10 Defining Traits Of A 'Cool Girl'

The 'cool girl' concept has become popularised thanks to Gillian Flynn's novel and the wildly popular film of the same name, Gone Girl. In the novel, Flynn's narrator is poignantly observant when she

The 'cool girl' concept has become popularised thanks to Gillian Flynn's novel and the wildly popular film of the same name, Gone Girl. In the novel, Flynn's narrator is poignantly observant when she notes that "Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football [...], jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding."

Of course, if you've seen the movie or read the book you'll know that the protagonist is a frightening indictment of this cultural phenomenon. The 'cool girl' is a messy amalgamation of traits that means the girl in question can be the perfect girl for every guy - but, after all, nobody is truly chameleonic when it comes down to it. Indeed, the 'cool girl' is ultimately a dangerous construct that expects women to adapt their habits to please their men.

But how to identify this 'cool girl'? What makes a woman cool, according to men? Really, it's doing all those things guys like to do, while still remaining distinctly feminine. Have a look at this grab bag of traits that make up the ultimate 'cool girl', and make up your own mind about whether or not this is an attainable ideal or a misogynistic pipedream.

10 She enjoys food as much as you

The 'cool girl' isn't afraid to munch on French fries, hamburgers, pizza or whatever other delightful fast food offering she might encounter on a daily basis. She doesn't count calories, doesn't need to worry about her jeans size, and still manages to look better than the terminal dieter next to her.

9 She's a gamer

The gamer girl has become one of the most popular ideals online. Many men who play online games will warn that it's highly likely that the hot female warrior is in fact a man behind the cute screen name. Because the real gamer girl is elusive, almost impossible to find.

8 She can handle her booze

The cool girl can drink you under the table. None of those sticky cocktails or icky shots, either. When she's hitting up the bar, it's whisky à la How I Met Your Mother's consummate cool girl, Robin, or perhaps draft beer by the pint. Because, if it hasn't already been made clear, cool girl doesn't count calories.

Of course, she never gets sloppy drunk despite the endless whiskies on ice because that just isn't hot.

7 She gets along with your family and friends

When Redditors were questioned about what defines a cool girl, one of the most common responses was this. And while Gillian Flynn's bundle of clichés might be largely misogynistic, both men and women can agree that a partner who makes an effort to get along with your loved ones is, objectively, pretty cool.

6 She's *ahem* open minded

When it comes to having a relationship with a cool girl, expect her to be wild in the bedroom department. Because a cool girl approaches life adventurously, and that's reflected when it comes down to getting between the sheets.

5 She's interested in what interests you

Again, this is less of a golden rule for the cool girl than a basic trait of a decent partner, friend or basic social animal. It's polite to show an interest in other people's passions.

4 She doesn't get angry (or, not much)

As Gillian Flynn pointed out, 'cool girl' is understanding. She doesn't get angry, doesn't scream, and of course isn't at the mercy of her hormones. If there were a 'cool guy' stereotype, we're sure most girls would go after this too.

3 She has her own life

'Cool girl' is independent, and doesn't rely on her partner to make a life for her. Reasonable enough; after all, having no life outside the partner dynamic will only lead to an unhealthy co-dependence and no way out if a way out is needed.

2 She's good around the house

While a certain breed of man will inevitably respond to this one with a 'get back in the kitchen' or predictable sandwich joke, this 'cool girl' requirement isn't actually an entirely misogynistic and dated ideal.

1 She's your friend

Because when it comes down to the crunch, your friends are cool. Whatever you believe is cool is, fundamentally, a subjective judgement. The people with whom you choose to surround yourself, both in terms of friends and romance, will be the people you really find cool. You have fun with that person, you likely share a similar base of interests, and you work out misunderstandings in a mutually respectful way.

So if you're friends with that girl, then you can be certain she's cool, by your definition. And that's the only one that really matters.

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10 Defining Traits Of A 'Cool Girl'