10 Female Celebrities Women Have Crushes On

Almost everyone has had a celebrity crush at least once in their lives. Whether it's for their talent, their looks or their weird third nipple (I'm winking at you, Mark Wahlberg), there is at least one celebrity account on our Instagram we love to stalk, and for a lot of women, these crushes aren't exclusively men. We live in magical times where women, straight or gay, can now #WCW another woman on a weekly basis and not be burned at the stake.


For the most part, celebrity crushes are formed because said celebrity usually has a face you want to make out with, but when a woman has a crush on a female celebrity, it goes well beyond the physical. For most women, our crushes are usually on women we aspire to be rather than aspire to do. (Although, it is a lot more fun when it's a combination of both qualities.)

After conducting an informal poll from women about which female celebrity lands on their #WCW list (and by informal poll, I mean my friends and I got buzzed and talked about chicks), there were a few that seemed to pop up be on everyone's list; whether it's for their talent, their generous nature, their smarts or...maybe they really are just that smoking hot. Here are 10 female celebrities women love to crush on:


10 Ellen Degeneres


Before her talk show Ellen, she hit it big when she was asked to do her stand-up on The Johnny Carson Show. Johnny was so impressed by her routine, that he asked Ellen to have a chat with him after her set, making her the first female comedian Johnny ever asked to a discussion.

An unspoken sign of approval from the King of Late Night Television that made Ellen huge. From there, Ellen wrote books, starred in movies and even got her own sitcom, where she was later the first openly lesbian actress to play a lesbian character.

Ellen is hilarious, multi-talented, and pretty fearless, which are qualities that she wears well. Not to mention that she's the rare type of woman that can make menswear look so cute, you go online to buy one for yourself. Funny, smart, a self-made business woman who's generous, sweet and has a huge wardrobe to borrow from? It's no wonder Ellen's on most women's crush list.

9 Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Admittedly, I didn't really know too much about Jenna Dewan-Tatum past the fact that she was the hot chick that was married to equally hot dude, Channing Tatum.  I mean, sure I knew she was an actress but what I didn't know was that she is as great of a dancer as Channing Tatum.

Jenna used to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, Pink, Missy Elliott, just to name a few. She's so good that recently, when Jenna performed Ginuwine on Lip Synch Battle, she drew more attention from female viewers than Channing did (because he may be a good looking dude but he makes for a horrifying looking Beyonce).

Jenna ripped off a scene from her husband's movie, Magic Mike XXL, and performed it to near perfection and it just as sexy (if not sexier) than the original version her husband did. After the performance, Jenna had a lot of women wanting to throw their dollars bills into her undies.

8 Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara is a funny and very talented...oh who am I kidding? She's hot. Not in like "oh look at that hot chick at the bar" but more like "Holy shit look at that hot chick descending from the heavens in ... are those boobs real? Those are real BOOBS!?" kind of hot.

Vergara is who Jessica Rabbit would cosplay at ComicCon. So why bother even explaining why she's on this list? Isn't it obvious just by looking at her? Her hotness practically burns our retinas. And even if you can manage to stop ogling at her for a second, you'll discover that Sofia is pretty funny and talented too.

Come on, even your grandma would have a hard-on for her.  This is a no-brainer.  Of COURSE she's on this list. Let's move it along.

7 Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is one of those female celebrities that seems totally accessible to most women. Her down to earth demeanor and slightly sassy attitude makes her seems like the type of person that women would love to be friends with.

Match that relatability with beautiful eyes, long dark hair, that memorably sexy scratchy voice and that one scene from Black Swan that had her making out with Natalie Portman, Kunis also falls nicely into the category of "friend we would extend a few uh, friendly 'benefits' to."

If Mila's not on your crush list, go see Black Swan again to refresh your memory of why she should be.  Mila is for sure on our woman crush list. (We'll go ahead and overlook the "being married to Ashton Kutcher" thing.)

6 Natalie Portman


On the outside, Portman looks like a demure, soft spoken, fragile little thing but in real life, she's far from it. Natalie is the epitome of beauty, brains and talent. A triple threat that doesn't go unnoticed by men OR women.

She's an actress, a film producer, a film director and a Harvard graduate who was quoted as saying, "I don't care if college ruins my career.  I'd rather be smart than a movie star."

That quote alone probably put her on about every woman's crush list.  And did we mention she was one half of that sexy Black Swan scene with Mila? No, we're not obsessed with that scene, why do you ask?

5 Zoe Kravitz


She's multi-talented, pretty hilarious on Instagram and a serious hottie. Maybe it's Maybelline? Nope. Zoe Kravitz was legitimately born with it.

When your parents are Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, it's safe to say you've won the genetics lottery. Not only is Zoe the lucky recipient of her parents' drop dead gorgeous looks but she also inherited their talent as well.

She landed her first acting job while she was still in high school, starring alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones in No Reservations, but most women probably recognize her best as Christina from the Divergent series. Or maybe women just recognize her because she's hot AF?

Either way, Zoe can't help but be a woman crush because she got it from her momma...AND her daddy.

4 Ruby Rose


Last year, when women watched episode six of Orange is the New Black, a lot of them began questioning their sexuality when Ruby Rose came onto the screen. A former Australian model with some serious sexy androgynous vibes caused the internet to explode.

The hair, the tattoos, the clothes, the accent, she was tough but sweet, feminine but masculine ... it was almost too much sexiness in one package and it seemed like more women were going insane for her than men were.

Her popularity reached at such peak level last year that she was  GQ's Australia Woman of the Year.  They celebrated Rose by publishing of the hottest photo spreads we've ever seen. A visually wonderful reminder why Ruby could make a woman discover just how gender fluid she really is.


3 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence  is a no bulls**t kind of actress we rarely see in Hollywood.  She openly proclaims her love of all things food, openly disses Hollywood double standards and photobombs other celebrities on the red carpet like it's her job.

There are tons of Lawrence interviews, quotes, blooper videos on YouTube because we all love to watch her unpredictability and her humor. Jennifer is likeable, she's funny, she's ballsy, she's talented and she does it all with ease and with such cuteness that women can't help but want to be her ... or be with her ... or both.

2 Angelina Jolie


Ever since Angelina Jolie made it big playing tragic supermodel Gia then won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Girl, Interrupted, she was pretty much on everyone's crush list, with a majority of those lists belonging to women.

Physically, she is a sight to behold. Her full lips are practically famous in of itself. Her intoxicating combination of strength and sexiness was showcased nicely in the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (and clearly didn't go unnoticed by then co-star, now husband, Brad Pitt).

The love for Angelina grows even stronger as the years go on as she has also become a philanthropist, a vocal humanitarian, mother of six kids, and fought against cancer by having preventive surgery all the while owning her femininity and strength while encouraging other women in her situation to do the same. It's easy to see why Angelina is another no-brainer when it comes to top woman crushes!

1 Amal Clooney


When rumors were confirmed that infamous bachelor George Clooney changed his mind about being forever single and asked his girlfriend to marry him, we all wondered who could this magical creature be? What kind of voodoo potion did she sneak into George's pasta that had him thinking about wedding bells all of a sudden?

Then we saw his girlfriend, Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese, Oxford-educated lawyer, and realized that the only voodoo she employed on him was just by being herself because really, that's all Amal needed to do.

Sexy? Check. Stylish? Check. SMART? Check, check and so much check. She's so gorgeous on every level that she almost makes handsome George look pedestrian in comparison.  So yeah, George, we don't blame you, we would have popped the question too!

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