10 Common Christmas Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

When it comes to Christmas, you may have some fantastic memories of past years. Hopefully as a result, you tend to be in a pretty positive mood around the holiday season and on the big day itself. There is no shortage of reasons to both love, and hate the season, but one thing that you may always hate is making a common Christmas mistake!

The holiday season is incredibly stressful for some individuals, and as a result, sometimes you can make common errors along the way that can hinder your overall Christmas experience. Sure, it can be great to have a beer to loosen up with family members, but do you really want to be the person that ends up passed out under the tree?

A big part of what can go into making Christmas special, is your overall attitude towards the day. You might not be the biggest Santa Claus fan in the world, but I bet you know someone in your life that you may see on Christmas who thinks Santa Claus is the coolest celebrity around.

No Christmas mistakes are un-fixable as long as you keep the right attitude and a calm head about the situation. That being said, one of the best ways to prevent mistakes from happening is to read lists about common mistakes that people may make this Holiday season, and you're just in the right place for that.

Regardless if your area of stress is related to family, gifts, or one of the other hundred facets that make the holiday special, there are always ways to help relieve your stress.

Take a deep breath, the holiday season only really comes around once a year, and for all the negatives there are a ton of positives. Hopefully you can avoid some common mistakes, and be well on your way to having a fantastic Christmas day.

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10 Forgetting to Get A Receipt

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This was a big one for me when I was growing up, because as an advocate for video games, it was common that I’d get duplicates. There is nothing wrong with that, and of course it is none of the gift buyers’ faults, they just all wanted to do something sweet. It can be unfortunate if you don’t remember to get any form of receipt or gift receipt however, and your adorable nephew is now stuck with two copies of the same game. Similarly, remember that just because you got something you didn’t technically need, you still owe the person giving it a level of appreciation as if it was your first time getting it.

9 Stressing  Over Christmas Dinner

My big contribution to any Christmas dinner would probably consist of serving up a pizza pop and calling a local restaurant. Others may have slightly higher expectations placed on them in regards to their own family dinner. As a result, it’s important to try and remember not to stress in regards to food ,but to also make sure you schedule enough time to make it all work. It is such an appreciated effort when someone cooks for you (ideally), that it can always be disappointing for all involved if something happens that hinders Christmas dinner. That being said, remember that whatever caused the problem is most likely out of your control, but your reaction is very much in your power.

8 Letting It Show That You Hate Christmas

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Do you hate Christmas? That’s totally cool, man, but unless we’re auditioning for the role of Scrooge, we don't want to let our awful mood ruin other people’s days. Are you really tired of seeing your family and just want to go home and play your new game? I get that, but also take a second to realize the bigger factors going into the evening. Perhaps your nieces, who are all younger, all think Christmas is literally the most exciting day of the entire year. Don’t let your bad mood impact others, especially on a day that can mean so much to some people.

7 Giving Gifts That Show No Thought

Shopping for someone you care about can sometimes be a stressful situation. You want to make sure you get them something that they’ll love, but as a result, you sometimes run out of time and get something with little thought (like a gift card). Remember that one of the best things about Christmas gifts, is the thoughtfulness that goes into them. If you give it to them, explain to them why you thought this particular item was going to make their life better. It can seem lazy if all you give is gift cards, and while it is still appreciated and a viable option for any gift giver, it might not exactly scream romance to your significant other.

6 Ruining Santa For A Kid

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The benefit of this common mistake that people make, is that you can only really do it once because there is no putting that genie back in the bottle. This is something I, the uncle to four current nieces who are still very much swept up in the magic of the season, can relate to. It can be weird to transition back into the persona of yourself that still believes in Santa, but there can also be something really fun about trying to keep the mystery alive. If you do slip up, try not to make yourself feel too bad. After all, I’m sure someone did before and that’s how you found out.

5 Not Bothering To Wrap Your Gift

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It can be so incredibly awkward when someone hands you something and just grunts "here." It might not take a ton of time, but wrapping your gifts can go a long way in helping make the person realize you put in the effort. If you suck at it, any mall in December will most likely offer a gift wrapping area. One of the best parts of Christmas is seeing people shake gifts that are wrapped and try to guess what's inside it. Don’t take that experience away from people because you didn’t take the time out of your day to make sure your gifts were properly wrapped and stored away.

4 Re-Gifting

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Somewhere Tim Whatley is reading this list and relating to it. Whatley, Bryan Cranston’s character on Seinfeld, was infamous for re-gifting a label maker to Elaine. I’ll be honest, my love of Seinfeld is what got this on the list, but nobody wants to be the person who gets caught giving away a gift that they once received. It’s tacky, and it shows complete disrespect for whoever originally got you the gift. If you don’t have time in your month to go and grab something thoughtful for someone close to you, have the courage to admit that and schedule a date in the future where you can do something to let them know they are appreciated.

3 Ruining A Christmas Tradition

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This can be a huge thing to keep in mind if you are just recently starting to interact with your significant other’s family. Every family may have their own way of doing things on Christmas, and it may not look so great if you instantly shoot down their ideas.

“Why watch A Christmas Story? That movie’s stupid!”

“We watch it every year.”

is not a conversation you want to be having. One of the best things about the holidays can be learning about your significant other’s families and how they do Christmas, and if you have a dismissive attitude it’s only going to make the entire evening incredibly awkward.

2 Getting Too Drunk In Front Of Family

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It's totally understandable that on any given evening with your family or in-laws, some alcohol may be necessary just to get through the night. One of the biggest mistakes people can make in life (much less Christmas) is not being able to control their liquor intake. It's hard to imagine a more awkward scene than being drunk and stumbling down the stairs in a half-assed Santa costume on Christmas day. Not to mention that one of the worst things for a hangover the next day is having your entire family get mad at you for getting drunk and ruining a family event. There’s nothing wrong with having one or two, just make sure it isn’t one or two cases.

1 Getting Upset Over A Gift And Making A Scene

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I understand that you may have certain things that you were hoping to get for Christmas. When I was a kid, not getting the gift I desired could sometimes be devastating. Yet if you’re reading this list, I trust you have the tact and maturity to not get mad or upset at someone for something they get you. Sure, there are examples that don’t fit this (you got me a diamond necklace? We’ve been dating 2 weeks…) but reacting poorly when someone is giving you something thoughtful, is far from the impression that you want to give out. It will also make people much less likely to extend a helping hand in the future if they know you won’t appreciate their efforts.

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