10 Femme Fatales Every Guy Wants To "Do"

“Here she comes. You better watch your step. She’s going to break your heart in two—it’s true. It’s not hard to realize, just look into her false colored eyes. She’ll build you up to just put you down; what a clown! ‘Cause everybody knows—she’s a femme fatale. She does the things she please. She’s just a little tease.” – The Velvet Underground, “Femme Fatale”

Lou Reed may not have invented the femme fatale, the archetype of a woman who uses her sex appeal and devious creativity to manipulate and often murder men, but he did make the definitive statement on this type of woman. The femme fatale came to prominence in cinema during the film noirs of the 1940’s, but the stock character has branched out into all forms of entertainment and media.

Some men might shy away from these women. They are all strong, powerful and confident, ambitious and prepared to take the world by their hands, and some men may be intimidated by their tenacity, not to mention the way they’ve manipulated others in the past. But each of these women have tangible qualities that would lead most men to at least try and go out on a few dates with her before she, you know, turned around and murdered him.

10 Xenia Onatopp - GoldenEye

9 Jennifer Clark - Jennifer's Body


8 Mystique - X-Men


7 Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries

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6 Catherine Tramell - Basic Instinct

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5 Phyllis Dietrichson - Double Indemnity

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4 Stephanie McMahon - WWE


3 Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman


2 Kathie Moffat - Out of the Past

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1 Faith Lehane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Darla has unspeakable 16th Century venereal diseases, Drusilla is insane, and Glory likes her men short and scaly, but Faith is totally girlfriend material. Sure, she’s killed at least one human, and her only parental figure turned into a giant demon and attempted to eat an entire high school. But deep down, the dark contrast to Buffy’s brightness shows signs of a wounded animal, and by the time Faith starts appearing on Angel and begins her redemption, it’s hard to see any reason NOT to date the Slayer. Except, well, yeah…she did kill a human, and her moral compass is still a little spotty at times. But she also once said, “there’s something about Slaying that always makes me hungry and horny,” and with a mentality like that, not to mention the fact we can reasonably assume she’ll be doing some Slaying at least once in awhile, it's easy for guys to overlook her murderous past.


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10 Femme Fatales Every Guy Wants To "Do"