10 Children Who Gave Their Celebrity Parents A Bad Name

Celebrities have a lot of responsibility when it comes to how they live their lives, since their actions will always make the headlines. When someone becomes a celebrity, he or she automatically gives the whole world permission to get to know all the small details of his or her life, including the dirty little secrets. The media thrives on celebrity stories and scandals, because the public is interested in finding out as much juicy content as they can, and the celebrities cannot help but to keep making newsworthy mistakes.

Many times, celebrities make the news because of actions that they had no hand in, but are held responsible owing to the association they have with the offenders. When the children of the celebrities get into trouble, they drag the name and reputation of their parents down with them. As a result, many celebrity parents do all they can to keep their children out of the limelight, because the pressure can be enough to crack even the brightest kids.

Despite how much some celebrity parents try to hide their children or cover up their mistakes, the public always finds out the truth. The minute a story of such nature breaks out, the celebrity parent and their parenting skills are put on trial. Most of the actions of the children are usually independent of their parents, but that does not make it any less of a big deal. Here are children of celebrities who, through their actions, have given their parents a bad name:

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10 Nick Bollea - Son of Hulk Hogan

Via celebitchy.com

9 Qubilah Shabazz - Daughter of Malcolm X

Via imgarcade.com

Qubilah Shabazz is the daughter of the late Malcolm X, who was a human rights activist and a Muslim preacher. Malcolm X is remembered as one of the most influential African-Americans of all time, owing to his fight for equality and preaching against black oppression in America. Today people remember Malcolm X as a great man, but his daughter Qubilah Shabazz is eroding the picture that we have of him. Her charges for plotting to murder Louis Farrakhan, who she believed was responsible for her father's death is what qualifies her to be on this list. To avoid spending time in jail, she had to go for drug and alcohol abuse treatment and psychological counseling.

8 Marcus Jordan - Son of Michael Jordan

Via ryot.org

Marcus Jordan is the son of basketball superstar and NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, who is currently an entrepreneur and the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players of all time, and people still remember him and his great talent many years after his retirement. However, Marcus Jordan gives us another reason to remember his father thanks to his arrest in 2012. Marcus was arrested after fighting with two women, which led to him being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Marcus also shared images of what seems to be his penis on twitter, all situations that paint a terrible picture of his father.

7 Weston Cage - Son of Nicolas Cage

6 Nicole Richie - Daughter of Lionel Richie

5 Cameron Douglas - Son of Michael Douglas

Cameron Douglas is the son  actor and a producer Michael Douglas, winner of two Academy Awards and four Golden Globes. It would seem as if Cameron Douglas did fall a bit far from the tree, owing to his many arrests over drug-related offences. Cameron was selling methamphetamine from his hotel, a crime that led to a five-year jail term. Even in prison, Cameron arranged for a way for his lawyer to smuggle drugs to him, a crime that earned him a few more years in jail. Michael Douglas might not be proud of how his son turned out, and he knows that his son's behaviour reflects poorly on him.

4 Jermaine Jakes - Son of Bishop T.D. Jakes

Via twtrland.com

Jermaine Jakes is the son of Bishop T.D. Jakes, who is the pastor of the Potter's House Church. Over 30,000 members look up to Bishop Jakes for spiritual guidance, and judging from his ministry, he is doing a great job. However, his son Jermaine gives this televangelist a very bad name. According to the police, Jermaine exposed himself indecently at a gay sex sting and masturbated in the presence of the police. Jermaine clearly disregarded his father's teachings and disrespected the police and everyone who witnessed his acts.

3 Charlie Sheen - Son of Martin Sheen

2 Montana Fishburne - Daughter of Laurence Fishburne

Via de.askmen.com

Montana Fishburne is a film actress and daughter of Laurence Fishburne, a famous actor, a producer, a director, and a playwright. He has taken part in numerous movies with some of the most popular being The Matrix trilogy and the hit show CSI. Montana did the one thing that no parent would be proud of, which is releasing a sex tape of herself online. For someone with such a famous parent, this kind of publicity stunt is enough to make people ask questions about how she was raised, with such questions pointing straight to her celebrity father.

1 Tracy Marrow, Jr. - Son of Ice T

Via zimbio.com

Tracy Marrow Jr. is the son of Tracy Lauren Marrow who is popularly known as Ice T. Ice T is a singer, a rapper, and an actor, and as such, he suffered high profile embarrassment when Tracy was caught by police and arrested for urinating in public. Instead of holding it until getting to the nearest building to relieve himself, Tracy disgraced his father's name by peeing outside a strip club. One of the first lessons that parents teach their children is how to use the toilet - you wonder why some grown up celebrity children seem to have problems with applying the knowledge they get from that lesson.

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