10 Celebrities Who Couldn't Keep It In Their Pants

celebs who cheated

Human beings are human beings. We all have bodily desires and always look for ways of satisfying them. Plus, we all like the sight of something new and shiny. This also applies to celebrities.

Some of them have been in the public eye for longer than others because they cheated on each other. Some of these instances have led to divorces and painful break ups which made headlines and fed the insatiable hunger of gossip columnists.

The wandering eye has long been the source of many people, including celebrities, being looked down upon by their fans and society at large. So who exactly has been in the spotlight for having affairs outside their relationships?

Some of these people have been known to indulge in affairs with their fellow celebrities. So keep on reading and feast your eyes on some of the most scandalous celebrity stories of unfaithfulness.

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bill and hillary clinton
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10 Bill Clinton

bill and hillary clinton
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This has to be one of the most famous infidelity scandals of all time. The story blew up in 1998. The affair was said to be something that the staff knew about but kept under wraps while still in the house. The White House staff was aware of what was happening but kept quiet until rumors started surfacing in the media about Bill Clinton’s infidelity with Monica Lewinsky. This story ran for a very long time as scandals from the White House are so few. Gossip columnists had a field day with this piece of juicy gossip.

9 Jesse James

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8 Kristen Stewart 

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This scandal was especially juicy because it was the woman who cheated. The other man in the picture was Rupert Sanders who was at the time married to Liberty Ross. A photograph surfaced of Kristen Stewart and Sanders kissing. Turns out that Sanders was doing more than directing the young lass on the movie set. Women are said to cheat with their hearts. This means that when a woman cheats it's because she is also emotionally starved. This must have been a huge blow to Pattinson’s ego.

7 Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

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6 Jude Law 

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This is a typical scenario of something wrong happening under one's nose. In 2005 Jude Law publicly apologized to his fiance at the time, Sienna Miller, for having had an affair with the nanny of his children. Many people usually assume that their partners are faithful, but it turns out that that may not be the case as demonstrated by this couple. This must have hurt a lot because this was the woman that had been trusted to care for the couple's children. She then decided to extend her services to the husband. It is very sad.

5 Ashton Kutcher

ashton kutcher and demi moore
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The existence of this affair was brought to light by Scott Eastwood. He claimed that Kutcher had slept with his girlfriend at the time and that it was the affair that had led to their marriage falling apart. The two men worked together on the set of Two and a Half Men. Wow! Men can be snitches, shocker. That just goes to show how far a man with a bruised ego is willing to go. This was a juicy story mainly due to how the affair came to light. Since this fiasco Kutcher has become an item with That '70s Show co-star Mila Kunis. The couple has one child together.

4 David Letterman

david letterman and regina lasko
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3 Brad Pitt

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This was very scandalous, as one celebrity managed to sink her claws into another celebrity’s man. Angelina Jolie managed to get Brad Pitt, even though at the time he was with Jennifer Aniston. It was however revealed later that Jennifer had forgiven Jolie for what had happened. She is good; another person would have done their best to make their lives very hard. This has to be one of the most famous affair stories in Hollywood. Other celebrities also made puns about it and wrote song lyrics based on this story. They not only fueled gossip columnists’ hunger but also provided musicians with content for their music.

2 Hugh Grant 

hugh grant and elizabeth hurley
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This has to be one of the most shameful scandals that has ever surfaced in Hollywood. Hugh Grant was caught in his car getting down and dirty with a hooker. Why would one solicit the services of an escort when they can go home to Elizabeth Hurley? She then decided to stay with him for five years before they finally parted ways. Some things should just not be done if one knows they are in the public eye. This did not go well with his reputation at all. Chances are a high percentage of women found him despicable after the story became public news.

1 Dean McDermott

tori spelling and dean mcdermott
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Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori Spelling with a younger woman. Seems everyone is attracted to youth. He allegedly took this younger woman to a hotel and spent the night with her. The two have four children together. They had been together for seven years when Dean cheated on her. Well, no one is immune to a youthful woman. However that does not mean that one should give in to temptation. Talking to your partner about what is happening and how you are feeling goes a long way in avoiding some problems in marriage.

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