10 Cities With The Sexiest Men In The World

Tall, dark and handsome: It's the prince in every fairy tale and the model on every runway. However, there are so many degrees and variations of male beauty that it's impossible to narrow things down that far. Of course beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder – and so is the sexy factor. While someone might prefer the traditional tall, dark and handsome man, someone else might prefer a man who has blonde hair and blue eyes. Some find lean, tall men gorgeous, while others prefer the more built, muscular shape.

Thankfully, in this great big world of ours, we have a vast variety of men to choose from. We at TheRichest have scoured opinion polls the world over to bring you the definitive list of the cities most commonly believed to host the hottest, sexiest and most desirable men in the world. These are the cities you should visit if you're seeking some male eye candy, but if you're interested in more than just a pretty face, don't worry - this ultimate ranking considers the whole range of things women go gaga over in a man, and where the greatest number of men possess most of those traits.

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10 Los Angeles, California, US

via aliexpress.com

Southern Californians are known for being somewhat vain. Of course, you have Hollywood and all the celebs (and celebrity-wannabes), and that instantly ups the hotness factor of the city. But not only do you have actors, models, and athletes living in L.A, you have another sector of men that are known for being incredibly sexy – surfers. Stereotypically blonde-haired, blue eyed with tans and six-pack abs, surfer boys are everywhere around Los Angeles. Go to a beach and watch a few of them cutting up some of those waves, and you'll get your fair share of eye candy. Chances are, you'll realize why the men in L.A. are considered some of the hottest in the world.

9 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver was ranked as a city that boasted some of the hottest men in Canada. That comes as little surprise, of course, considering the entertainment district located here. Because of this, you'll see many of Canada's hottest men strutting their stuff around town. And if you're lucky, perhaps one of them will offer to keep you warm on a cold Canadian winter night. If you need further proof that hotties come from Vancouver, look no further than Ryan Reynolds, Joshua Jackson, and former teen stud Devon Sawa– they all claim Vancouver as their place of birth.

8 Milan, Italy

via zingoo.com

In the fashion capital of the world, there's bound to be male models galore. Italian men are already reputed for being particularly sexy – the language, the culture, the romantic nature, everything about them is simply irresistible. But then take all the hottest, most gorgeous men not only from Italy, but also those who come to Milan from all over world, and well – you may find yourself feeling rather amorous while walking around the city. And hey, if you're into athletes, there are all those sexy soccer players to watch out for too.

7 Miami, Florida, USA

via pheed.com

Miami, like L.A, has a hot climate and plenty of beachgoing, sexy men with buff bods and tans, out there strutting their stuff. But in addition to that, you have plenty of hot Cuban men with their dark good looks and exotic accents. If you're into Latino men, you don't have to leave the United States to see some of the sexiest ones around. The lively nightlife, hip clubs and delicious restaurants also make for great date opportunities when you finally nab yourself a hottie from Miami.

6 Sydney, Australia

via xgames.espn.go.com

Ask any woman alive which foreign accents drive them absolutely bonkers, and chances are Australian accents will be pretty high on the list. And seriously, who can resist the sex appeal of an Aussie? Not only do they have an accent to die for, Sydney is full of attractive men with laid-back attitudes that will knock you off your feet. And what's more, there's the added bonus when heading down under of sexy surfers. You don't have to know how to surf to be appreciate the view while standing on the shores of Sydney. Watching the boys get out there on their boards certainly makes for a worthwhile activity. When visiting, don't forget to mark that off your sightseeing list!

5 Dublin, Ireland

via anfnewsnow.blogspot.com

What is it about accents that make women drool? Who knows? But whatever it is, we can't deny the sex appeal of a man with an exotic accent. Not only do the men from Dublin have the accent, they also have the rugged good looks and cheeky personalities to go along with it. And hey, if you're into redheads, you might nab yourself a sexy Irish ginger while you're out enjoying a pint of Guinness in Temple Bar. At the very least, it might be fun to try!

4 Stockholm, Sweden

Sure, many women may talk about finding a man that's tall, dark and handsome, but who can deny the sex appeal of a tall, blonde and perfect Swedish man? Nordic men have Viking blood; they're striking in their good looks, and it's no wonder that so many often go on to become models and movie stars. After all, very few people can be described as perfect, but if we had to choose one nationality that defined traditional beauty standards, the Swedes would win. Stockholm is the cultural hub of Sweden, with beautiful, well-educated Swedish men at every turn, as well as lots of suited and booted international businesspeople and politicans. Perfect for someone looking for a refined man.

3 Paris, France

Ooh La La. Je t'aime, Je t'adore. No matter how they put it, the sweet nothings from a French man's lips will melt a woman like chocolate on a hot summer day. Possibly one of the most beautiful languages known to man, the French take romance very seriously. And when the men are attractive as they are in Paris, can we blame women for swooning and falling head over heels in love with them? Not really. I mean, just look at and listen to them. Of course, you might have to put up with a smoking habit, but they'll make up for it with their cooking skills.

2 Madrid, Spain

The romantic languages are perfect for encouraging a lustful atmosphere. Along with both French and Italian (both countries also on our list), Spanish is another language that's recognized to the foreign ear as incredibly sexy. And when those sweet, romantic words come from someone who looks a lot like Enrique Iglesias – well, that's the stuff dreams are made of right there. Not to mention, in Madrid, you have plenty of bull fighters. And while the matadors might not be everyone's cup of tea, some will undoubtedly find the manliness of the sport incredibly sexy.

1 Havana, Cuba

via travelersdigest.com

What's better than seeing hot Cuban men in Miami? Seeing them in Cuba. Christopher Columbus was quoted as calling Cuba one of the most beautiful places he'd ever seen. Most assume he was talking about the country itself, but today, Cuba is known for having beautiful men and women galore. Cuban men are tan, athletic, and very easy on the eyes. And given how hot it typically gets in Havana, we likely wouldn't complain when the men start losing their shirts – or perhaps more than that – when they lounge around the beaches with us.

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