10 Celebs Who Are Seriously Whipped By Their Spouse

Celebrities typically strike a powerful figure. With their often-exorbitant salaries, numerous demands on their time and substantive public profile, they carry a great deal of influence and sway over the general public. Although we live in a democratic society, the fact remains that it is simply easier for a recognizable A-lister to gain an audience with a political official or make an impact as the champion of a social cause.

But don't take that to mean that they necessarily rule the roost within their own inner circle. Those that earn adulation, praise and reverence from perfect strangers in public still often answer to the spouses and families that they have waiting at home. The celebrated star that is an A-list Hollywood actor or superstar rocker to some is just 'honey' or 'dad' once he gets home. And depending on who it is they are coming home to, that power may be taken away entirely.

In the case of these 10 famous celebrities, even as they called the shots in their work life, there was no question as to who carried the upper hand at home. While you may recognize these names as being the kings of their domain on the field, in front of the camera or on stage, there is a towering female figure standing behind them who is pulling the strings. In other words, these guys are whipped.


10 Kurt Warner 

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Brenda Warner deserves plenty of credit for being there from the start for her husband Kurt on his remarkable rise from grocery stocker to Super Bowl hero as quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. But the ex-marine and born-again Christian rubbed Rams fans the wrong way with her outspoken evangelism and overt post-game PDAs with her husband. When Kurt was named to his first Pro Bowl, he sent Brenda a rose bouquet-accompanied note that read, "This is a great day for me, but it would mean nothing without you there to share it.”

9 Andre 3000 / Common / Jay Electronica 


Other than being hip-hop and rap stars, these three share a common bond as fallen exes of Erykah Badu, whose bewitching effect on rappers is something of an urban legend. Andre 3000 of Outkast fame fathered Badu's first child and, after they broke up, went on to write "Ms. Jackson" about her. Common underwent a dramatic transition from gangster rapper to a soulful spiritual figure during the two short years that he dated Badu. Her relationship with Jay Electronica reportedly ended in 2007, but he has continued to drunk tweet her in the years since. She has also been recently linked with Kendrick Lamar. Good luck, Kendrick!

8 Kanye West 

Who ever thought that Kanye West could love someone more than himself? Yet, the extent to which Kim Kardashian has managed to transform Yeezus was firmly on display during a 2013 interview on Kris Jenner's short-lived FOX talk show. In the type of interview setting West would never give were it not hosted by his mother-in-law, the rapper showcased a gentle, loving side by openly raving about Kim K. "I don't care [about the paparazzi]; I love this woman," he boasted during the chat. "I'm being with this person because I love this person. She's worth it to me."

7 George Clooney 


It takes a certain kind of woman to wrap the "Sexiest Man Alive" around her finger, but Amal Clooney appears to have done it. The British-Lebanese human rights lawyer, who is more than just Clooney's arm candy, got the bachelor to settle down and agree to marriage in 2014. Not only that, but Amal has reportedly introduced a strict diet for Clooney that involves no alcohol, no fatty meat and less dairy products. Word is that she intends for him to lose 15 pounds by the time the Oscars roll around in February.

6 John Mayer 

You wouldn't think that a guy with the womanizing track record of John Mayer would be prone to ceding control to his ladies, but the singer-songwriter used an obsession with a former flame to pen one of his most popular hits. Mayer reportedly became so transfixed with Jennifer Love-Hewitt while the two were dating that it inspired him to write "Your Body is a Wonderland" about her. Since ending things with Love-Hewitt, he has publicly acknowledged that being with Jessica Simpson was like "crack cocaine" and that he never really got over the end of a 2008-2009 on-and-off tryst with Jennifer Aniston.

5 Doug Christie 


Doug Christie made over $50 million over a successful 15-year NBA career, but there's no question about who really wears the pants in the Christie family. Jackie Christie has come to be one of the most infamous athlete spouses thanks to her attacks on women she felt were cozying up to her man, the duo's annual re-doing of their wedding ceremony and a compelling-but-terrifying stint on the "Basketball Wives" reality show. Jackie has the power to bring her 6'6" husband down on all fours, as she did in a stunning photo shoot in which she held the strap of a dog collar attached around Doug's neck.

4 50 Cent 

Apparently Chelsea Handler was able to stop 50 Cent's heart in a way that nine bullets were not. Though they are no longer together, the rapper otherwise known as Curtis Jackson was head over heels for the comedian, wooing her by inquiring about her relationship status as a guest on her "Chelsea Lately" talk show. Handler roped Jackson into cheesy skits on the show and tweeted out pictures of the two of them in bed before dumping 'Fitty', allegedly after he suggested a threesome with Ciara. The two reunited on the series finale of 'Lately' and showed some strong chemistry while swapping numbers.


3 Tom Brady 


It is jarring to see the altered persona of New England Patriots quarterback in uniform on Sunday versus being out in public and off the field. On game day, Tom Brady is an explosive presence, barking orders to his teammates and launching angry tirades against officials. Away from Gillette Stadium, he presents a dapper and civilized high society figure, particularly alongside his wife Gisele Bunchden. It's no surprise how much Brady is willing to change for her, particularly given how quickly he kicked his then-pregnant former flame Bridget Moynihan to the curb to be with the supermodel.

2 Ice-T 

Long before a slew of reality shows and a long-running stint as Odafin "Fin" Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ice-T was a gangster rap icon who collaborated regularly with Public Enemy and stirred controversy by releasing a song called "Cop Killer". This may come as a surprise to those who only know the Ice-T of the 2000s, ever since his 2002 marriage to Nicole "Coco Marie" Austin. From unflinching, hard-edged rapper, Coco lured Ice into the mainstream celebrity world of reality TV, even getting him to join her on an E! reality show titled Ice Loves Coco.

1 Brad Pitt 


Now that they've reigned at the pinnacle of Hollywood A-list couples for nearly a decade, it's easy to forget how controversially the courtship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie started. There was, of course, a suspiciously short time frame between the end of Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston and the beginning of paparazzi photos featuring Pitt and Jolie. Once a star who embraced the bachelor lifestyle, Pitt has now become the ultimate family man thanks to Jolie, with the two raising six children and serving at the forefront of numerous charitable causes (most of which are likely Jolie's doing).

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