10 Celebrity Meltdowns Exaggerated By The Media

We all love celebrities. Or at least one or two of them. They entertain us on screen, and some are equally as entertaining off screen. Especially when the media decides that having a mental breakdown is what everyone wants to see. We often forget that celebrities are just real humans with a whole load of money and ego, so when they finally reach their boiling point, it makes headlines on every celeb magazine and tabloid on the shelves.

Over the years we’ve been treated to numerous meltdowns, from outbursts of racial and anti-semitic slurs to domestic violence. However, not every meltdown is nearly as serious as we are led to believe. There are times, believe it or not, that the media tends to exaggerate things a little bit - or a lot. Sometimes that intense loss of self is just research for a role, or words twisted to make our favourite star look bad. Hell, if most of these were regular everyday Joe’s, we would never hear about it.

These times however, while serious in their own right, the media may have embellished on the severity of the situation.

10 David Hasselhoff - The Cheeseburger

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Alcoholism is no joke. It has claimed numerous lives, torn apart families, and even has support groups to help overcome this ailment. So when a video of David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger was posted online in 2007, the media went wild. Calling him an unfit parent, a talentless hack, so on and so forth. How dare he, right? How dare he be on the road to recovery and relapse. How dare he get his daughter to film it so he can see what a mess he is and work harder to prevent that in the future. Hasselhoff has admitted to his battle with alcoholism, and has not had a relapse since. Good on you Dave, and don’t let nothing "Hassel The Hoff."

9 Lindsay Lohan - Starlet No More

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Remember the remake of The Parent Trap? Or Freaky Friday? How about Mean Girls? If you don’t, then you will have no idea what I’m talking about. Lindsay Lohan started as a Disney child star, and practically grew up in front of our eyes. So when this loveable, adorable girl grew into a gorgeous woman, we never expected her to fall into the lifestyle that she did. Although it’s happened more than once to many child stars. When you are given that much attention and money at a young age, there’s a good chance of heading down the wrong path. However, it’s her life, and she can do with it what she wants. It’s up to the media to get in there and let us know just how she’s doing, because there aren’t a bunch of homeless people trying to fight addiction that we should be more worried about.

8 Charlie Sheen - Tiger Blood

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The man who coined the term “Winning” and claims to have tiger blood pumping through his veins has had multiple fiascos in the past. However, it is his most recent headlines that are not entirely what they seem. After having been the best part of Two and a Half Men for 8 years, he was fired. Why? Because of his partying and life of excess. However, Sheen had claimed to have beaten addiction 100 per cent and that AA is just a “bootleg cult.” He even claims that yes, he did in fact go to the hospital to receive treatment - but not for any addiction or overdose. In fact, he was watching an older episode of The Chappelle Show, and ended up laughing so hard he gave himself a hernia. Understandable, Mr. Chappelle is a talented, hilarious man.

7 Tom Cruise - Couch Jumping

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Now, I never watched Oprah - not religiously anyhow - but I got my fill of Tom Cruise doing what all our mothers told us not to as children. In proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes, he got up on the couch and jumped up and down like a child who just received a Sega Genesis for Christmas in the 90s. Not only did Tom go crazy, but so did the media. A lot of people find the love of their life and get super excited for not only themselves, but everyone around them. Love is a crazier drug than any psychedelic you’ll find. So why make a huge deal out of this man professing his love? Because he’s a celebrity, that’s why.

6 Christian Bale - Family Assault

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We all know about Bale's outburst on the set of Terminator: Salvation, but that’s not the ‘meltdown’ I’m talking about. In 2008, Bale was charged with assault after an argument with his mom and sister. Now, first off, you should know that in the UK, verbal assault is still enough to get you charged. And you should know that neither his mother or sister claimed that he had thrown punches or acted violently. To top that off - but it’s hard to get the story straight - it only escalated because the gals insulted his wife. Another story is that they were asking for a handout to the tune of $100,000. I’m not sure which is the truth, we may never know, but what I do know is that we never would have heard about it if he wasn't a celeb.

5 Joaquin Phoenix - All for the Role

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In 2008, we were all shocked and surprised to see what Joaquin Phoenix was fast becoming. With a grizzled face and slurred language, we all thought he was on the road to destruction. Our thoughts were only bolstered by his cringeworthy attempt to break into the hip hop world. That interview with David Letterman also didn’t help. Turns out, it was all a big joke. Or, maybe more of a facade than a joke. Regardless, Joaquin and Casey Affleck had us going for a long while, and it wasn’t until the release of I’m Still Here in 2010 that we finally got our answer. It was all a shtick! And pulled off marvellously. For 2 years, entertainment reporters were speculating what the hell was going on with them, and not once did I ever hear he was playing a role. Genius.

4 Dave Chappelle - Leaving Comedy

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Many were worried and speculating when Chapelle left his own show midway through it’s 3rd season. Within the first two, he has more quotable lines than SNL has in their 40 year span. And that was just the problem. While many thought it was creative issues with Comedy Central, or potentially even disagreements on money, it turns out Dave just wanted to be human and look after his family. Everywhere he went, he was followed by “Rick James, Bitch!” and “A f—in’ shark ate me!”, and according to Chappelle, "that kind of attention wouldn’t be suitable for raising a family.” What a dude. Seriously. Thankfully, he’s slowly started getting back in the swing of things with his own comedy tours, although no word on whether The Chappelle Show will ever get a reboot.

3 Lily Tomlin vs. David O. Russell

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Lily Tomlin has always been at the top of her game when it comes to comedy. Quick witted and hilarious, even at age 76. Not only that, she  managed to stay out of the tabloids for the majority of her career until a video was released in 2007 of an argument between her and director David O. Russell. See, I like his movies. He’s got talent. But after watching the video, why the hell was all the hype about Tomlin? She was rather calm and collected about the whole thing while Russell threw props and yelled like a giant baby. Every article and headline read “Lily Tomlin Freaks Out On Set!” Really guys? Just because this isn’t the first time Russell has had a hissy fit, doesn’t mean we get to put the focus on someone who knows how to keep a level head.

2 Alec Baldwin - Him vs. Kim

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This one has been raging for years. Divorce can be messy and stressful, and that doesn’t change once you are both well known, incredibly talented millionaires. Years of custody battles and slander of each other’s name were displayed for all to see. See, every single day there are millions of people who go through this struggle. Separating from someone you once loved - and possibly still do - can be an extremely difficult thing to do, yet we love to see celebrities feud and bicker; so why not publicize every part of their divorce? Thankfully both Alec and Kim Basinger seem to have been able to find a truce in recent years, although it took their daughter entering rehab for emotional trauma for them to finally put aside their differences and help support their daughter in her time of need. But I bet you won’t read about that as often.

1 Amanda Bynes - Drastic Changes

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The latest in celeb meltdowns goes to the gal who had her own show on Nickelodeon at age 13, after being a series regular on All That for 3 years. While she didn’t grow up in the spotlight as much as our previous spot, she did find her way into multiple TV shows and movies. So it was a big surprise when she was arrested for drunk driving in 2012. It has only gone downhill from there. More recently she has become almost unrecognizable with plastic surgery, and possibly drug use as well. However, many believe it was pressure of losing roles she wanted that led to this. For years, she and Lohan were neck and neck with roles, however they usually went to Lindsay as she not only had a stronger resume, but everyone would want to see how this troubled starlet did in the film. Could Bynes have finally snapped and given in to the dark side, opting for negative attention to hopefully make a comeback? Who knows. I’m sure the media will tell us one day.

Source: www.imdb.com, www.huffingtonpost.ca, www.time.com

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