10 Bizarre Meanings Of Your Favorite Sleeping Positions

A good night’s sleep is something that every person in the world needs. It is said that people who do not get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night can become irritable, tired and even unproductive during the day. There have been sleep studies conducted throughout the world since the beginning of time; or at least, that is what it may seem. There are many different ways in which people fall asleep, and according to several different sources and studies, how a person nods off says a lot about that person and their personality traits. The way a person falls asleep can affect health, relationships, mood the next day, how well they sleep, or even what kind of dreams they may have. Looking up a Google search, one can find many different meanings for the way a person goes into slumber every night. Some of these meanings may make sense, a few may seem like a horoscope reading, and others are just downright bizarre.

Even though “Googling” is a simple effort, with just a few strokes of the keyboard, we can determine the different types of sleeping positions and the kind of people that these studies say are falling asleep that way. Instead of simply searching the internet, there was an assessment taken with around 100 people on Facebook, to see if the meanings corresponded with those personalities that took the survey. It seemed that the majority of these people all slept on their side, so it is hard to determine whether the survey was entirely accurate (or even worthwhile). However; personally speaking, I fall asleep in the “freefall” position, and the meanings that were found on several different sites seemed to correspond with my own personality.

10 Those Who Sleep On Their Side, AKA “The Fetal Position”


The majority of those who took the poll listed their preferred sleeping position as on their side. This included those who preferred the left and the right side, but the meaning for either is reasonably the same. This is also referred to as the “fetal position,” as it is the same way a fetus resides when inside the uterus. It is said that these people are ones who are hard to get along with at first, but eventually relax once they get to know someone. It also states that these people are very “child-like.” If this is the case, then most of the people in the world are just trying to get to know everyone else and cannot relax until they accomplish that task.

In another sleep-study, it appears that those who slept on their side were worriers. It is said that they worry too much during the day and when it comes to bedtime, they are still worrying about what happened while they were awake.

9 Sleeping On Your Back, AKA “The Starfish”


According to many sleep studies, sleeping on your back with your arms and legs stretched out is the healthiest way to sleep. You won’t get as many wrinkles, because your face will not be “smushed” up in your pillow. It also helps with circulation in your arms and legs, as long as you don’t put your hands above your head.

Very few people sleep this way because it takes a while to get used to. It is said that most people who are just completely exhausted fall asleep on their backs, and just stay that way. If that is the case, then passing out is, in all likelihood, extremely beneficial when it comes to their health.

8 On Your Side with Arms Stretched Out or Extended, AKA “The Yearner”


Those who sleep on their side with their arms stretched out in front of them seem to be reaching for something. This may look too far into the sleep position, as it is said that these same people are searching for something that may or may not be accessible in their waking moments. It also states that these types of sleepers are very open with people, yet suspicious at the same time.

The problem with sleeping on one’s side (especially for women) is that it causes wrinkles from their face being shoved into their pillow and their breasts will sag earlier than those who sleep on their backs. This is because they hang down to the side and are pulled downward, which will cause premature drooping.

7 Another Side Position Known As “The Log”


One other position that people sleep in, although not many (as it seems a little strange and uncomfortable) is one known as “The Log.” This sleeper is on their side, with arms and legs completely straight, and their arms underneath them. It is said that these people are very friendly and open with others, but can also be very naive.

There are other studies; however, that show that people who sleep in this position are less likely to be friendly since they are “set in their ways.” Apparently they are so afraid of change that even their sleep patterns don’t appear to have any flexibility.

6 The Hugger of Pillows


The pillow hugger can be any number of sleeping positions, but always involves the person hugging their soft headrest, as if their lives depended on it. This type of sleeper is known to put everyone else ahead of themselves, but they also want to please everyone. You can’t please everyone, but these types of people sure do try. They appear to help people out as much as they can, almost to the point of absurdity. Sometimes these people go completely overboard and it appears as if they are trying too hard. This is according to the research, at any rate.

5 The Soldier


This sleeping situation is exactly how it sounds; the person lies down just as a soldier stands up. This position involves the sleeper laying flat on their back, with their arms directly down on their sides, and their feet in a straight position. This is not a very common way for people to fall asleep, but for those who do, they are considered extremely structured individuals. They live a precisely regulated lifestyle, and expect the same for everyone else in which they are involved. These people appear to be perfectionists, and are rather serious when it comes to choices that are made by them and for them, as well.

4 On Their Stomach, Or The “Freefall”


People who sleep on their stomach, with their head turned to the side are considered to be “freefalling” when they fall asleep. It is said that most people who sleep like this are free thinkers, and are open minded when speaking of their personality. It is not one of the better ways to sleep; for the head is once again crushing into the pillow, and it is rough on the neck. These people are said to be a “free spirit” and can be brutally honest at times, even though they may have a problem with criticism, if given too harshly. They may not say this, or even act as though it bothers them, but deep down the words that people can say to a freefall sleeper can be detrimental in the long run.

3 Not The Starfish, Nor The-Soldier Back Sleeper

A person who sleeps on their back, but not in the soldier position, where they are falling asleep with their arms and legs in a rigid position, nor is it the starfish; where they have their arms and legs outstretched, is a fairly laid-back person, according to sources. These people tend to live life as a “free spirit”, just as the freefall sleeper, but are more open and trusting when it comes to other people. Friends and family members can easily influence these kinds of sleepers, and they are fairly laid-back most of the time. They tend to “follow the herd,” so-to-speak.

2 Pillow-Grippers



The pillow-grippers are similar to the freefallers; in which they lay on their stomachs (usually), but instead of putting their hands under their pillow or near their face, they grip their pillows with both hands very tightly. These types of sleepers tend to also be free-roaming individuals, but wake up with the feeling as if they have unfinished business. They may have had issues from the night or day before that was not yet completed, or at least have that feeling when they awaken. This leaves them anxious and waiting impatiently for something to happen; although they are not very likely to stick to a strict schedule.

1 Sleeping With a Pet

Although sleeping with a pet isn’t really a sleeping position, about half of all pet owners allow their dog or cat to sleep with them. According to medical professionals, it is not unsafe to sleep with your animal (as long as you are not allergic). Most people who sleep with an animal in the bed (particularly a dog) will have to position themselves around their pet, so they will fall asleep in whichever area the animal allows them. The only real issue these people may have is not getting a good night’s sleep if they cannot get into a good position, because of where their animal may be sleeping.

Most people who own a dog or a cat (or even multiple pets) that allow them to sleep in their bed are most likely the kind of people who would prefer the company of animals over humans. Or maybe the animals just think that “they are people, too,” and the humans don’t categorically have a choice in the matter to where they are sleeping.

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