10 Insanely Hot 'Girl On Girl' Movie Clips

There are many reasons why we settle down to watch a movie. Whether it's a good story, explosive action sequences, talented actors or just a reason to unwind and forget about life for 90 minutes. Whatever the reason may be, movies draw us in and entertain us. However, there is one thing a movie can do that will have men queuing round the block to watch; and that's the promise of some 'girl on girl' action.

Whether it's an integral and important part of the story or just there to titillate and entice the male viewer, 'girl on girl' scenes have been in many movies for years.

Starting out more of a subtle undertone in the earlier days of movies, the recent decades have seen more openness and acceptance of such scenes. Although these kinds of scenes have always been popular in low budget or 'straight to video' movies, it's a way to get people to buy them. Mainstream Hollywood, however, has also started to use it more. Whether it's a simple make out session between girls, heavy seduction or a full on lesbian sex scene, there is nothing hotter than seeing an A-list Hollywood starlet going for it with her female co-star.

With all that in mind, here is a list of the 10 hottest 'girl on girl' scenes that will make anyone want to re-watch.

10 Cruel Intentions - A Stunning Gellar


Our first entry may be the tamest scene on our list but as one of the hottest scenes in the 90's, it's always worth a mention and a re-watch.

9 Gia - Thank You Angelina Jolie


Not only was this the film that propelled Angelina Jolie into movie stardom, it also had her naked and flaunting her sexuality for all to see.

Based on the life of Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the 70's, it tells the tale of her life. With her electric personality and potent sexuality, the world soon loved her right up until her untimely death.

8 Black Swan - Mila Kunis And Natalie Portman At Their Finest


When your girlfriend suggests that you go and see a movie about a ballerina, you'll be forgiven if you come up with any excuse to avoid it! But for those few that couldn't think of an excuse fast enough, then man were you rewarded.

7 Blue is the Warmest Colour - Sweet Lesbian Love Affair


Maybe this movie isn't as well known as the others on the list, as it isn't what you would call a 'mainstream' movie. However, this acclaimed French film is filled with sexual chemistry and girl action.

6 Wild Things - Threesome, Anyone?


When you put together a trio of hot stars in a movie thriller that boasts a threesome and some girl action, the executives are already counting the money.

5 When the Night is Falling - Forget About Morals


When you have a loveless relationship, personal tragedy and a chance encounter with a young, exciting woman -all against the backdrop of a Christian college- you know there is going to be some hot sexual tension.

4 Femme Fatale - Naughty, Sensual Ride


When you have a thriller called 'Femme Fatale', you know you're in for an erotic ride. Add Brian De Palma as director, then you know you're also in for a complicated story, too.

3 Mulholland Drive - Thank You Naomi Watts


When a young woman comes to Hollywood to seek her fortune, she instead becomes involved in dark conspiracies, murder and amnesia. The two lead women (including a breakthrough performance by Naomi Watts) are thrust into a search for answers that lead to murder and an ending that still has everyone confused and scratching their heads as to what has happened.

2 The Hunger - Hungry For...


1 Bound - The Wachowskis Know How To Make Movies


Number one on this list has to be Bound. Unlike the others on this list, this movie is just pure sexual energy and it's not afraid to show it. Bordering the line between adult entertainment and erotica, the scenes in this movie will have you panting for more.

Directed by The Wachowski Brothers, before they changed the movie industry forever with The Matrix, this film sees an ex con trying to get on with her life, that is until she meets the girlfriend of a mafia money man. Then the two women start a love affair and decide to steel $2,000,000 of mafia money.

The scenes between the two leads are some of the hottest and most realistic sex scenes ever filmed. It's no wonder this movie grabbed many people's attention and made stars of all those involved.


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10 Insanely Hot 'Girl On Girl' Movie Clips