10 Little People Impersonators You Need To Know About

Society has recently become obsessed with little people; we are no longer ignorant to what makes them “different”. There are diverse types of dwarfism that include shorter statures, different health problems, bigger body parts like heads and butts or smaller parts like a shorter torso. Shows like the Little Women franchise have shined a light on the perils of what it means to be a little person, however, it has also shined a light on the fact that they have dreams and aspirations like any full size adult. They can be doctors like Jen Arnold, lawyers like Dawn Lang, or they can be in the entertainment industry. At one point little people in the entertainment industry meant dressing up like miniature versions of scary clowns or being blown out of a cannon like some kind of object. Now, little people in the entertainment industry mean actual acting roles and being recognized for their talents like Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage or Warwick Davis of Princess Bride bringing in fame and many other countless credits. There are also performers who have perfected impersonations of other celebrities like of Britney Spears or Beyonce and gone on to make a career out of their impersonations. They are back up dancers for some of the biggest acts in the world like with Miley Cyrus and they have upgraded their status in the circus to be the stars of troupes like Cirque Du Soleil.

If you are obsessed with reality television and want to know more about some of the little people killing it in the industry right now, then here is a list of a few little people who put on great performances.

10 Mighty Mike


9 Kim Tripp


8 Matt McCarthy


7 Nikki Hoza

6 Rickey Sells Jr.

5 Tonya Banks


4 Mini T


3 Robin Sherwood

2 Jordana James

1 Terra Jole


Terra Jole is known for her mini Gaga and mini Britney impersonations, and while she is great at them she is so much more than that. She has toured as a dancer and performer with Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and a host of other celebrities. Jole is currently popular for being a cast member on the Lifetime show Little Women: LA. She is the head of the crew and often the voice of reason on the show. Jole also owns an entertainment company called “Mini-Popstars” where she manages and helps other little people achieve their dreams in the entertainment world.


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10 Little People Impersonators You Need To Know About