10 Kardashian Family Moments We'll Never Forget

The Kardashian family has been front and center ever since eldest daughter Kim had her sex tape go viral. Since that day, Kim has become an international success and the family has had a front row seat, even joining in on the fun. This all began with Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. Their marriage spawned Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Rob Kardashian. Kris then got remarried to former Olympic great, Bruce Jenner. Next, Bruce and Kris spawned Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Now that we got the main players down, let’s move on.

The Kardashian clan is big. Although Robert Kardashian was a successful attorney who took on such cases as the O.J. Simpson one for example, the family’s recognition didn’t catch fire until Kim was seen in the buff. Since then, the Kardashians have become a franchise. The name itself is branded and stands for a lot more than Kim’s famous rear. The family is thrust constantly into the public eye and there seems to be no end in sight. They were famous for being famous and used that fame to create businesses and exploit their name to all ends.

Here are the 10 Most Sensational Kardashian Moments.

10 Kim’s Blood Facial

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Okay, there’s weird and then there’s celebrity weird. Often times, we try to imagine the worst visuals in the world. And women always seem to find the craziest ways of trying to retain their youth. Enter 33-year-old Kim Kardashian. Kim had a blood facial (naturally, on her show). I personally didn’t know these existed, being a normal person, but apparently, she had blood drawn from her arm, spun in a machine and then injected back into her face. Eesh.

9 Kim Gets X-Ray…Of Her Butt

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As Kim’s legend grew, so did everyone’s infatuation with her rear end. Her butt has been almost as famous as Kim herself. In 2011, to deal with all the haters in the world, Kim actually dropped her butt on an X-ray table to prove that there were no extra assets added into her bottom. Naturally, the publicity was cashed in on her reality show. I’m just glad we all got to the bottom of that.

8 Kylie And Kendall Party Like It’s 1999

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7 The Name Game – Kim Names Daughter North West

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Normally when celebrities have children, it makes big news. When Kim Kardashian and her second husband, Kanye West, had their daughter, it was a big deal. On top of all that, the celebrity pair went out their way to come up with a mighty original name for their newborn baby girl, North West. Obviously, the world wasn’t impressed. Unless you’re heading toward frozen tundra, North West doesn’t mean a whole lot. Kris Jenner explained in an interview that North represents “the highest power.” Crazy, I thought that was reserved for Kim’s rear.

6 Caitlyn (Formerly Bruce) Jenner's Car Troubles

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Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner got into a serious car accident during the time of her transgender transition. There are two important facets to this case. First, detectives have completed a six-month investigation that finds Caitlyn was driving at unsafe speeds in her Escalade. The prosecution may charge Jenner with a misdemeanor manslaughter charge which carries a sentence of up to one year in jail. The accident resulted in the death of Kim Howe. The accident was a terrible tragedy and look for a civil case in the millions to be waged against the former Olympic champion. This saga is far from over.

5 Kim’s 72-Day Marriage to Kris Humphries

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Looking back at 2011, the exploding sensation known as Kim Kardashian got hitched to NBA player Kris Humphries in a crazy lavish wedding ceremony. It was, of course, all captured on film for Kim’s television show. It was a two-part TV special and it coincided with Kim’s new fragrance release (who doesn’t like to parlay a wedding with a perfume launch these days?). It seemed minutes after the wedding, things fell apart. Kim filed for divorce just 72 days later (most of which was spent keeping away from Kris). Humphries cries foul and claims he was used as a publicity stunt. That’s one hell of a publicity stunt. Kim ended the marriage and seemingly Kris Humphries' playing career. Ever since the divorce, he hasn’t been the same player. Later, Kim confirmed that she will find a new man whose name begins with the letter “K.”

4 Relationships Go Sour

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Certainly, relationships don’t always go as planned. Some end early, and some end late. We got to watch the crazy issues between Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, unfold on live television. Khloe got hitched to NBA player, Lamar Odom. Their relationship seemed rocky and odd. It ended with Odom possibly cheating, possibly having suicidal thoughts and his NBA career tanking. (What is it with these Kardashian girls and killing NBA talent?). Kourtney and the “I want to always appear cool and blithe” Scott Disick went through ups and downs seemingly every single episode on the family’s reality TV saga. They had children and they had more problems. Now they are once again broken up and possibly for good. Stay tuned (if you care).

3 Bruce Jenner Becomes Caitlyn Jenner 

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Well, this one was a big surprise for us all. Bruce Jenner made the difficult choice to be the first ever gold medal-winning Olympic male athlete to become a transgender woman. It was a difficult pill for some to swallow being the notoriety of the name Jenner and his regular appearances on everything that is Kardashian. To top it off, a reality show was spawned for the change (of course) entitled I Am Cait. It was a life-long struggle for Jenner to make the decision and the world got to watch it happen live (sort of). I guess we call I Am Cait a spin-off? Can’t wait to see what is next!

2 Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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The reality show has been a major hit for the family. The idea of being famous for being famous was sort of invented by Paris Hilton. She tried her own reality show but they were concept-driven. Instead, the Kardashians decided to just throw cameras in their homes and push the concept of overexposure. Everything they did was to brilliantly publicize and promote their next endeavors. From perfumes, to clothing lines, to their Dash Stores, to everything and anything, the show has catapulted the entire family into the mainstream vernacular. We will continue to be punished with the Kardashians for more years to come as Kylie and Kendall don’t appear to be slowing the family business anytime soon.

1 Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

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This has to be seen as the mother-load of all sex tapes. Certainly, some sex tapes may be released and there is some excitement and interest (see Pamela Anderson). But at a time when the Internet was just exploding, this sex tape came at the perfect moment. Kim was the oldest daughter of a famous attorney and her step father was Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. The Kardashian hype machine jumped into gear. Kim posed for Playboy (on her terms) and the television show Keeping up with the Kardashians was born. Kim got paid $5 million for her efforts on the tape (wish I could get that for my efforts in bed) and more importantly, it helped launched a Kardashian franchise that has no end in sight.

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