10 Actresses Who Refuse To Get Naked On Screen

If you are an actress in Hollywood, whether or not you do nude scenes is going to come up. In some circles it is almost an expectation that a woman will take it all off, and at least go topless or sho

If you are an actress in Hollywood, whether or not you do nude scenes is going to come up. In some circles it is almost an expectation that a woman will take it all off, and at least go topless or show her butt. Most actresses think that this comes with the territory as long as it has a true purpose in the script. Then of course there are other actresses who have taken it all off for the camera and had a really bad time and swore they would never do it again.

But this article is about the other type of actress, the ones that just won't go nude in front of the camera no matter what movie it is, or how much they are getting paid. If you want to see these ladies naked, it is going to have to be in real life. So step up your game. They all have different reasons as to why they won't appear in the buff.

While this could hurt their career in some ways, these women are fine with that, because they would rather have their dignity then go nude on screen. I must admit it really is too bad for the rest of us, because these ladies are hot.  Nothing is written in stone though, they could always change their minds, as many have. Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon swore they wouldnt do it...but they did eventually.

Here is TheRichest's list of 10 Actresses Who Refuse To Get Naked On Screen.

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10 Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff was huge as a teen star and although her personal life has not exactly been squeaky clean, she has been crystal clear that she will not appear nude on film. She has been very open about how she wants to keep her fans from her younger days, and how she feels that if she were to appear nude, she might alienate her fan base. This is a drag for the rest of us, but what can we say? You kind of have to appreciate where Hilary is coming from on this one, even if it does mean her clothes stay on.

9 Jessica Simpson

Although Jessica Simpson started to make it big as a singer in 1999, it seems like she has been famous forever. After numerous hits that made her a big star, she became a reality TV star on her show with then husband Nick Lachey and also has appeared in numerous movies. Sadly for us, Jessica has absolutely no interest in getting naked for the camera and has said that she wouldn't even do it "for a frickin' Oscar." Apparently we are just plain old out of luck on this one.

8 Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick has been in numerous movies, including Pitch Perfect and the Twilight saga.  Anna is from my hometown of Portland, Maine, so it is possible that someone I know has seen her naked, I might have to check around, but regardless, she refuses to take it off on the big screen. She has said that she doesn't look down on actresses who do that sort of thing, just that she isn't into it herself.

7 Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a very popular actress, as well as being something called a "celebrity homemaker,"  She calls Martha Stewart her "idol." I can tell you right now that any woman that idolizes Martha Stewart is not going to get naked for a movie, and maybe not even in real life, but we would have to ask her husband Ryan Reynolds about that one. Blake not only doesn't like to get naked for movies, she doesn't even like wearing any outfit that is revealing. It seems like this one is a lock not to change her mind on this particular subject.

6 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is kind of an odd one on this list. While others kind of have a good girl image, Megan is a stone cold sex symbol who has appeared in Maxim and FHM. She has been in numerous movies, including the ridiculously popular Transformers, but has never taken it off and it appears that she is not planning to do so any time soon. The reality of the situation is most guys would still rather see someone like Jessica Simpson naked anyway. Gives that extra sense of accomplishment to seduce the good girl.

5 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been around for a long time. Her first movie role was when she was 13 years old and she has been a star ever since. Jessica is undeniably gorgeous, and sexy as well, which makes it all the more sad she has never taken it all off in a movie. Her reason appears to be mostly about her family, as Jessica is freaked out by being around family at the holidays who have all seen her naked. Sadly for us, it appears that Jessica is not only hot, but responsible with a good head on her shoulders.

4 Mandy Moore

This one is no real surprise, as Mandy Moore comes across as a good girl type, both in her music and on screen. Mandy started off as a singer but has appeared in many movies over the past decade. Mandy has said she doesn't get so freaked out by the actual act of being nude in a movie, but more so the thought of walking down the street and having people see her that have seen her naked. Sadly this also makes some sort of sense, as much as we wish that it didn't, as Mandy is gorgeous.

3 Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts made her first movie appearance at the age 9 in the movie Blow and has been a star ever since. Now 24, Emma is still pretty young, and there is plenty of time to change her mind and her outlook on life, but as of now she has said that she will never go nude in a movie, as she says it is tasteless and leaves nothing to the imagination. Apparently Emma doesn't realize that most guys are tasteless, and would like to leave nothing to the imagination. Or on second thought, maybe she does.

2 Mila Kunis 

Mila Kunis, who is now a huge star, started on That 70's Show in which she starred with Ashton Kutcher, who is now her husband.  Mila will show a little skin here and there, but she will never get fully naked on screen. I guess we will have to live with that small compromise for now. She also has said that she would only do it as long as Ashton was okay with it. Considering the stuff Ashton did that he thought was okay when he was married to Demi Moore, I think Mila might get a lot of leeway here.

1 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is now a mom, in her early 40s, and her husband was Ben Affleck before the high profile divorce. Nevertheless, she's been in many successful movies and lookeed flawless in every one of them. Since she is now a mother, doesn't need the money and isn't in much movies anymore, the ship may have sailed on the chance to see Jennifer naked in a movie. Which is truly a tragedy, as Jennifer was, and still is, incredibly hot.

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10 Actresses Who Refuse To Get Naked On Screen