10 Cheeky Hacks That Will Change Your Life

You might be surprised how much time you waste just doing the small things. When trivial tasks are added up they can equal a ton of work that most of us would rather avoid. Time is money, after all, and our time - like the money we work day-in and day-out to make - is valuable. Imagine what could be accomplished if you saved two hours, one hour, or even 20 minutes everyday. It's time better spent on your job, family, or friends. It may sound inconsequential — but every second counts!

So the simple answer is to just be more productive, right? Actually, it is, but that's a lot more easier said than done. After all, thinking of tricks and methods to make more space in your busy schedule can be more time consuming than the actual task you're trying to simplify. That’s why there are life hacks.

If you haven’t heard of life hacks, you might not be on the internet enough (which might be a good thing, really, if you’re trying to save time...). Life hacks are a type of meme that have swept across the internet like wildfire. Like the name implies, they are a multitude of tricks and cheats to make your day-to-day life go a lot smoother. In a nutshell, they help make it easy to complete tedious tasks simply, efficiently, and inexpensively. They can be used exactly as they are shown or as a source of inspiration for your own personalised life hacks that work for your particular circumstances.

Everyone is different and not every life hack will apply to every person. But the chances are pretty good that the most popular life hacks will have something of an appeal for you. Time is a precious commodity and people often give it up without realizing that, unlike material things, it can never be replaced. Use these ingenious life hacks and make time work for you.

10 Maximize Your Dresser Space

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Your dresser drawers are filled to the brim and you can't even shut the door to your overflowing closet. If you're a shopaholic, you know all about the problem of where to put and organize all of your clothes. Never fear: there's a life hack for that. Instead of folding and storing your clothes horizontally, try folding them and storing them vertically. This way you'll maximize the space in your drawers and fit more inside. Alternatively, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This also saves space and helps reduce the number of wrinkles. Travel junkies swear by both methods.

9 Solving Math Problems In Your Head

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Mathematics is based on a system of numbers, obviously. Like any system, it can be studied and manipulated to take advantage of patterns that make solving those annoying equations a breeze. The tricks pictured above are more mathematical logic than life hacks, but they can be incredibly helpful when you're trying to do multiplication on the fly. It might even make you seem like a math whiz in front of friends or colleagues. A very interesting and easy-to-remember trick is when you're doing multiplications of 9: 9 multiplied by numbers 1 through 10 will equal the numbers 0 to 9, alongside the numbers 9 through 0, in sequence. Try it on a calculator and see for yourself.

8 Cure Your Hiccups

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Believe it or not, there is a way to cure your hiccups. Well, there might be literally thousands of ways to cure them, but these are sure to work. Hiccups aren't only annoying in both private and social situations, they can be physically painful. One way to get rid of them is by taking one teaspoon of vinegar. Vinegar also has many positive health benefits, so the advantages are two-fold. Another method is to hold your breath for as long as you can and breathe out slowly. Doing this allows your diaphragm (the muscle between your stomach and lungs) to reset and stop contracting. You can also try standing on your head, but this might prove a little foolish if you're in a business meeting or at a bar.

7 Mount Your iPad Anywhere You Want

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You don’t have to be a carpenter to mount just about anything you want in your home. All you need is a little creativity and this life hack as inspiration. Sure, you could use a stud finder to locate a place in your wall to put nails, but you'll need an expensive mounting system and about 3 hours to install it. Don’t fret. There’s another way. Using 3 or 4 plastic clothes hooks that you can buy at the dollar store, an iPad mounting system has just been procured. Peel away the sticky protectors from the backs, stick them to any wall you want, and you’re done. If you’re a big iPad user, you can use the system to mount a cookbook in the kitchen or a mirror in your bedroom.

6 Pump Gas Without Using Your Hands

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We only have two hands, and this clever life hack shows how you can make the most of both of them. Not only does the cap on your gas tank stop any potential leaks, it can also be used as a nifty tool to pump gas to your car without using your hands. After putting the pump into the tank, put the tank cap under the handle to keep the gas flowing. Use the time to clean the windshield of your car or check the tire pressure. Your gas tank is full and you’ve saved the time you would have spent doing nothing but standing there. Life's just better when it’s hacked.

5 Amplify Your Music Without A Speaker

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At a party? Maybe a camping trip? Not a speaker or outlet in sight? Whenever you’re with a group of friends or even on your own and want to listen to music as loud as you can, all you’ll ever need is your smartphone and a cup. If a cup is nowhere to be found, you can also use a cardboard toilet paper roll. Pick your song and put the smartphone inside the glass. The glass will act as an amplifier and significantly increase the volume. As long as your phone battery lasts, you’ll be able to listen to music almost as loudly as you want.

4 Fill A Mop Bucket Without Lifting A Thing

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This life hack is ingenious. With hardly lifting a finger, you can fill up a mop bucket using nothing but a hand sink and a dustpan. This is especially useful if you don’t have a wet room or floor drain where it’s easy to simply fill a bucket with a hose. If you do, then life is already easier for you. For those who don’t, this is what you do: Take the bucket into the bathroom and place it in front of a hand sink. Take the dust pan and place it on top of the sink, where the hand faces the tap. Turn the tap on until there is significant pressure, and let the dustpan flow the water like a waterfall directly into the bucket. With this hack, you’ve just filled your bucket.

3 Secure Your Belongs in an Empty Pad Wrapper

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Some people may not be the most comfortable with this life hack, but it’s hard to argue that it isn’t one of the most clever ways to secure your treasured belongings. In fact, making people uncomfortable is the trick: The next time you’re going on vacation or even a trip to the beach, think about using an empty sanitary pad wrapper to hide your money, jewellery, or anything else you want to keep safe. The last thing thieves are going to reach for is a female hygiene product. For the most part, you can rest assured with this clever psychological trick / life hack that your valuables are safe and sound.

2 Never Lose Your Business Cards Again

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It’s the digital age, but business cards still have their place. Instead of organizing your cards in a bulky leather case or just chucking them in a box somewhere in a file cabinet, put your smartphone to work. If you need to contact a client but can’t find their business card because it’s lost in a fray of a thousand other cards, there’s an easy life hack: take a picture of it using your phone. Once you have the picture, you can email it to yourself, save it to a folder on your hard drive, or back it up on a file storage site. No more card cases. No more scrounging around your files for the number. No more wasting time trying to remember where you put it.

1 Never Write A Grocery List Again

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How many times have you gone to the grocery store without writing a list first? How many times did you actually remember everything that you needed to buy? You've doutbless berated yourself for forgetting that precious list, but you don’t need to write a list down at all to know exactly what you need at a grocery store. Take a photo of your open refrigerator. When you’re stumped on what to buy, take out your smartphone and consult the photo. You’ll remember instantly what you need and might even pick up a few things you wouldn't have thought of even with a list. You just saved yourself a return trip!

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