10 Hot Celebrities Nobody Takes Seriously

One thing that a lot of celebrities have in common are their good looks.

It is a tough industry out there for celebs to always make sure they’re looking their best, not just for the big screen but the paparazzi, too. Every angle counts. We wonder though, how do they do it? How do they maintain their image 24/7? It doesn’t hurt to have a glam squad of some sort to put you on check whenever you need it.

There is a downfall, though, to looking so great. How could that be you may ask? Because of their attractiveness, sometimes we underestimate their career as a whole. However, there are your Hollywood actors and musicians who were destined to do what they are doing. Not only are they nice on the eye, but their amazing at their jobs.

Unfortunately, not all of them make the cut of being beautiful and talented. Yes, they have great style, they are attractive and they just know how to carry themselves. Yet, the audience isn't interested in anything else they have to offer besides their looks and style. It almost seems like they're better at showcasing their appearance as opposed to their actual career. Sometimes it's not their fault they are attractive but they still lack talent. In other words, people just don’t take these celebs seriously.

The world of entertainment is already hard to be taken seriously but some seem to pull away from those stereotypes and others just aren’t lucky enough. So below is a list of those hot celebs that are hard to take seriously in any manner.

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10 Kylie Jenner

Via instagram.com

Kylie Jenner has become one of the most popular celebs out there today and not surprisingly, it’s mostly because of how she looks. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been in front of the cameras all her life and we have seen her transition into the beauty icon she is now. Although the 18-year-old started on television, she started using social media more which is where most of her fans got to see her transform. Just like big sister, Kim Kardashian, Jenner was posting selfie after selfie, showcasing her attractive appearance and even leading to questionable features such as her lips and butt. Eventually, her looks got her the fame she has now which has led her to endorsement deals and modeling gigs.

Funnily enough, it wasn’t until way later when she got her famous platform that the reality TV star began standing for serious issues like bullying. She launched her #IAmMoreThan campaign in order to help victims of bullying by letting them speak on their struggle. However, unless you were one of Kylie’s die hard followers, no one was taking this move seriously. Considering her career is her appearance and she was still posting selfies in between the campaign photos, it was hard to take Jenner seriously for finally doing something worthwhile.

9 Drake

Who doesn’t love Drake? From his music to the way he carries himself, Drake is definitely one of the coolest. But is he enough to take seriously? The 29-year-old rapper is not only famous within the hip-hop community, but he is also famous for being the center of attention for a lot of memes surfacing on social media. One of the main topics surrounding Drake in a meme comes from his lyrics. His lyrics have gotten him a reputation for being a little sensitive when it comes to relationships which has resulted him in being the joke of the internet sometimes. The crowd can’t get enough of those memes and most of them can’t help but relate to them. It’s pretty great.

Not only does the popular topic of relationships comes from his music, but also in real life. Drake is known for living your typical rapper’s life and always in the headlines of who he’s dating at the time. The former actor is literally playing the field. Therefore, if you’re dating Drake, don’t expect to take him seriously, or at least not too soon.

8 Jessica Alba

Via bigstockphoto.com

Although a successful business woman today, Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful actresses out there in town who is kind of hard to take seriously when it comes to her first career choice: acting. You can say her movies aren’t exactly Golden Globe material, but they are entertaining. Okay some of them are but what helps Alba conquer her role is her look. The mother of two has always been in the spotlight for her attractiveness, not really for her films. The Into the Blue babe has people coming to theatres to watch her movies mostly for the sake of just watching her. At the end of the day though, she might not be on the A-list as an actress but at least she found another career that has suit her much better.

7 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson has made a name for herself as a singer and fashion designer. She first came on to the scene as a pop singer during the era of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Simpson had a couple of hits but with the heavy competition, it was tough for her to stand out. However, it wasn’t until she appeared as a reality TV personality on her own MTV series, Newlyweds, with her then husband, Nick Lachey, where people got to know Jessica’s personality a lot more than just in music videos. The “In This Skin” singer exposed herself to a wide audience where she had a few dumb-blonde moments, especially the infamous “chicken of the sea” comment. Ever since, the songstress wasn’t seen as the same again and instead, she was hard to take seriously during interviews and appearances. Though, she has been successful in her other projects as a fashion designer, so we can give her that.

6 Tyson Beckford

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Oh yes, fashion model and actor, Tyson Beckford, has turned every woman’s head at some point. The model carries himself so suave that the audience can’t seem to contain themselves. In his last movie, Chocolate City, Beckford plays the role of ‘Adrian’ a.k.a ‘Rude Boy’ who is a (surprising) stripper. The movie was even getting compared to Magic Mike for its steamy visual production.

Although considered an actor, you can’t argue that his modeling credentials suit him more. It looks like all he has to do is spark one of his favorite moves and look good while doing it and there you have it. That’s all we need from this hot, fashion model.

5 Snooki

Via bigstockpho.com

You first saw her on MTV’s reality TV show, Jersey Shore, as the out of control roommate who proved she didn’t have any morals and that was okay for her. Nonetheless, you have got to admit reality TV star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has come a long way since her clubbing days. It is hard to believe, especially when we barely see her on television now, but if you follow her on social media, you can tell the shorty has changed for the better.

Even though she has grown up, being a mommy and wifey, people can’t stop thinking of her old character on the trashy show whenever they see her. It’s probably hard to take her seriously at first but eventually, she might just surprise you.

4 Zayn Malik

After splitting from the hype pop group, One Direction, Zayn Mailk began getting his own spotlight and it hasn’t been such a good spotlight so far. Rumors were surfacing the internet about Malik’s departure happening due to his relationship with ex fiancé, Perrie Edwards. However, that relationship didn’t last for long. After four years together, the couple decided to end things but reports were saying that it was Malik’s decision to end the relationship after allegedly leaving his band for her. Things were just not adding up. On top of the confusion, apparently Zayn had broken up with Perrie over a text message. He did try to clear up those rumors but the headlines stayed. Despite being indecisive and messing with our heads, you can’t complain whenever the 22-year-old makes an appearance on our screens. He is not bad on the eyes. But when it comes to serious business, it seems like he’s just all over the place.

3 Megan Fox

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Another hot actress on our screens is Megan Fox. The brunette beauty first shocked the world with her drop-dead gorgeous looks in her breakout role for Transformers as the love interest of Shia LaBeouf’s character. Since then, Fox has scored other roles such as in the 2009 comedy horror film, Jennifer’s Body, but that wasn’t exactly on everyone’s list for go-to movies. It’s become a pattern for the 29-year-old to pretty much flop in her movie projects but there is one thing that remains successful - her sex appeal. The mother of two has been considered a “sex symbol” plenty of times, and has appeared on Maxim, Rolling Stone, and FHM.

There is no doubt that Fox is one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars which is probably why no one cares about anything else she does.

2 Justin Bieber

Via bigstockphoto.com

We all know our favorite pop singer, Justin Bieber, is on fire right now and well, always has been. The singer first started back in 2008. Ever since, the music heartthrob has had millions of teens all over him with his catchy tunes and sweet persona. However, it didn’t take too long for Hollywood to get in the Biebs’ head as he started to lose control and began acting inappropriately which would always make the headlines and eventually run in with the law. His bad boy behavior did cost him his reputation. First was his reckless driving in his neighborhood in 2012. In 2014, his Calabasas neighbors accused him of throwing eggs at their house. Just a few days later, Justin was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. That was just the beginning. Obviously, his actions pissed many people off which made it harder for them to take the pop star seriously for his career. He was the face of many jokes online and eventually landed in the spot to be roasted on the Comedy Central Roast series.

However, Justin is dominating once again in his music career and has also surprised a few of us with his unusual behavior these days. He hasn’t been exactly the same extrovert like he was back then but rather more introverted.

1 Kim Kardashian

Via tvguide.com

Kim Kardashian is probably the ultimate celebrity who stands for all these celebs who aren’t lucky enough to be taken seriously, despite their good looks. Although Kim’s attractiveness has taken her at this point in her career, the majority of the world can’t seem to understand why the Kardashian has made it this far. Like baby sis, Kylie Jenner, Kim began her journey by putting her attractive appearance to use. Unlike Kylie, she first got noticed when her sex tape with ex-boyfriend, Ray J, came out. From then on, the reality TV star has scored an empire from modeling gigs to a reality TV series to endorsement deals, you name it.

No matter what her project at the moment is though, the socialite’s credibility for her fame has always been ridiculed and not taken seriously, considering how she started and what she does. But they assume she takes thousands of selfies a day and decides which ones to post on social media at the end of the day. She did come out with a “selfie book” called “Selfish” which is a collection of just her selfies. Kim obviously doesn’t care what others think because she knows whatever she is doing is working for her. After all, she is using her most notable talent which is her looks.

Sources: Wikipedia.com

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