10 Awesome Pickup Lines Women Should Use On Men

Trainwreck, starring the latest comedy it-girl Amy Schumer, is about a young woman who tends to shy away from commitment, and instead settles for a long string of one-night-stands. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen that type of movie, only with a man in the lead role. Think about it; how many times has Hugh Grant had to change for the woman he loved (in the movies, of course.)

That bit of role reversal got us thinking about how men pick up women, and what would happen if women decided to use the same corny (yet, sometimes very effective) pickup lines on men. Now, we know that some women probably do this already, however, you really don’t see this too often in the media (well, outside of Sex and the City at least). So here it is ladies, 10 pickup lines to try at your local bar, sporting event or even library. Some are a twist on ones that men have used for years, while others are specifically for you all. Sure, this may be a joke at first, but you never know, right? Some of these could work in real world situations. Be warned, some of these might get a little risque, and could go in the NSFW territory; so read at your own risk.

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10 There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. Apparently, none of them have been in your arms.


That’s right ladies, not even the Magic Kingdom can compare to the lure of a man with a good set of guns. If you want to be invited to the show, the best thing to do is flatter him as much as possible, since he probably works out hard to get noticed. Or, perhaps you found your own personal Winnie Pooh who you simply just want to snuggle with. If he is a snuggler, well then you probably have him hooked. Whatever the case, this line will melt anyone’s heart in an instant.

9 Do you know what my shirt is made of? Girlfriend material.


The original line says boyfriend material, but this works just the same. Okay, so we know you’ve probably heard to not be so direct when it comes to guys, because that can scare them off. But not all guys are like that. Some really do appreciate a woman who is direct and confident. No, wait, it’s true. So why not put it all out there with that guy you’ve been locking eyes with all night. If he falls for the line, then maybe he is looking for a serious relationship.

8 I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?


One type of “meet cute” that many people fantasize about is being in a library and locking eyes with someone in the distance. At first it could be because you are trying to get the same book, or perhaps they are hogging the copy machine. At first you are annoyed by each other, then somehow, someway you two feel that spark. Of course you could skip all that rom-com stuff and go directly to the pickup line. Either way, this line will let that one special intellectual know that you think he is worth a look, and could lead to some quality time away from the bookshelves.

7 If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?


So the previous three were a little tame. Yes, we admit it. But sometimes tame really does work. Every now and then you just have to use a little innuendo when it comes to picking up guys. Plus, if all you are looking for is some fun, then why not get a little naughty with your words. Of course if he doesn’t get the joke, then there might be a problem. If the guy finds this one a bit too subtle, then perhaps you should try someone else.

6 Hi, did you get your license suspended for driving all these girls crazy?


If you want to go full on corny (and we mean tacky), you can try this one on for size. Guys who love a gal with humor will probably find this one pickup line totally irresistible. After all, nothing breaks the ice better than a little good natured laugh and smile. Just make sure you have plenty of backup jokes, ‘cause he will probably want to hear more from you as the night goes on.

5 Are you David Beckham? Because I would bend for you.


If you are at a sports bar and want to keep with the theme of the night, you could try this line on for size. This line will probably work best for someone that actually knows who David Beckham is, and from what movie the second part came from. Even if he doesn’t resemble the soccer legend, he probably won’t mind being compared to such a famous stud. Sometimes it really is all about ego. Extra points go to the guy who also gets the reference.

4 Are you a parking ticket? Cause you have fine written all over you.


Got a thing for men in uniforms? Perhaps this little line will give you a shot at getting that phone number. Of course, this won’t work on all guys in uniforms; probably just cops, and perhaps a male meter maid. Just make sure you use it when he is off duty, because you might get yourself in trouble otherwise. If men in blue aren’t your thing, try mixing the words up to say something like “Are you a tax bill….” or something to that effect.

3 Is Your Name Google? Cause you have everything I have been searching for.

If you have been wanting to talk to that simply adorkable IT guy that comes around once in a while, but never had the nerve to, perhaps you should throw out this tech oriented pickup line into the mix. It shows that you at least know a little about technology, and is a good enough play on words to get him to take notice. So the next time your computer is acting up, go ahead and give this little beauty a chance. It couldn’t hurt any more than not saying anything at all, right?

2 Boy, are you the tiger from the Frosted Flakes box? Cause you look grrreat!


Okay, we know, we know. This one is just too cheesy, and perhaps should not even be on this list. However, what does put this in the silver medal spot is that anyone who actually tries this line has our up-most respect and admiration. It takes guts to pull off a corny pickup that references a cartoon tiger, and anyone that uses it and actually walks away with the guy is a worthy champion all on their own. In case anyone is wondering what tiger we mean, go check out your Frosted Flakes box, then go out and get some sunlight; it’s obvious that you have been inside way too long.

1 I’m not wearing any socks. And I have the panties to match.


For those who like to leave little to the imagination, this little gem is sure to make any guy's ears perk up and take notice. Think about it, this is the perfect way to create an aura of mystery, especially since he will spend the whole night wondering if you are telling the truth. Now, no one says you have to ever reveal if you were telling the truth or not, which is naturally all part of the fun in this case. And best of all, the ball will probably be in your court by the end of the night.

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