11Vladimir Putin

Could the KGB have rigged the ballot? Or did the people polled think he wrote War and Peace? In the last year, Putin threw a pretty good Olympic Games party at a cost of $50 billion - much of which is sloshing around in his

cronies’ bloated bank accounts. He will be eternally known for the brutal invasion of Ukraine and the annexing of some of its territory. Or do Americans secretly admire his macho, strongman image?

Another poll puts his U.S. approval rating in Ebola territory at 4%. Gallup provides a list of names for people to choose from so this may be just a case of a woefully uninformed public going with name recognition. Come to think of it, isn't that why incumbents almost always win? Remember that Tiger Woods made the Top Ten even after his wife found out about his sexual escapades and used him as target practice.

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