10 Facts About Condoms As Interesting As Their Purpose

Most of us have taken a sex education class or two. We know what condoms are supposed to be used for. Whether or not people use condoms every time they are necessary is a totally different story. You were probably taught the necessary but embarrassing lesson of how to put a condom on by the visual aids your sex education teacher provided. Of course, these tactics are a little more modern, so depending on how old you are, you may not have learned the basics of condom use until after high school.

Yes, condoms are a pretty smart invention and they’re pretty safe to use. They are over 90% effective against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and of course, they help to reduce the risk of pregnancy by 98%. Some guys claim that they’re not comfortable to wear, which is why some companies have come up with new condoms that have a more natural fit and provide pleasure for both partners. However, with all the things we know about condoms, there’s still so much we don’t know. Here are 10 facts about condoms that are just as interesting as the condoms themselves.

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10 Condoms Can “Live” For 4 Years

Most condoms that are on the market will maintain their effectiveness for 4 years, as long as you keep them in a cool, dry place. On the positive side, those condoms that you bought last year and haven’t used yet are perfectly fine, so there’s no need to panic if you happen to get into a situation in which a condom is necessary. On the other hand, if you’ve still got condoms from a few years ago that have never been opened, this is likely a sign that your sex life leaves a lot to be desired. So, try to get out a little more.

9 Condoms Could Have Been Cold War Tactics

During the Cold War, the CIA actually considered parachuting large condoms into the Soviet Union, and marking the condoms as “medium.” This was a tactic to try and convince the women of the Soviet Union that American men were superior. Yes, even in a time of war and extreme political unrest, people are still thinking about sex. A lot. This includes the people who work for the CIA. Apparently, the CIA was also considering using mind tricks concerning sex as a way to win the war. After all, nothing kills the morale of a country more than the women looking at the men with utter disappointment. Sadly, this actually may have worked.

8 Thirty-Nine Percent of High Schoolers Know How to Use Condoms

Research shows that only 39% of high school students know how to correctly put a condom on. There are a few potential reasons for this. Some parents don’t want their children learning the particulars of sex at school, because they think this may encourage them to engage in sexual activity before they’re ready. However, some parents are also so uncomfortable discussing sex with their children that they pray for a school-led sex education class to do the work for them. Either way, the number of teenagers who know how to use condoms the right way should definitely increase for the prevention of teen pregnancy and to keep sexually transmitted infections from spreading.

7 Women Can Still Enjoy Protected Sex

Ladies, don’t let a guy tell you that if he wears a condom, you won’t be able to have an orgasm. This is another not-so-cleverly disguised plot to ditch the condom, which could have dire consequences for you both. Researcher Debby Herbenik found that women are just as likely to experience organisms during sex, whether their partner is wearing a condom or not. There are even ribbed condoms on the market now to ensure that the sexual experience is just as enjoyable for the woman, as it is for the man. This should make the condom discussion less awkward, and can make both partners feel more at ease.

6 Sweden Used to Have a “Condom Ambulance”

There was once a time in Sweden when you could call the “condom ambulance.” That’s right. If you were in a situation in which you needed a condom right away but didn’t have one available, you could just call up the ambulance and have a “professional” get your contraceptive to you right away. This seems like a good idea in theory. However, answering the door naked (or nearly naked) for the condom ambulance likely was a bit more awkward than the “condom EMTs” were willing to endure. This service is no longer offered in Sweden, but it likely saved at least a few couples.

5 Condoms Are Factory-Tested With Electricity

Before a condom leaves the factory, an electric current is shot through it to ensure that there are no holes or tears in it. This, of course, is a safety precaution and ensures the quality of the condom. The device that is used to check the condom is shaped somewhat like a penis, which helps the manufacturers to see how the condom will fit and how effective it will be. This is supposed to save you the trouble of having to inspect the condom before putting it on. After all, pausing to make sure the condom is in top condition will most likely be a mood killer, so once you find a condom brand you can trust, it’s best to stick with it.

4 Condoms Were Used in WWII

Soldiers used condoms during the Second World War, but not in the way you may be thinking. The condoms were used to cover the barrels of rifles. When soldiers had to swim to the shore after being in salty water, the condoms helped to keep their weapons intact. We’re not sure who looked at a condom one day and said, “this would make a great protective agent for my gun,” but apparently it worked. If condoms can keep a gun from rusting while a soldier swims with it, imagine how effective a condom is when used for its original purpose.

3 Women Buy Almost Half of All Condoms

That’s right. Women are no longer leaving it up to their partners to purchase condoms. About 40% of condom sales are attributed to women. This likely makes women feel more at ease about their sexual health, and could even increase their confidence around a guy. There used to be a stigma concerning women who carried condoms, since people used to assume that a woman who already had a condom on hand was promiscuous. Sure, there’s probably some people out there who feel that way, but a woman who actually takes control of her own sexual health is actually a turn-on for some men. After all, condoms keep both partners protected, no matter who purchases them.

2 Guys Don’t Like Condoms (For The Most Part)

More than 80% of men admitted that they have at least one tactic to avoid condom use during sex. Wow. We’re not sure if this is confirmation that condoms truly are a little uncomfortable, or if guys just feel uncomfortable pausing an intimate moment to put a condom on. Some guys also complain that sexual sensation is different, and others simply have a tendency toward dangerous behavior. Other guys say that some condom brands pinch, and others have a weird smell to them. However, a new study reveals that sex is just as pleasurable for both men and women whether a condom is worn or not. So, basically, women should insist that their partners wear condoms.

1 Guys Don’t Need Magnums

Listen, guys. We know you get Magnums. We know why you think you need them. However, allow us to share some pertinent information with you. Trojan Magnums are created for men with a girth of 5.3 inches or more. That means that unless you’re working with 5.3 inches in width, you don’t need these large condoms. Sorry, but you don’t. They are not necessary. For the most part, you should choose your condom size based on length. This probably means that just about any condom you choose will work just fine. Again, sorry.

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