Top 5 Lesser Known Secret Societies That Changed the World

We have all heard of the more popular secret societies that reportedly operate around us, such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons. These secret societies form the basis for many conspiracy theories about behind the scenes powerhouses pulling the puppet strings of our supposed world leaders. Basically, people say that secret societies (mainly the Illuminati) control the world. Whether this is true or not is beside the point. Whether it is occult rituals, satanic worship, terrorist plots, or world domination, people love to read a good conspiracy theory. This is why there are so many of them when you browse around our beloved Internet.

Of course, the act of secrecy breeds a lot of speculation amongst non-members of these groups. Speculation breeds rumors, and these rumors are generally of the negative kind towards these secret groups. You can certainly see why, as why else would they keep it a secret? Obviously it’s not as clear cut as that, and many of the world’s secret societies have actually affected world events in a positive manner, but due to the human mind’s love of drama, the media tends to focus on the negative side of happenings.

Obviously, by definition, a secret society is secret; as such a lot of information is had to come by. This means that it is difficult to write a thorough, comprehensive history of groups and their activities. But despite not knowing everything, we do know some things. What we do know is that there are secret societies in the world (a secret society is defined as a group of people who keep their rules, members, activities, traditions, and rituals hidden from people who aren’t members of the group). What’s more is that many of these secret societies have actually changed the world drastically. Here are 5 lesser known secret societies that have changed the world, whether for good or for bad.

5 Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm

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Well, that name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it? To add to its tongue twisting name, it also sounds very secretive and mysterious. In actual fact, The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (also called The Grotto) is an offshoot group from the world famous secret society the Freemasons.

The Grotto was originally formed in 1889 by a Freemason called LeRoy Fairchild, who believed that more of the Freemasons time should be spent bonding and having fun. His fellow Freemasons agreed, and The Grotto was formed. Membership to this new club was restricted to those who held the Master Mason status in the Freemasons.

It doesn’t sound like they changed the world does it? Well they have certainly made their impact in the United States; and in a very good way too. The Grotto, in 1949, established a national charitable program. This was named ‘The Humanitarian Foundation’ and sought to raise funds for various charitable organisations. Their first project was called ‘Aid for the Cerebral Palsy Child’, which it raised over $1 million USD for. In addition to their efforts in combating cerebral palsy, the Humanitarian Foundation has expanded into funded dentistry for children. Again, they have raised a significant amount of money for this charitable cause, and have distributed nearly $5 million USD in the last 10 years towards dentistry projects.

4 The Bilderberg Group

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Okay, so this isn’t technically a secret society, but it may as well be. The Bilderberg Group is an annual conference that is held in various hotels around the world. The Bilderberg Group gets its name from the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands, where the conference was originally held.

It all sounds very boring doesn’t it? Well, to be quite honest, it probably is. But one thing is for sure, it does change the world. The attendees of the Bilderberg Group consist of around 150 people in highly powerful positions. This includes the presidents and prime ministers of the most powerful countries on Earth along with experts in the fields of industry, finance, politics, education, and media.

What makes this annual gathering of the most powerful minds in the world so interesting is the incredibly strict security that surrounds it. There are armed guards everywhere you turn, and even fight jets patrolling the skies around the conference, along with the fact that no news reporters are permitted in the grounds. This is all probably to prevent terrorist attacks on some of the most important people in the world. But it has obviously led to conspiracy theories surrounding the Bilderberg Group attendees’ plans to implement a worldwide government and control the economy for their own gains.

3 The Ancient Order of Hibernians

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The Ancient Order of Hibernians is a secret society comprised of members of an Irish Catholic background. Formed in 1836 in New York City, the Ancient Order of Hibernians was originally set up to protect Catholic churches from societies with an anti-Catholic agenda.

Whilst originally formed in the United States, the Ancient Order of Hibernians did end up making its way back to its home country of Ireland towards the late 19th century, and was a major part of battle against the Orange Order. Many of the Irish Parliamentary Party’s members were also members of the Ancient Order, and a large amount of those who supported Irish nationalism also joined the secret society. This meant that during the early 20th century, the Ancient Order of Hibernians played a large role in the political world of Ireland.

It wasn’t just in Ireland that the Ancient Order of Hibernians changed events though. Back in the United States, the Ancient Order was responsible for fighting against the discrimination of Irish immigrants to the country. They paid special attention to those immigrants that faced discrimination and those that were forced to work with no rights in the coalmines. Along with the major Irish politicians of the 20th century, John F Kennedy also joined the Ancient Order of Hibernians back in 1947.

2 Unification or Death

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You may have heard of this society before, under the more common but less official name: The Black Hand. Unification or Death was a secret society that formed in the Kingdom of Serbia in 1901, with a grand idea to unite all of the states within the Slavic region with that of the South Slavic state.

Many of the members of The Black Hand were part of the Serbian army, and as such, they were quite proficient in combat. Due to the amount of combat talent within their ranks, The Black Hand decided that they would create a Greater Serbia that was united through violence and anarchy. In essence, Unification or Death was a terrorist group. If their demands weren’t met, they were quite willing to assassinate those who opposed them.

This willingness to assassinate is where they altered world events, and very significantly so. In June of 1914 the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was shot in the neck and died, along with his wife. This assassination was carried out by a group called the Young Bosnians, and the murder was planned and organised by none other than The Black Hand. What followed afterwards was cataclysmic to many human lives. A series of events unfolded because of this assassination, and this eventually led to World War I, one of the most fatal wars in history.

1 The Thule Society

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The Thule Society was a secret society formed in Munich in 1911 by World War I veteran Walter Nauhaus that was originally set up to help Germany recover from World War I. By 1918 the society had taken on more occult practices, and quickly began to show obvious signs of white supremacy.

Under the guise of academic research into the origins of the Aryan race, the Thule Society quickly transformed into a hate group. New members had to swear an oath upon joining that neither he nor his wife had any Jewish or ‘coloured’ blood in their bloodlines. With members growing into the thousands, the Thule Society began acting upon their hatred of other races with attempted kidnappings and assassinations.

Leaders of the Thule Society eventually formed a political party, the German Workers’ Party. A young war hero by the name of Adolf Hitler joined this party in the year of its formation. By 1920, he had become the leader of this group and changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, later known as the Nazi Party. Therefore, whilst it is a myth that Hitler himself was a member of the Thule Society, it is apparent that the Thule Society had a major impact in the formation of the Nazi Party, which led to the persecution of 6 million Jews and World War II.

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