10 Celebrities Who Fell For Strippers

Let's talk strippers. We are talking makeup, glitter, poles, hair band music, sweat, cheesy body spray and lots of half-naked women (and sometimes men). The allure of strip clubs is a very interesting thing. You have random women, some of them pretty damn hot, and a room full of horny men (sometimes women). Now there are strip clubs where male strippers get naked and the audience is predominantly female (see: Thunder Down Under or Magic Mike Movies). But we are going to focus on female strippers and the obsession men have with them.

Just like Lil Wayne once said, “make a stripper fall in love.” The idea of finding a beautiful stripper and imagining her walking out of the club with her on your side is something a lot of men like to believe is a possibility. That is the job of the stripper; to create a fantasy and the allure that the stripper is into you. She is the fantasy and she wants each man she grinds upon to think he is special in some way. The reality is something entirely different. But when celebrities walk into a strip club or people of money and power, a different set of rules applies to strippers. See the stripper sees the green and they aren’t stripping because life is easy. So when a celebrity falls for them they fall just as quickly back. For strippers the celebrity becomes their fantasy and maybe it is a match made in heaven.

A celebrity picking up a stripper can be a big deal, and of course, the bigger deal is if that celebrity is married at the time. Ironically, some of these strippers have made pseudo entertainment careers just by dating a celebrity. So they definitely cashed in their ticket at the right time. But rarely do these stories have happy endings. These are 10 Celebrities Who Fell For Strippers.

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10 Tiger Woods - Jamie Jungers

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Stop me if you have heard this one before: a legendary athlete, perhaps, one of the best to ever compete at his sport (golf), cheats on his model wife and she grabs one of his golf clubs on Thanksgiving and chases him out of the house, threatening to kill him. Yes, the Tiger Woods saga rears its ugly head once again. Jamie Jungers was one of the MANY (and we’re talkin’ many) lady acquaintances of Tiger Woods. Fancying herself as a Las Vegas lingerie model (aka stripper), Jungers was more than happy to accommodate Woods and his “sexual disease.” When Jungers hit Woods up for some green, he denied her. Their “relationship” ended there and she went public with their tryst.

9 Tyga and Blac Chyna

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Ah, Blac Chyna. She is known for having a booty that can kill and this former stripper now lives the good life after becoming baby mama to Tyga’s son, King. Blac Chyna hit the hip-hop lottery and gets child support, nanny expenses and a beautiful home bought by Tyga himself. Tyga saw Chyna dancing away in a strip club and shaking her rear in music videos and couldn’t resist. In fact, while Chyna was stripping she was trying to get her modeling career going and she started to land music video gigs being one of the hot women shaking their rears behind the artists as they sang and rapped away. Tyga’s initial hook-up turned into a three-year relationship culminating in the birth of their child together. Tyga is on the hook for paying Chyna off for quite a long while now and her life is set. Tyga has moved on to a Kylie Jenner and Chyna is not happy.

8 Josh Duhamel and Nicole Forrester

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If you are a dancer in a strip club, odds are, nothing amazing ever happens to you. You are normally used by the men coming and going, just as you are using them for money. It’s an empty business unless you happen to be Nicole Forrester. Forrester made such a positive impact on Josh Duhamel when he saw her strutting her stuff on stage, that Duhamel wanted a “private dance” (and by private, we mean sex). Duhamel, despite being married to Fergie and having kids, went the extra mile with Forrester and the two had an affair. Forrester couldn’t resist talking about the affair and we can’t blame her. This is like solid gold gossip. Comically, when Forrester was asked if it was “the best sex ever,” she replied with a simple, “no, it wasn’t.” Ouch, Josh!

7 Kanye West and Amber Rose

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Stripper Amber Rose was known to land a couple of rappers in her day. From Kanye West to Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose made the rounds in the hip hop world. But it was West’s relationship with the now famed Philadelphia stripper we will focus on. Pulling Rose out of the strip club was the biggest favor West did for the voluptuous short-haired beauty. He pulled her out of the strip club and gave her a name beyond her own life. But things in Hollywood don’t always have a Hollywood ending. Rose states that she was being “Slut shamed” with West’s always provocative lyrics which aimed to call her out. Rose commented, “I was extremely slut shamed. I was called ‘nothing but a stripper.’ (He said) why would he ever be interested in me, I’m just a bald-head stripper from Philly,” Rose continued on about West. “I was a gold digger; apparently he had to take 30 showers after being with me.” Well, Rose and West clearly didn’t end up well. Rose can rightfully be upset about being “slut shamed” as she calls it. But the relationship did get Rose out of the strip clubs and now is a brand name on the Internet.

6 Drake and Maliah Michel

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Drake fell for Houston-based stripper Maliah Michel back in 2010. After Drake saw Michel dance, he fell in instantaneous “stripper-love.” He ended up flying Michel out to Jamaica, to be the lead in his newest music video. The song was “Find Your Love” and the music video put the beautiful stiletto-wearing Michel right front and center. Their relationship flew forward and Michel got a taste of the good life with Drake. Shortly after their break-up, the pair engaged in a small Twitter war. Drake’s relationship with Michel was short-lived. But Michel would not find the kind of success that some other strippers were able to latch onto once they dated a rap/hip-hop artist. She is still in the club, a featured dancer, while Drake is being made fun of for the worst dance moves since the “Urkel Dance.”

5 Matthew Fox and Stefani Talbott

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Stefani Talbott was an exotic dancer from Bend, Oregon. Talbott made a name for herself by running to the Enquirer to get attention for her affair with Lost actor Matthew Fox and blow up Fox’s marriage. Fox has been married to Margherita Ronchi for over 20 years and they have a 12- and 9-year-old together. Talbott stated this in the Enquirer’s March, 2010 issue: “We had sex together. I’ve got to be careful what I say—he’s a married man with two kids. But I kept voice mails and text messages from him.” The irony of Talbott who claims to be concerned about Fox and his marriage while also shouting from the tree tops about the affair and confirming she kept voice messages and text messages. Fox denied the claims but there are many locals who saw the two getting comfy together. Clearly, something went down but Fox has moved on and will most likely be steering clear of Talbott in the future.

4 Chris Brown and Draya Michele

via labasketballwives.com

3 Mos Def and Alana Wyatt

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Alana Wyatt was known as one of the hottest strippers around back in her day. So it is pretty easy to see why Mos Def wanted her to get off the stripper pole and jump on his…yeah, well, we know. And Def got his way with Wyatt. Despite Def being a devout Muslim, he overlooked Wyatt’s trysts with numerous wealthy athletes and musicians who also picked her up in clubs. Def was still in the process of cleaning up a previous marriage but couldn’t resist moving quickly ahead with Wyatt. They ended up being married for years and then it all came crashing down. However, these days, Wyatt has gone the route of self-publishing to get her memoir out. Her story is one of abuse, neglect and being entrenched in the world of prostitution, drugs and stripping. Her marriage to Def was tumultuous and in addition to the issues they had internally, Wyatt also accuses Def of being a bigamist (that’s a story for another article). For now, this relationship ended up epically failing and Wyatt is searching to latch onto whatever money she can from it.

2 Mario and Dez

via forum.blackhairmedia.com

1 Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith

via www.xmnews.org

When you are a rich billionaire and stroll into a club, it makes sense that you can have whatever you want. Back in the day, J. Howard Marshall ended up doing just that. The wealthy man may have not been well known before he nabbed the busty blonde beauty named Anna Nicole Smith, but certainly, after the two got together and the old “sugar daddy” committed to the blonde bombshell, their lives would forever be changed. Marshall was determined to turn Smith into a star. He worked very diligently to increase her exposure and get her known. In this reversal, Howard turned Smith into the celebrity as he quietly enjoyed the view from the front row. Smith, for her part, was craving the spotlight and was able to capitalize as a model and terrible film actress. Then things began to unravel. Marshall’s death was followed by Smith’s out-of-control substance abuse which ended up killing her. The sad ending left a ton of questions and a war over money and the custody of Smith’s child.



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