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Kylie Jenner has become one of the most popular celebs out there today and not surprisingly, it’s mostly because of how she looks. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been in front of the cameras all her life and we have seen her transition into the

beauty icon she is now. Although the 18-year-old started on television, she started using social media more which is where most of her fans got to see her transform. Just like big sister, Kim Kardashian, Jenner was posting selfie after selfie, showcasing her attractive appearance and even leading to questionable features such as her lips and butt. Eventually, her looks got her the fame she has now which has led her to endorsement deals and modeling gigs.

Funnily enough, it wasn’t until way later when she got her famous platform that the reality TV star began standing for serious issues like bullying. She launched her #IAmMoreThan campaign in order to help victims of bullying by letting them speak on their struggle. However, unless you were one of Kylie’s die hard followers, no one was taking this move seriously. Considering her career is her appearance and she was still posting selfies in between the campaign photos, it was hard to take Jenner seriously for finally doing something worthwhile.

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