10 Jobs Women Will Never Be Able To Do Better Than Men

jobs women will never do better than men

It wasn't too long ago that men dominated the job industry because a woman's place was at home taking care of the children and cooking for her husband. However, women today are doing so well that in almost all countries in the world, women are taking a leading role in businesses and in governance just like their male counterparts.

People have different talents and professional qualifications, all of which are important for the advancement of society as a whole. Some people will fit perfectly in a particular profession and excel in it. Some will never become as good as others, regardless of how much they try. Although the limitations and the ability to excel are usually determined at an individual level, some limitations can be brought about by gender and social expectations.

Some professions will favour men while others will favour women, all depending on the social skills that one acquires as he or she grows up, the education that one is exposed to, or just the physical demands that a job will have. When we talk about jobs that women will never be able to do better than men, we do so with the understanding that some women are actually better than men in their particular line of work. The idea here is to look at the bigger picture; the general thinking of society and the average results we see on a daily basis. Women would do great in the following positions, but men have an indisputable upper hand.

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10 Bus Driver

Some professions have traditionally been held by men for so long that it would seem odd to think of a woman doing that job. A bus driver has for the longest time been a man's job, and the stereotype that men are far better drivers than women has a lot to do with this. Men have a certain confidence behind the wheel that is lacking in some women, which is why a female bus driver is sure to attract attention every time she is behind the wheel. This does not mean that women cannot become bus drivers. In fact, there are numerous women bus drivers who are more skilled than some male drivers, but men thrive more than women in this profession.

9 Comedian

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If you were to write down a list of all the comedians you know and love, I am sure that the dominant gender in your list would be male. Wherever you look, whether in stand-up comedy, in TV comedies, in funny comics, or in movies that have a great deal of humour, the people behind the scenes as well as the people starring are usually men. Over the years, people have concluded that women are not as funny as men, a conclusion that even the women believed to be true. Although today women have stepped up and proven that they can be just as funny as their male counterparts, it is ambitious to think that a woman can have more success than a man in comedy.

8 Pro Sports Coach

Do you know how many female head coaches there are in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, or the MLB combined? Zero. Furthermore, do you know that in college sports teams, less than 40% of the coaches in women's teams are women and less than less than 2% of all men's collage teams have a woman as a coach. The above statistics speak for themselves, and the bad thing is that the women who are already coaches face the risk of losing their jobs to male coaches, regardless of how good they behind the bench. Despite the fact that coaching has a lot to do with strategy and knowledge of the game as opposed to physical capabilities, it seems as if women will never even get the opportunity to compete with men when it comes to coaching. Sadly for the women, almost everyone out there just thinks that a man is a better coach.

7 Electrician or Mechanic

When you call an electrician to your house, you expect a guy with overalls, a toolkit, and some electrical equipment to knock at your door; the emphasis here is on the "guy." The same applies for a mechanic; for some men it would actually hurt their ego for a woman to repair their car, just because cars are a "man's thing." Not to say that women are not capable of doing the above tasks, it's just that these professions scream "masculine." Some men would actually be tempted to think that a woman in the above profession is just being used by her company to attract more business because of her beauty and sex appeal, not because she is qualified. The above discrimination and negative preconception of women make it very hard for them to even come close to attaining the level of skill that men have at these jobs.

6 Chef

This is one of the most fascinating professions of all because you would expect that most of the top ranked chefs out there would be women. A few years back, FOX News compiled a list of the 10 highest paid chefs, and not surprising was the fact that there were just two female chefs on the male-dominated list. You would think that women would be considered the best chefs in the world, given that traditionally, most boys are learning how to shoot hoops with their dads out on the court, the girls are busy in the kitchen preparing food with their moms. When it comes to recognition and receiving awards, the praise that female chefs receive does not even come close to what the male chefs receive. The above factor makes it almost impossible for women chefs to be better than the men.

5 Plastic Surgeon

If you were given the opportunity to choose between a male and a female plastic surgeon, who would you go for? The polite response in the presence of other people would be "the more qualified of the two," but deep down inside you would likely to settle for the male surgeon, right? Society has the opinion that men are calmer and more level-headed under pressure than women are, which is why men thrive more in the operating room when you compare them to women. The facts concerning the better of the two genders when it comes to being a surgeon have too many variables to come up with a realistic conclusion. However, with regard to public opinion as well as the number of available surgeons out there, male plastic surgeons are most preferred and are far more numerous than female surgeons.

4 Police Officer

When it comes to law enforcement, preconception that men are better at it than women is very understandable. Law enforcement has the word 'force' in it, and police officers will more often than not have to use force on a regular basis. It is a fact that men are generally stronger, faster, and tougher when you compare them to women, and men make up the highest percentage of violent criminals both behind bars and roaming the streets. A female police officer is always at a disadvantage when going after such criminals, which is why these women in law enforcement deserve all the respect that we can give them. Although today's police officers are receiving the best training and equipment to be able to deal with any perpetrator, the women have a long way to go before they become better than the men when it comes to the more physically demanding aspects of law enforcement.

3 Firefighter

Fighting a fire requires more brains than muscle, which is why there are women firefighters today. However, firefighting is one of the most male-dominated fields that you can ever think of, since something as simple as calling someone a 'firewoman' needs a lot of getting used to when you compare it to how right it feels to call someone a 'fireman'. Women grow up knowing that they are the weaker sex, and the role of the man is to protect her. Therefore, expecting a woman to respond to a fire emergency feels wrong, because a firefighter needs masculine qualities to survive. Although the advancement in technology can level the playing field with time, but it is very likely that women will never be as good as men with regard to fighting a fire.

2 Pro Athlete

It is true that a woman can play every sport that a man can play, but you must have noticed that women and men play separately in almost all sports. Furthermore, all the male sporting events are more popular when you compare them to the women's events, and the highest paid women athletes cannot compare with their male counterparts. According to Forbes' list of the top 100 highest paid athletes in the world, you will be shocked to learn that there are only two women featuring on that list, a clear indication of just how far women have to go before they reach the same level of success as the men.

1 Construction Worker

Women do not even try to be better than men in some professions, mostly because of the nature of the work involved in those jobs. One domain in which we cannot expect the women to even lift a finger in competition is the construction industry. This industry requires strength, strenuous physical activity and sweating, things that not many women look forward to. There are extremely few women in the construction industry because the environment here is so masculine and structured to suit men. Therefore, it would be safe to conclude that in the construction industry, women will never be better than men.

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