10 Cool Facts You Didn't Know About Jon Snow

With the thrilling sixth season of HBO's series Game of Thrones fast approaching, fans are anxiously awaiting a single question that has stood out among all others. Is Jon Snow dead? Of course, we can't say with absolute certainty as of yet, but what we can do is find a way to temporarily fill the void left by Jon Snow's absence.

One of the most common ways to waste time between seasons of a television program is by reading articles about the show; I see you're already on board with that particular program.

Normally these types of articles revolve around ten facts about the show in general. However, considering the gigantic scale of the show, and the previously mentioned question about Snow's fate, we figured it would be a better idea to focus on Eddard Stark's bastard child.

So hold on as we take a journey of ten facts you didn't know about Game of Thrones' Jon Snow.


10 That Luscious Hair - Fake


One of the most prominent features about Jon Snow, as played by Kit Harington, is his good looks. Game of Thrones initially brought in a number of viewers due to the sexual aspect of female characters, which is fair considering the time period. But the show also managed to snag a few extra female viewers thanks to Jon Snow.

One of the more prominent features is Snow's hair, which was surprisingly fake, for the first season at least. During the first season back in 2011, Harington didn't have time to grow his hair into the length of a respectable northerner, so he was asked to wear a wig during the entirety of filming.

9 Lord Commander


One thing that fans can pick up on is a noticeable absence of "hero moments". By this I mean, where a character in another show, such as Doctor Who or Jessica Jones, would swoop in to save the day or come up with a solution in the last possible moment, Game of Thrones makes a habitual step in the opposite direction, making near misses that often lead to a character's death.

These also occur on a smaller scale, such as having Jon Snow become the 998th commander of the Night's Watch, rather than the 999th or 1000th, which is a number that would have been more easily chosen by the writers out of pure habit.

8 Kit "Cat" Harington


Most of the time in film careers, actors tend to change their names; David Tennant was originally David MacDonald, David Bowie was born as David Jones, and even Marilyn Monroe's name was actually Norma Mortensen. But for Kit Harington, the name change is more understandable.

Born as Christopher Catesby Harington, Kit realized at the age of eleven that the name "Kit" was his real name, as that's what his family referred to him as. It was quite the shock when he discovered that his real name was Christopher, so when he took up acting as a hobby he decided to use Kit Harington as his acting name because perhaps it felt more right.

7 My Life As A Teenage Snow

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This is a subject often brought up in Game of Thrones, due to the fact that it's based off the popular source material from George R. Martin's "A Song of Ice & Fire." The subject in question is the age of the multiple characters throughout the show. Certain characters are cast in a later age range, casting teen characters as early twenty-somethings, and older characters as even older, to make up for the younger cast being so aged already.

That being said, Jon Snow, in the context of the novels, is actually a teenager, not 29. If only he were ten years younger.

6 Broken Bones


Like many television programs, the first season of the show is often the worst when it comes to production. Cast and crew are both relatively new and don't know how to work off of each other yet, and that can cause complications, including physical harm as a result.

Back in season one of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington actually broke his ankle very early on during filming. As a result, he got his leg put in a cast, and HBO decided to work around it as best as they could, using the actor for scenes involving his face, and using stand-ins for all other instances.

Harington actually felt very guilty about this, despite the broken ankle being from an accident. So to make up for it, he decided to buy the production manager a large bottle of whiskey as a way of apologizing.

5 He's A Warg


Although it's never stated directly in the show, Jon Snow is, in fact, a warg, or at the very least he is within the book series. Granted, since the hit HBO series is drifting down a different path from "A Song of Ice & Fire," it's entirely possible that they may overlook this.

But that being said, Jon Snow should be a warg. Not only because of a number of strange and foreboding dreams, but the fact that family members are more likely to be wargs if they have a relative that already possesses the ability, such as Bran.

4 All In The Family

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If there's an underlying concept within Game of Thrones, it's family; the value of family, the fight to maintain a family, what somebody is willing to do for their family. That's why it's interesting at times to look into the family of the show's actors behind the scenes.

This fact is quick and dirty, kind of like six stab wounds to the chest:

Jon Snow is played by Kit Harington, as this article has already covered, but interestingly he has a brother named John. Granted the spelling of the name is different, but it's fun to imagine Kit's initial discomfort at being referred to by his brother's name.


3 Jorah's Sword


"A Song of Ice & Fire" is extremely complex, and thankfully HBO's Game of Thrones took a step back. Though that isn't to say that the show isn't still complicated.

This fact's a bit more of a story than anything. Long ago Jorah's father, Jeor Mormont, left his kingdom to join the Night's Watch, meaning that his son was meant to inherit the land. Jeor decided to send him a sword, but then discovered that he'd had abandoned his family in order to serve Daenerys Tergaryen. Thus the sword was returned to Jeor, who later gave the weapon to Jon Snow. This means that Jon's been walking around with a sword meant for Jorah Mormont: King of Friendzones.

2 Scaling The Wall


More often than not, actors who are involved in large productions like to become physically prepared in order to reach the intended physicality of their respective roles. Kit Harington was no exception.

Leading up to his involvement with Game of Thrones, Harington thought it would be necessary to train his body for rock climbing, and advanced ice climbing. It was an extra step that just goes to show how dedicated he is (or was) to the role of Jon Snow.

1 The Stark Lineage


If you're a Game of Thrones fan then you've likely come across the phrase R+L=J. The phrase is meant to focus on the fact that Jon Snow may in fact not be Eddard Stark's son, but instead his nephew.

Lyanna Stark died many years ago, around the same time that Jon was born. The fact that Ned would willingly have an affair seems uncharacteristic to say the very least, so many believe that she is actually Jon's mother. Ned put him under the guise of the affair in order to keep Jon safe from anyone looking to hunt down the last of the Targaryen bloodline.

That's right, this theory also dictates that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon's father, meaning that he's also eligible for the Iron Throne.

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