rover used in the winter car chase shows the number IL 25768H. Not only does this plate contain room for any letters, the first two of which are the letters IL. This stands for Innsbruck Land which would place the car in the province of Tyrol, yet the flag displayed on the centre of the plate is that of the province of Vienna. Not only is this factually incorrect, but the two provinces are not even close to each other.

9 Vanishing Passengers And Invisible Lights

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Whilst travelling on the train, Bond and Madeleine Swann are ambushed by Hinx. When Hinx enters the carriage that they are in, the rest of the passengers vanish. The same thing happens to the bar and kitchen staff when Bond and Hinx explode into that section of the train. Also, once this fight is done and Madeleine and Bond get intimate in their carriage, flashing lights can be seen as if the train is passing by lamp standards outside. When the exterior of the train is shown, it can be seen that they are travelling through the desert with no exterior lights.

8 Dirty Martini Is Clear

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Bond's knowledge of how to serve a Martini is legendary, however when he and Madeleine Swann order a dirty martini whilst on the train and they turn up crystal clear, he doesn’t question it. A dirty martini should be cloudy due to containing olive juice, whether it is shaken or stirred. Bond admits that this is a change from the norm, yet you would assume the bar staff would know the difference.

7 Magical Windows

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When Bond and M are speeding along in the Jaguar XJ to stop Denbigh, the Land Rover Discovery that is following behind them takes out the former's rear windows. In the film, the window is clearly seen smashed with glass flying over Q. Yet in the next scene, the window is shown with one small bullet hole, but the rest of the glass remains intact. The team is outstanding, but we are fairly sure that they can’t replace the disintegrated window of a speeding vehicle.

6 Changing Bus Routes

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This one is short and sweet. The bus that is seen crossing the Westminster Bridge is the number 15 bus. The number 15 bus in London does not go over Westminster Bridge. The number 15 travels from Blackwell Station to Charing Cross, meaning it does not cross the Thames at all, although it does run parallel to the river and runs past the Tower of London. Someone should have actually asked the city's public transit authority about this tidbit.

5 Time Warps

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When James Bond is present at the funeral in Rome, the rays of sunlight that are present during his conversation with Monica Bellucci can be seen to vary dramatically in length as the conversation progresses. Unless the conversation took place during a freak time warp, it can be assumed that the scene was filmed at various points throughout the day given the change in the position of the Sun.

4 Simple Translation Gone Wrong

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When Madeleine Swann is lying on the bed in Morocco, having drank a little too much, she speaks to Bond in French, telling him there are "two liars." In French, she states "deux menteurs," yet the subtitles show "to" rather than "two." Given how well-traveled and multi-lingual Bond is, it is a tad embarrassing that one of the simplest French words is mistranslated.

3 Self Repairing Planes

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One of the biggest and most action packed scenes of the film is the plane/car chase through the Alps. During the scene, the plane seemingly crashes into the rear of the Range Rover that Bond is chasing. The nose of the plane is clearly seen to be damaged, yet in subsequent scenes the nose of the plane is intact whilst the rear of the car remains damaged. Further to this, when the plane hits the car, one of the wheels is seen to come off yet when we next see the plane the wheel is intact.

2 Changeable Buildings

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Madeleine Swann is taken to a safe house in London. When she leaves the safe house and approaches 007, the audience can clearly see Trafalgar Square behind her. To the left is a building that is flying the American flag, yet London geography states that this building should in fact be the Canadian High Commission and only flies the Canadian flag.

1 Magically Appearing Doors

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The scenes on the train appear to be littered in minor errors. As well as the ones that we have already highlighted, there is also a scene where Bond appears to be in a storage carriage that boasts large sliding doors, however in external shots of the train all of the carriages are passenger carriages with no sliding doors. Unless Bond has morphed into Harry Potter and can generate magic doors out of nowhere, there shouldn't be a sliding door on the train that Bond and Madeleine are travelling on.

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