Top 10 Most Talented Celebrity Siblings

Unless you are an only child, there's nothing better than being a kid in a good old-fashioned sibling rivalry. Whether you're the baby, the oldest or somewhere in the middle, your brothers and sisters can play a huge part in the kind of person you will become in life. But, some families take it to an extreme. To some families, competition is failing in the biggest moments of your life at the exact same time that your sibling is experiencing their greatest success often with international television coverage included. It's beyond personal -- it's family. Now, the whole apple doesn't fall far from the tree idea is a little cliched but this is sibling rivalry on steroids.

Most families don't experience non-stop crises and debates regarding which son to cheer for at the Super Bowl or which daughter will take the final match in Wimbledon. If not the family, perhaps the siblings. While many kids are lucky enough to become friends with their brothers and sisters, it's also common for them to fight. From praise to toys, competition develops at a very early stage in life as siblings learn to relate to one another. But, the amount of success these 10 brothers and sisters have achieved in a multitude of fields and industries takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

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10 The Pitt Brothers

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According to Fox News, Brad Pitt's younger brother, Doug, acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania while running his own business called ServiceWorld Computer Center in Missouri. Despite his own personal success, Doug is probably best known as "the second most famous Pitt brother" from an old Australian Virgin Mobile commercial that basically portrayed his life as completely second-rate. Surprisingly, it's actually pretty funny. Currently, Brad Pitt is finishing post-production for an action film with Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthal called "Fury" set for release this fall.

9 The Cowells

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X Factor creator, Simon Cowell, has 3 half-brothers, John, Michael and Tony, a half sister, June, a biological sister, Lindsay and a younger brother, Nicholas. And it seems Simon isn't the only Cowell capable of success. In most other families, Nicholas would have been the golden child. According to The Independent, Nicholas is a multi-millionaire property tycoon as director of a company called The Estate Office. The younger Cowell acquired his first 5-star hotel in Battersea, England at the end of 2011. Also, Simon's half-brother, Tony, is a writer and his half-sister, June, was the only female with a speaking role cast in The Village of the Damned.

Simon is an exceptionally famous television personality best known for his ruthless judgment on American talent competition show, American Idol. Along with Idol, Simon was also a judge on Britain's Got Talent for 7 years and is credited for having discovered the popular British boy band, One Direction.

8 The Cameron Brothers

James: via en.wikipedia.org Mike: via archive.wired.com

Mike: via archive.wired.com[/caption]

7 The Simmons Brothers

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6 The Jones Brothers

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According to the UFC, Jon "Bones" Jones is pound-for-pound the best ultimate fighter in the world. The 6'4", 205-lb. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is 20-1-0 since his octagon debut in 2008 and became the youngest-ever world champion after he defeated Maurice "Shogun" Rua when he was 23 years old. If that weren't impressive enough, Jon has two brothers, one older and one younger, that both play in the National Football League. Arthur Jones, the oldest of the three, is a defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts and played on the 2012 Baltimore Ravens squad that beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. The third Jones' brother, Chandler, was considered one of the best defensive prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft before he was picked up by the New England Patriots.

5 Shirley MacLaine & Warren Beatty

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Shirley MacLaine was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1934 and welcomed a younger brother, Warren Beatty, in 1937. According to IMDb, it's no surprise that these two siblings made it big as their passionate drama teacher of a mother urged them to pursue a career in the entertainment industry at a young age. MacLaine was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards four times before she finally won for her role as Aurora Greenway in Terms of Endearment.

Shirley was also nominated for an Academy Award in 1976 as director, writer and producer of The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir. While that's surely a tough act to follow, Warren has been nominated for an Academy Award fourteen times and won an Oscar for Best Director in 1981 for Reds. Beatty was also nominated for Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for this film.

4 The Coppolas/Schwartzman Brothers

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The Coppolas almost seem like a different specimen. The patriarch and Academy-Award winning film director, Francis Ford brought us iconic movies like The Godfather Trilogy, American Graffiti, The Conversation and Apocalypse Now. His younger sister, Talia Shire, was Connie Corleone in The Godfather films and she also played Adrian Balboa in the Rocky films. Francis Ford has two children, Sofia and Roman, who are writers and also directors while Talia has two sons, Robert and Jason Schwartzman, both of whom are actors. So there's two sets of awesome siblings here.

Sofia was the first American woman to be nominated for a Best Director Academy Award and won the Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay in 2004 for her film, Lost in Translation. Sofia also directed the 1999 drama The Virgin Suicides and 2006 biodrama Marie Antoinette. Older brother, Roman, was nominated for a Best Writer Academy Award for Moonrise Kingdom in 2012 which he co-wrote with Wes Anderson.

Robert Schwartzman is an American actor best known as Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries and is the frontman of Los Angeles rock band, Rooney. His older brother, Jason is also an American actor best known for his role in Rushmore!Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and The Darjeeling Limited.

Oh, and top of that, Nicholas Cage is the son of Francis' brother, August, but Cage changed his last name when he was younger in an attempt to make it on his own. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 1996 playing Ben Sanderson in Leaving Las Vegas.

3 The Manning Brothers

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Arguably the most debatable sibling rivalry in professional sports today: The Manning Brothers. Eli has two Super Bowl rings over his older brother's one ring, but Peyton is surely the better athlete in just about every other way. Despite losing the Super Bowl to Seattle last season, Peyton still put in some ridiculous work during the 2013-2014 regular season finishing with 55 TDs and 10 INTs while Eli struggled to put up 18 TDs and turned the ball over 27 times on interceptions alone.

According to Fox Sports, Peyton is 3-0 against his little brother during the regular season with the first two victories coming with the Colts and the latest match-up was held during Week 2 of the 2013-2014 regular season. Lucky for Eli, the Giants are not scheduled to face the Broncos during the 2014-2015 regular season so he has a lot of time to prepare and aim for some postseason redemption.

2 The Staal Brothers

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Hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario, the four Staal brothers give a whole new meaning to sibling rivalry. From oldest to youngest, Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared all play professional hockey in the NHL. Eric, Jordan and Jared all play for the Carolina Hurricanes while Marc plays for the New York Rangers and is the only defenseman in the group. Coined "Hockey's Second Family," the Staal brothers hold two Stanley Cup championships to their family name with Marc failing to bring home the third as the New York Rangers went down to the Los Angeles Kings in the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals.

1 The Williams Sisters

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The Williams sisters are the most decorated sisters in the history of tennis. Venus, born June 17th, 1980, is a 7-time Grand Slam winner while her younger sister, Serena, born September 26th, 1981, is a 17-time Grand Slam winner. With an unbelievable sibling rivalry instilled in them at a young age, Venus and Serena were destined to compete against each other. For the most part, Serena has been crowned the victor but it's hard to forget the 2001 US Open which saw two sisters face off for the first time since 1884, and Venus dominated. Unfortunately for Venus, Serena beat her during the next four consecutive Grand Slam face-offs during 2002 and 2003. In recent years, Serena has comfortably been the better athlete.

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