10 Actors Fans Desperately Want To See Play Superheroes

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a superhero? We’d all take the job if it were offered to us. These days, being a superhero comes with franchise contracts, wild fame, and a ton of media attention.

Being a superhero is no easy task, however. Being super requires vigilant care for your outward appearance, an ability to work in uncomfortable or awkward garments (spandex, anyone?), and ridiculously rigorous workout regimens. Scarlett Johansson spent months in mixed martial arts training to get ready for her role in Iron Man 2, and that movie was perhaps her least combat heavy of the entire franchise! Chris Hemsworth, in order to keep enough weight on to play Thor, still has to wake up at 3 A.M. every night to drink protein shakes. Face it: signing on to be a superhero is a super commitment.

Still, we’d all love the offer, right? We all love superhero movies, and we’ve seen so many actors botch our favorite roles. Ben Affleck as Daredevil? Brandon Routh as Superman? Eric Bana as The Hulk? Basically anyone in Batman and Robin? It seems like somewhere in the filming process, someone had to have had the realization that this casting choice was not working out.

So let’s take a look at all of the actors raising their hands, begging to be given the chance to be super! There’s some serious talent, and plenty of people we wouldn’t mind seeing in spandex. Here are 10 actors who want to play superheroes, and we want it, too.


11 Mila Kunis - The Wasp



Since Mila’s career exploded beyond TV sitcoms and voiceovers, she has been in interviews proclaiming that she would love to be a superhero. In Jupiter Ascending, we got a taste of how she might be in an action movie; although, the movie was such a clunker, we hope she’s better than the ratings would lead us to believe.

Mila is incredibly sexy: her big eyes and slender physique lend herself to looking good in whatever she's costumed in. However, her voice doesn’t sound very convincing when she’s attempting to be menacing; we really only believe her when she’s pure-intentioned. That’s why she’d make a great Janet van Dyne, AKA Wasp.

Wasp, in the comics, is the crime-fighting partner of Dr. Hank Pym, Ant Man; Wasp is just slightly cooler because she has wings. The duo were actually among the founding members of The Avengers. Janet even named the group. Wasp is a funny, sassy, kick-ass superhero, perfect for Mila.

9 Nick Jonas - Jason Todd (AKA Robin)


He’s done a lot of growing up, leaving behind his brothers and going solo into his music career. He’s finally getting back into films with the upcoming project, Goat. He’s been wanting to get back into film for a while, once he got his new image under control. Nick Jonas's got a serious smolder factor; women are going crazy for him. His whole allure is that he’s mysterious, impulsive, and dangerous. That’s why he’d make an amazing Jason Todd (Robin, take 2).

Batman meets Jason Todd as a teenager living on the streets and he trained him for years to replace Dick Grayson as Robin. Though Todd meets with an unfortunate turn of events in the comics, Nick Jonas would convincingly be able to show the range of psychological states Todd has to endure. And let’s face it, spandex is going to look great on this guy.

8 Carey Mulligan - Captain Marvel


Don’t remember who she is? She was in Suffragette (Maud Watts), but you’re more likely to have seen her in The Great Gatsby (Daisy) or Drive (Irene). She’s got a very sweet and innocent look that’s worked very well for her. When asked if she’d ever want to play a superhero, Carey Mulligan said that she didn’t think she’d be crazy about wearing a cape or spandex but, if the right opportunity presented itself, she’d love the opportunity. Her quiet confidence and sweet demeanor would make for an amazing Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel, or rather Carol Danvers of the Marvel universe, is a sweet natured woman who has little time for nonsense. Her passion for flying drove her to work with Nick Fury. She’s a staunch feminist, an idealist, and a beautiful, deadly weapon. There’s already a planned Captain Marvel movie in 2019: who’s to say Carey won’t headline?

7 Shia LaBeouf - Robin/Nightwing


Okay, he’s made a few jokes about how popular superhero movies are but he’d love to be in a well-made one. He, like Nick Jonas, has done a lot of growing in the last few years. He’s gone from interrupting Broadway productions to starring in serious war movies like Fury and performing in abstract music videos like Sia’s Elastic Heart. He’s a great artist and a good guy, though his sense of humor won’t be tamed. That’s why he’d make a great Dick Grayson.

Dick is the Robin most of us know: he came from a family of trapeze artists and his parents were killed by Batman’s foes. He became Robin to avenge their deaths and later became Bludhaven’s protector, Nightwing. His snarky sense of humor is half a pain in the ass and half a welcome change of pace to Batman’s cold demeanor. Plus, Shia would look great in electric blue. 

6 Saoirse Ronan - Enchantress


She’s expressed an interest in being a superhero, but she admittedly doesn’t know much about comics. She specifically said she’d love to be an original superhero without ties to popular comics but with her stunning looks and impressive eyes, she’d make an amazing Amora (the Enchantress).

Thor’s incredibly sexy enemy Enchantress isn’t really a villain; she’s much more of an anti-hero. She helps Loki kill Odin in the comics but really, she’s madly in love with Thor. She has the powers of any other Asgardian (super strength, stamina) but she also has a way with magic. She’s mastered levitation, magical energy in forms of weaponry and shielding, and she’s able to enslave a man for a period of time with just a kiss (similar to Poison Ivy). She’s a formidable and manipulative opponent, one that doesn’t need to utilize brute strength in order to get the job done.

5 Michael Ealy - Cyborg

Maybe you don’t know him by his name: he’s starred in Almost Human (Dorian) and Think Like a Man (Dominic). Though his resume is still growing, he’s already proven himself as a remarkable actor and a strong lead in feature films; he’s someone women want and men want to watch. His most remarkable attributes are his sweet and sensitive, ‘nice-guy’ personality matched with his stunning bright eyes. Kind of sounds like the perfect Cyborg, doesn’t he?

Cyborg is a member of the Justice League. He was almost killed as a young man and his life was saved when his father gave him experimental robotic prosthetics. By attaching weaponry and defense measures, he found purpose in his second chance at life. He’s one of the most level-headed members of the Justice League, often a voice of reason and a moral compass. Ealy would do well as Cyborg, giving him a remarkably human touch.


4 Anna Kendrick - Spider-Woman


The Pitch Perfect star has gotten a lot of her dream roles under her belt in some of her more recent films (Into the Woods, The Last Five Years), but there’s still one dream role that hasn’t been filmed. She’s expressed how much she’d love to be in a superhero movie, especially in the Spider-man franchise. Though she hasn’t specified in interviews which role she’d prefer, we’d all love to see her take on the role of Spider-Woman.

Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, inherited her powers when she was injected with irritated spider’s blood at a young age. Though she’s initially a killer for HYDRA, she later changes sides and works for Nick Fury and SHIELD. She’s a bit aloof, but does what she believes is right and fully commits to her work. Kendrick would make an amazing Spider-Woman, and she’d look amazing in that red and yellow suit.

3 Matt Damon - Lex Luthor

Matt Damon has expressed interest in playing two superheroes, coincidentally the two that his best friend Ben Affleck has now had the opportunity to play: Daredevil and Batman. However, Affleck’s Daredevil was less than great and his Batman has yet to prove itself. Damon’s been spending his time in amazing roles in The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Martian, and The Bourne series. He was amazing in all of those roles, and he’d certainly be an amazing Daredevil or Batman. However, he’d also make a great Lex Luthor.

Good guy, bad guy, why get wrapped up in labels? Luthor is a complex guy, and he’ll only be a great character if he’s got a sensationally great actor portraying him. Jesse Eisenberg is sweet but he’s a bit young to have the chops for Luthor, don’t you think?. Lex Luthor is a guy that wants the world to be a good place; he just demands that it happen on his terms. Luthor is a manipulative, severe, and economical man; who better to play him than the talented Mr. Ripley himself?

2 Natalie Portman - Cat Woman


Sure, she plays Thor’s girlfriend, but being in a superhero movie isn’t the same as being a superhero! Natalie is super smart, super talented, and super gorgeous; why not make her a super human? She’s proven that she can be tough in movies like V for Vendetta, and she’s definitely proven that she can be sexy in movies like Black Swan. Let’s trade in that ballerina costume for a Black leather suit; Natalie would be the perfect Cat Woman.

Selina Kyle is a smooth talking, sultry seductress with no reservations. She’ll do what it takes to get what she wants. Actresses thus far have failed to create the perfect Cat Woman; either they forget her sly innocent façade or force too much allure. Someone like Natalie, who’s born with the perfect physique and believable meekness, would be a deadly and sexy Cat Woman.

1 Keira Knightley - Black Canary

It’d have to be another perfect universe, with a perfect cast, perfect script, and perfect director to get Keira to sign on, but she’d be perfect fighting crime in a spandex costume. Her stage combat skills were proven in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, and she’s always had the sexy appeal to lure in her prey. Her charms and skills would best be utilized as Black Canary.

The DC hero, also known as Dinah Lance, works with almost every superhero in the Justice League. Perhaps most importantly, Dinah has no remarkable powers. She’s strong because she works out, she’s a tough combatant because she doesn’t give up, and she kicks ass because it’s what she needs to do. Later comics gave her small powers, but Dinah doesn’t need to be super to get the job done and neither does Keira. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Keira in that super costume?;

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