10 Celebs Whose Sexual Relationships Are Bigger Than Their Careers

Many people live by the phrase "all publicity is good publicity," but is that true when the only attention someone gets is for their love life? How would you feel if the only time you were talked about was to gossip about who you may be dating instead of anything else you may be doing with your life? The attention might feel good in general, but with time it has to become too much right? I have no idea how these celebrities do it. Everything (true and false) about their personal lives is broadcast on television, social media, and news sites every single day. Once someone becomes famous, the public wants to know practically everything about him or her and it is possible to become overexposed.

Sure, having a high profile relationship or being in a love triangle will get you talked about, but is that really what you want everyone to say about you? I get that being in the press makes a celebrity relevant, but at what cost? When it comes to a point when people are more known for their love lives than for the actual work they are doing, doesn't that defeat the whole reason they wanted to be famous in the first place?

Some celebs really put their personal lives out there because it is all they have to offer, but a lot of the time it is the media and the fans who are controlling how the stars are perceived. There are plenty of people who are very talented hard workers with abilities that are getting ignored just because they happen to have an interesting love life. It's unfair, but that's the way it is and no one knows that better than these ten celebrities.


11 Amber Rose



Amber Rose really gets a bad rap. Everyone is so caught up referring to her as "Kanye West's ex girlfriend" or "Wiz Khalifa's baby mama" and they just don't listen to anything she has to say. Amber Rose is a very intelligent and well-spoken person who is always doing her best to fight for gender equality and stand up for women. She does a lot of positive things and people only want to associate her with the men that she used to date or prod her with questions to figure out who she is with now. There is more to Amber Rose than the dudes that she's been with and it's unfair that people reduce her existence to this.

9 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is known for a lot of things. He loves to party, gets off on saying crazy shit, and it always seems like he's juggling women. The man is actually a very good actor and no one, not even the haters, deny this fact. So it's pretty upsetting that more people care about the stars he's seeing or what the status is between him and his ex wives. The conversation just always shifts to his sex life when it really could be about something much more positive. And second to that, the gossip is about his partying. There is just no attention on his career these days and it's sad to see.

8 Lindsay Lohan


I have been hoping for Lindsay Lohan to make a comeback for years. Mean Girls and The Parent Trap were such iconic movies and I just know that Lindsay Lohan has it in her to pull off another great performance, but it does not seem like it's in the cards. I wish that it was, but it seems like she's only in the news when people are talking about her current, past, or alleged hookups. Her list of celebrity sex partners hit the internet forever ago and it is still a story that gets recycled and told from new angles over and over again. She actually is a really good actress, but no one seems to care because it is more interesting gossip about her love life than a sub-par film role. Hopefully Lindsay will find a way to shift the spotlight from her love life to her acting.

7 Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner was famous before people even knew who the Kardashians were. Sure, he was the son of an Olympic gold medalist and was super good looking, but people got to know who he was because of all the famous ladies he has dated. He has been romantically linked to the entire cast of The Hills, Nicole Richie, Avril Lavigne, and so many other famous women. This actually worked out pretty well for the reality TV vet because he was given his own radio and TV show called Sex With Brody. Instead of being stigmatized by being known for his romances instead of his career, Brody flipped the script and turned his sexcapades and relationships into a solid business move.

6 John Mayer


Does John Mayer even make music anymore? The Lothario is always in the press for his on-again-off-again relationships, alleged hook ups, and those infamous rants about his various ex girlfriends. All of his interviews always end up with him talking about the women he has dated and he even opened to Playboy to give details about his sexual experiences with many celebrities. He infamously referred to ex Jessica Simpson as "sexual napalm." The dude needs to put it back in his pants and pick up a guitar again and start writing some hit songs. I am so tired of reading about his romantic escapades when I could be listening to some great John Mayer music instead.

5 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson never gets any credit for being a great singer, which is sad because she actually has such a beautiful voice. Sure, she has pretty much moved on from the musical field and is more focused on her business endeavors including her fashion empire. Sadly she doesn't even get a lot of credit for that, even though her clothing, shoes, and accessories are extremely successful. Instead, all of the focus has always been about her romantic relationships. It is unfair when she is actually a really successful businesswoman. Jessica Simpson is famous for being famous and having an interesting personal life over the years, but the attention should really be on the success she has achieved throughout her career.


4 LeAnn Rimes


LeAnn Rimes was a country music ingenue. Everyone loved her and praised her musical talent. LeAnn even won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1997, making her the youngest person to win the award when she was just fourteen years old. She really had a lot of respect in the industry and a good amount of loyal fans. Then she had an affair with Eddie Cibrian and ended up marrying him. The relationship was extremely controversial since Eddie's ex is Brandi Glanville, a former cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This beef dominated entertainment news so much that Eddie and LeAnn had a short-lived reality show about their relationship. At this point people forget that LeAnn is an amazing singer and they only refer to her in the context of this relationship.

3 Ciara

Ciara had some bangers when she first came on the scene. She had fun songs, a hot body, and impressive dance moves, but her star slowly started to fade and the hit songs were few and far between. She got with rapper Future and he helped her record the song "Body Party" which was her first major jam in a while. Then she had his baby and people were all about their relationship. Then they had a super ugly break up which is still playing out in the press and on social media all while she is currently engaged to Russell Wilson. The only reason people ever mention Ciara is to talk about her petty social media interactions with Future or to update the public on her overexposed relationship with Russell Wilson. When is the last time she's been to a recording studio?

2 Katie Holmes


Dawson's Creek was one of the best teenage shows of all time. All of those characters were iconic and all of the lead actors were typecast for their roles in the years following the end of the series. Katie Holmes was in a few forgettable movies, but no one really cared about them. Then, she started dating Tom Cruise and every person cared about every single move that Katie Holmes was making. This did not really translate into professional success because instead of getting pigeonholed as Joey Potter, she was now too recognizable as Mrs. Tom Cruise. Even today, her name is so heavily associated with her ex husband than anything else that she has going on. Normal people have to deal with seeing their ex post updates on Facebook, but Katie Holmes has an ex that is haunting and taking over her career.

1 Gwen Stefani

Whenever people talk about Gwen Stefani these days it has to do with her extremely public relationship with Blake Shelton. Sure, she was on The Voice, but that was only for one season. And she has some new songs out now, but no one is discussing them. The stories are always about her romance with Blake Shelton and the updates are so monotonous: it was breaking news that Gwen Stefani was wearing her boyfriend's hat in an Instagram post. Yet, there were no urgent updates about her songs racing up the Billboard charts or anything at all related to her career. The woman is very talented, but nobody seems to focus on that at all these days.

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