10 Celebs Whose Sexual Relationships Are Bigger Than Their Careers

Many people live by the phrase "all publicity is good publicity," but is that true when the only attention someone gets is for their love life? How would you feel if the only time you were talked about was to gossip about who you may be dating instead of anything else you may be doing with your life? The attention might feel good in general, but with time it has to become too much right? I have no idea how these celebrities do it. Everything (true and false) about their personal lives is broadcast on television, social media, and news sites every single day. Once someone becomes famous, the public wants to know practically everything about him or her and it is possible to become overexposed.

Sure, having a high profile relationship or being in a love triangle will get you talked about, but is that really what you want everyone to say about you? I get that being in the press makes a celebrity relevant, but at what cost? When it comes to a point when people are more known for their love lives than for the actual work they are doing, doesn't that defeat the whole reason they wanted to be famous in the first place?

Some celebs really put their personal lives out there because it is all they have to offer, but a lot of the time it is the media and the fans who are controlling how the stars are perceived. There are plenty of people who are very talented hard workers with abilities that are getting ignored just because they happen to have an interesting love life. It's unfair, but that's the way it is and no one knows that better than these ten celebrities.

11 Amber Rose


9 Charlie Sheen

8 Lindsay Lohan

7 Brody Jenner

6 John Mayer

5 Jessica Simpson

4 LeAnn Rimes

3 Ciara

2 Katie Holmes

1 Gwen Stefani

Whenever people talk about Gwen Stefani these days it has to do with her extremely public relationship with Blake Shelton. Sure, she was on The Voice, but that was only for one season. And she has some new songs out now, but no one is discussing them. The stories are always about her romance with Blake Shelton and the updates are so monotonous: it was breaking news that Gwen Stefani was wearing her boyfriend's hat in an Instagram post. Yet, there were no urgent updates about her songs racing up the Billboard charts or anything at all related to her career. The woman is very talented, but nobody seems to focus on that at all these days.

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10 Celebs Whose Sexual Relationships Are Bigger Than Their Careers