10 Celebs Who Look Hotter When Photoshopped

Photoshop is a most interesting tool. People often use Photoshop to touch up photos to make them look just a little bit better. Whether it's implementing different tones to make pictures more vibrant or adjusting the color so our faces look better in the light, we do our best to spruce up our family photos. For us, there is very little pressure in making the photos look better. We are simply doing it to present the best photos we can.

If you work for a magazine or advertising agency, however, Photoshop is your livelihood. And what's more important is when you're responsible for making celebrities look their best. It becomes almost fictitious when we see magazine covers. Despite having makeup artists and fashion experts with them 24/7, celebrities and models are often touched up to the point where unrealistic expectations are set of what the ideal human being looks like. Photoshop can be a great tool but it also could have a negative effect as well.

When we see these amazing looking celebrities on the covers of magazines and wonder why we don't look the same it can be a frustrating mental game we play on ourselves. That is why it is so interesting to see the before and after photos of celebrities when they have been Photoshopped. It shows celebrities who they are with just the makeup and their fashion teams trying to make them as perfect as possible minus the computer enhancement of course.

These are 10 Celebrities Who Look Hotter When Photoshopped.

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10 Kate Moss

via pinterest.com

Kate Moss is a highly successful super model. She is literally a legend in the fashion industry, modeling for the biggest fashion magazines around. And for a long time, she has been pretty open about her body, posing naked many, many times. The supermodel isn’t shy about showing off all her goods (and we mean all). Moss has been photographed with full-frontal views of her breasts and vagina. Every inch of her body is available to the public.

In many of the photos, Moss is cleaned to the skin (or bald as we call it). These days, Moss also gets a little work done on her photos to further clean them up. The beauty has been around living the “model life” for some time. So imperfections come with age and time. It’s pretty unfair to take a 40-year-old and try to compare her to her 20-year-old self…but that’s what Photoshop does. Moss has aged like any human being but Photoshop pulls it all together for Moss these days, especially in the face. She gets the most work done there and comes out looking 20 years younger.

9 Britney Spears 

via thefix.ninemsn.com.au

From the moment Britney Spears wore belly shirts and a taunting Catholic school girl outfit in her blockbuster hit “…Baby One More Time,” the ex-Disney Mouseketeer became famous. Her singing, dancing and amazing midriff was put on display for all to see. She did not disappoint either, erupting for numerous hits. She was young and pretty and had the world in the palm of her hand. She did make mistakes along the way and fell in and out of the public fancy due to issues over her choices with men and poor parenting habits. In this picture, the still sexy Spears is shown posing with her backside. The artist gives her a caboose lift to tighten and shrink Britney’s rear assets. After having two kids, we get it Britney. But Spears is still looking good, but with the Photoshop, just a little bit better. We’re hoping for a few more hits out of the former pop music queen. Hit us one more time, Britney!

8 Katy Perry

via www.laprensa.hn

Katy Perry is one of the highest selling and grossing music artists today. She has so many hits, one wonders how many sales records she may break when all is said and done. Perry has sold over 11 million albums worldwide and over 80 million singles. She is legit! As far as looks go, her beautiful figure hasn’t hurt her either. With blue piercing eyes and possessing all the lumps in the right places, Perry has a figure that can kill.

Some of the photos taken of Perry have shown some weight fluctuation and perhaps Perry not at her best. But when you get Photoshop involved, this beautiful singer is trimmed out and touched up just a bit to make things just right. She has a beautiful face but the artists always need to touch up her grill to smooth it out. Her body is curvaceous and beautiful, but they also touch up her midriff in pictures, bringing it in and tightening it just slightly to give her more of an hourglass figure.

7 George Clooney

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We weren’t about to let ALL the men go without throwing someone under the bus. George Clooney is smooth and suave and is an A-list actor that seems to get better with age. Clooney isn’t a spring chicken anymore, but still can bring it in his films. He erupted on the hit NBC medical drama ER, and ever since, hasn’t looked back. He seems to be able to write his own ticket, appearing in a slew of creatively-driven dramas and comedies. His high quality of work lands him in rarified air of being an exceptional actor. But Clooney has a lot of salt and pepper going on in his beard and hair. So, artists often touch him up by darkening his hair and beard just a bit to bring him back into his late 30s/early 40s. Then they remove some of the lines of time marked upon his face. Since Clooney isn’t doing any topless spreads these days, he gets away with any virtual tummy tucks.

6 Cameron Diaz

via www.popphoto.com

Hey, when you’ve been around as long as Cameron Diaz, you are going to have some artwork done when it comes to photos. Diaz is sexy, always staying in great shape. The A-list actress has been a comedy queen of late, sticking with light roles and having fun with her ditzy blonde personality. She is a regular in romantic comedies and is never shy about showing off her fit figure. Diaz is also known for liking the sun a bit too much, so what the graphic design team generally does with her photos is lighten her skin to remove sun marks and the darker tone of her skin (it also removes her wrinkles). In addition, Diaz shows off hip bones that they remove to smooth out her look. Diaz looks amazing for her age in general, but the Photoshopping of her image brings her back about 10 years.

5 Eva Mendes

via pinterest.com

Eva Mendes is a Latin beauty who has dawned the big screen in numerous supportive and costarring roles. She has appeared sexy in many of her films, showing off her amazing figure. Now, with Mendes, there is a huge difference between the plain Jane picture and the perfectly-sculpted Photoshopped version we see. Mendes is attractive, but when Photoshopped, she becomes a goddess.

Not trying to take anything away from Mendes on the daily, but she is not a top level looking star without the extra effort done by Photoshop. The finished product of her photos after manipulation, brings about a beauty to her complexion and appearance that is otherwise lacking. It can be understandable though as Mendes has entered her 40s. Either way, we give her a solid thumbs up.

4 Jennifer Lawrence

via imgkid.com

Well, the star of The Hunger Games movie franchise is a sexy unbecoming star who uses her cat-like eyes and curves to her exceptional advantage in her film roles. Lawrence is relatively new to the fame scene, enjoying her coming out party with the first Hunger Games movie. Since, she has been a highly sought-after star and now has her pick-of-the-litter when it comes to film roles.

Lawrence has a very nice figure, but isn’t in the “model mode” of skinny. So often times, when they work on her, they trim down some of her curves around her midsection and head down to her thigh area to give her a more hourglass/tighter look. The star is beautiful regardless, but this touch-up work done on her body gives the appearance that she is just that much more perfect.

3 Jessica Alba

via theutscmessenger.com

Look, Jessica Alba is just downright beautiful. We may not agree with many of her feature film choices (Barely Lethal, Some Kind of Beautiful, Stretch, Machete Kills, A.C.O.D, An Invisible Sign, etc…) but there is no doubting that Alba is smoking hot. Alba’s appearances in the Sin City and Fantastic Four movie franchises have honestly made her career; outside of that, she has struggled to break out from her TV beginnings. But there is a big reason that Alba is still talked about as much as she is despite having numerous stinker movies in recent years. The fact of the matter is that Alba is majorly gorgeous. And when Alba gets the Photoshop makeover, she gets even better. The best thing for a graphic artist is that Alba doesn’t need much work. Generally, they make her beautiful face pop even more. Alba is probably a 9 when she gets out of bed. After getting “shopped” a bit, she is a 10 plus.

2 Lindsay Lohan

via http://imworld.aufeminin.com/

Where to begin here. Lohan has clearly had some issues over the years. But looking past her run-ins with the law and her drug and alcohol abuse for a moment, Lindsay Lohan, not too long ago, was a budding teenage star. It seemed as if nothing was going to stop Lohan and the pictures of the beauty highlighted a red-headed bombshell ready to do damage. But Lohan treated herself poorly and the raw images of her today versus the published photos of herself are night and day. Lohan, without Photoshop, looks like an aged woman, worn down by time. The fact of the matter is that Lohan is in her 20s and should look like the beautiful images that dawn magazine covers. When she is Photoshopped, she still pops with her natural attributes shining through. But without the touch-ups, Lohan has taken a big step down and shows the damage she has self-inflicted upon herself.

1 Madonna


The Material Girl pops in! Madonna is an absolute legend and nothing will ever be taken away from her. Let’s first establish that Madonna is 57. She also is timeless and incredibly successful. Back in the 1980s and through the 1990s, Madonna rocked the charts and dominated the female pop scene. Certainly, she has become less popular these days, but is no less relevant. Her figure has always been striking and she has been a trend-setter with respect to pop culture and fashion. And when she takes photographs, she pops. Now, obviously, being 57, you are going to have a few touch-ups with Photoshop. For the most part, these are all age-related. Madonna’s pictures are now adjusted for her facial features, attempting to bring her back a few years. Her complexion is lightened up and wrinkles are removed. Either way, we’re going to give it up for the queen of pop. She still looks good, even without the Photoshopping.


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