10 Huge Omissions You Missed In The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Edition

The Force Awakens jumped to Blu-Ray, and the success the film enjoyed in its theatrical run has already transferred to the home media market. That feat becomes all the more impressive when considering that the Blu-Ray transfer actually leaked on the internet over a week before release, and had a whopping 250,000 downloads within the first few hours.

Yet, for all the hype and anticipation for the seventh Star Wars outing coming home, and despite a fine documentary on the making-of, The Force Awakens Blu-Ray is missing some very key features. Besides the whitewashing of the documentary (nothing on Lucas's original concept for a sequel trilogy which he sold to Disney, no appearances from writer Michael Arndt), the disc set comes up short on several obvious fronts.  Most notably, a reported 20 minutes of footage was cut, only about four of which appear on the disc.

10 Unkar Plutt loses an Arm


A combination of Watto and Jabba the Hutt, Unkar Plutt embodies slime on a desert planet as Rey's taskmaster in The Force Awakens. We still don't know who left Rey on Jakku as a child, or why someone would choose to leave her with a sadist like Plutt. What The Force Awakens left out, even on Blu-Ray, was Rey's vindication toward Plutt.

9 Maz Kanata Uses The Force


Sophia Petrillo doppelganger Maz Kanata adds a hint of mystery to the film. As played by Lupita Nyong'o, the 1,000 year old Maz tries to inspire Rey and Finn to follow the paths of their destinies, and in particular, pushes Rey to learn about the Force.

8 Snoke Tells the Story of Darth Vader


Supreme Leader Snoke takes over the role of big-bad from Emperor Palpatine, manipulating Ben Solo/Kylo Ren into becoming something of an Emo villain. Originally some of Snoke's dialogue make Kylo Ren come off even more Emo-sulky-crazy!

7 Commentary, 3-D Options And Other Blu-Ray Standards


Ok, so just to begin with the obvious: Disney marketed the film heavily in IMAX 3-D, and even filmed the movie for the format. So then, why do none of the copious numbers of DVD, Blu-Ray or digital download options feature a 3-D version of the film? Likewise, director J.J. Abrams, writers Michael Arndt and Lawrence Kasdan, and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy don't offer anything in the way of commentary tracks for the film. Take that as an obvious hint from Disney: another version of the Blu-Ray is on the way, possibly to coincide with the release of Rogue One this Christmas, or to build anticipation for next year's Episode VIII. The same could probably be said for any of the items on this list.

6 Maz Visits The Resistance Base


As scripted, following the battle on Takodana, Maz would have accompanied Finn, Han, Chewie and Leia to the Resistance base on D'Qar. A portion of the scene appears in the trailer, when Maz hands Luke's lightsaber to Leia.

5 Korr Sella

The casting of Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Resistance envoy to the Republic, Korr Sella picked up a good deal of media attention in 2014, in part by design. The Force Awakens had come under fire for a lack of female characters in the plot (the same outcry was what prompted the gender change and casting of Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma). Korr Sella was said to have a pivotal role in the film.

4 Kylo in the Woods


Perhaps the most iconic and talked about shot in the entire first trailer showed Kylo Ren igniting his janky crossguard lightsaber in the snowy woods outside Starkiller Base. Said shot does not appear in the final film.

3 The Journey of the Lightsaber


Early drafts of The Force Awakens did not feature BB-8 holding a map to Luke. Instead, BB-8 actually had his lost lightsaber--the same one Rey now finds in Maz's castle--hidden inside. This changed before filming, in part to diminish the question of how BB-8 ended up with the saber at all.

2 Constable Zuvio


He gets an action figure, he appears in promotional materials, and he's not even in the movie!

1 A Conversation between Luke & Rey


Debate rages on as to Rey's true identity, and if, in fact, she's Luke Skywalker's daughter. Did The Force Awakens originally answer that question?

Plot leaks as late as the week the film opened claimed that the movie originally had a much longer ending. To some extent, the crew has confirmed as much, though in vague terms. As initially envisioned, Rey would have found Luke atop the cliffs of Ach-To, and handed him the lightsaber. As she did, she would have asked "are you my father?"

Luke would solemnly tell her: "yes."

The two would then have a longer fight about why he abandoned her on Jakku, which Luke would tell her was for her own protection from Kylo Ren.  Rey would then go sit on the edge of the cliff, and look out over the sea.

If true, it's possible that Abrams omitted this scene because it was too big a reveal for the very end of the film. That, and Star Wars films have a history of ending with scenes that have no dialogue, so it's possible he wanted to follow the trend. Disney has also confirmed that plot choices in The Force Awakens demanded a quick rewrite on Episode VIII, and that in a most peculiar move, the next film will open with the final scene of The Force Awakens.


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10 Huge Omissions You Missed In The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Edition