10 Manly Grooming Habits That Women Can't Stand

Males are such an interesting species; of course they would combat that statement and say women are more interesting (except they call it difficult). However, men tend to be a little more complicated, physically that is. They lack any kind of knowledge when it comes to grooming habits and there is certainly no in-between. They either groom too much and are quickly labelled metro-sexual, or they have no skills at all and think walking around with gunk between their toes is a normal part of life. Manscaping has come a long way and continues to evolve over time. What was hot in the 1920s (i.e. that whisker looking mustache) is no longer “cool” or has been converted into an acceptable hybrid version of its past. The desire to look good does not always come as easy to some men and they periodically need guidance on what looks good (more importantly, what makes them look good and what is acceptable). When men fail at grooming it is a problem for both them and those who have to constantly be around them. Something as simple as too much cologne, a scruffy beard or not knowing the importance of regular clipping of their nails, is essential to a healthy love life and a happy significant other. So men, if you are confused about your daily grooming habits and how they are hindering you from finding and keeping that special girl; read on to see what could possibly be screwing you out of screwing.

10 Manage Your Hair

Whoever said it was okay to have hair hanging in your face and “pulling off” the sloppy look was sexy, think again; the value of a good haircut can change your life. Besides that, maybe in high school it was cool to date a guy with unruly hair who sported a dirty, rundown beanie but as we get older, that crap becomes more unappealing and is a sure sign of immaturity coupled with a job that would never be able to support a possible wife and kids. The point being guys; a more manageable and presentable hair cut is not going to steal the joy from your life, and don’t you want to leave your house looking presentable?

9 Hairy Chest

This is not the 70s. A bare hairy chest is not sexy anymore; no girl wants to rest her weary head on a man’s chest and feel like they are getting a cheek full of rough, course dog hair rubbing against her face. Yes, we get it maybe you do not like a bare chest so you keep it a little fuzzy and maybe it helps to keep your poor chest warm in the winter months, but when you have a significant other, a lot of the things you are used to go out the door. Trim it up a bit or maybe take it all off; after all, you won’t need it anymore when you can wrap your arms around your girl.

8 Dirty Fingernails

It is so gross to look down at your girlfriend or wife’s hand and see all the dirt and grime of the day just sitting there under their nails. It looks messy, unkempt, and unhygienic and not to mention not presentable one bit. So fellas, why would you assume that we want to look at your hands and see black built up dirt under your nails? The same hands you touch us with, maybe cook for us with (if we are lucky), and the same hands you use for sex. Ugh the vomit is just building up; get your act together and realize the necessity of a manicuring kit or a great aesthetician.

7 Chapped Lips

So, maybe it is too girly for you to carry around chap-stick, or maybe you do not think you need it, either way you are wrong. A smooth lip is obviously a crucial part of a relationship, no girl wants to make out with someone and be left with cut up lips because yours are so horribly mangled. I know I know, it is not considered macho when you are walking around rubbing something that look likes lipstick on your lips but please believe it is a necessity and vital to your dating life. Plus, do you like the feel of rubbing your lips together only to find out that they are rough?

6 Change Your Sheets

Most people believe that changing your bed sheets regularly is not a grooming habit, well it is and guys rarely do it. Guys please be aware that you have sex on those sheets, you eat on those sheets, and you sweat heavily while you sleep on those sheets. They need to be washed regularly but for some reason you think that they can withstand the test of time, soak up all your filth and still live to see another day. This is unhygienic and questionable at best; please acknowledge that like human beings, sheets also get filthy and need a good rinse once in a while.

5 Trim Your Toes

There is nothing appealing about a long, snagged toe nail cutting your girlfriends skin as she is sleeping next to you; not only is it unhygienic, the general appearance makes people want to throw up in their mouth. While we are on the subject; when you do get around to cutting your hazardous toe nails, clean up the clippings that are left behind and very visible (as they are normally yellow and hard). Have you ever stepped on a fleeing toe nail? It is like getting a metal nail to the bottom of your foot (okay, I'm over exaggerating a bit) however, it is uncomfortable but most of all it is gross.

4 Leaving Hair Everywhere

Some guys prefer to stay clean cut; they have had enough sense to not jump on the lumberjack beard trend that our culture is so obsessed with at the moment. However, that being said; when you are done trimming or shaving your beard, clean up the sink area. This is crucial if you live with your significant other and really, it should be common sense that one should clean up after themselves. Practice clean hygiene. Your girl may appreciate that you are not tickling her when you kiss her but she will resent you forever for making her into your new mommy.

3 Too Much Cologne

We appreciate a man who loves to smell good and look great but please stop trying to kill us; cologne is a very powerful tool and we can assume that most men do not know the proper way to apply it (seeing as we can sometimes smell them coming from miles away and continue to smell long after they have walked past us). All you need is a little sprits or a tiny dab if you have proper cologne and not that dirty Axe body spray that makes even your eyes water when you put it on; don’t worry we can smell that small dab and we like it.

2 Unruly Down South

An unruly down south area can be comparable to a field that has had the worst lawn cutting job possible. Some of the grass is rough, other parts really smooth and soft, some of it are neatly trimmed while big patches of it are out of whack and straight up un-presentable. It looks like someone just closed their eyes and went at with a pair of garden sheers. Don’t let this be your pubic hair. Maintain it a bit, trim the edges and keep it in check; if women have to do it you should have to as well; so none of this weird, all natural, let it be free down there kind of thing.

1 Shaving Down South


So yes, I will admit there is a bit of a contradiction going on between the first and the second points; however, let me explain, there is a difference with taking a bit off the top and letting it do its own thing. Men, it is important that you achieve the perfect balance here; we as women do not want to see a man with a bare shaven private area. Truth be told, it makes it look weird but if you clean it up and take a little off the top, make it look neat and presentable we are happy.

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