Top 10 Celebrities with the Most Unique Styles

Style is a matter of a personal taste, but where celebrities are concerned this rationale usually goes out the window. Whether or not you agree with a celebrity’s personal taste, something he or she w

Style is a matter of a personal taste, but where celebrities are concerned this rationale usually goes out the window. Whether or not you agree with a celebrity’s personal taste, something he or she wears, sports or promotes is likely to become a hit in the fashion world.

Who are the top celebrities who have caught the world’s attention with their unique styles?

10 Bjork

When Icelandic singer Bjork showed up at the 73rd Academy Awards in what appeared to be a swan draped around her neck, the joke was that she had no dress and that on the way to the awards she grabbed a swan and made it into one. The dress immediately got attention and was still a hot topic in the fashion world weeks after the event. It was later voted as the ninth most iconic red-carpet dresses of all time.

Laugh and ridicule it all you want, that dress has become an icon of personal style and it still pops up in references every once in a while.

9 Princess Beatrice

As Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married in 2011, the attention of the fashion world was divided on three things; the bride’s gown, what others in the royal family were wearing and the outrageously-designed hat perched on Princess Beatrice’s head. Invitations required women to wear a hat to the wedding and the princess came with something that cannot quite be out into words. It appeared to be a cross between floating ribbons and a tribal headdress.

Needless to say the hat grabbed a lot of attention and it was put up for auction to raise money for UNICEF. The winning bid was over $130,000.

8 Dennis Rodman

There has never been a basketball player quite like Dennis Rodman, and perhaps there never will be. The flamboyant athlete is known for his loud, clashing clothes and hairstyles. On the hardcourt he is famous for his dyed hair. Sometimes he would use multiple colors, sometimes he included different patterns and designs, and he appeared to never use the same style twice.

The athlete is also known to cross-dress and once appeared in a bridal gown, strutted with a pink feather boa and partied in a tiger print dress and was never without the matching wigs or hairstyle.

7 Madonna


Considered by many as a genius when it comes to reinventing herself, Madonna is credited with pioneering many trends still considered chic today. Every pop star or singer has copied her style at least once.

In the 80's it was the material girl who made cutoff jeans hot, she made it look cool for women to wear fedoras and huge silver crosses. Finally, who could forget her iconic cone bra.

6 David Beckham


You can say he is the opposite of Rodman, in fact, he’s on the other side of the scale. While Rodman went for loud and outrageous, David’s style is classy. The Mohawk haircut has been around forever, but when Beckham styled his hair that way, it was the rage again. When he sported cornrows suddenly every guy had to try it.

If you didn’t know he played football you’d swear he was a fashion model, not just by his physique but also the clothes he wears and how he wears them. Whether or not he is influenced by his wife ‘Posh Spice’ Victoria Beckham, it cannot be denied the man just screams style.

5 Perez Hilton

Whether you like Perez Hilton or not you cannot deny his manner of dress usually catches attention. Bright colored hair, clothes with loud and clashing patterns and totally outrageous outfits are a normal part of his wardrobe.

This celebrity blogger once appeared in a museum in what can only be described as a pink and white striped long johns complete with a hoodie. He has also appeared at the NewNowNext Awards in a ripped black lace surcoat over gold leggings and boots.

4 Katy Perry

She has appeared as a bride on Sesame Street and the MTV Europe awards dressed in a split man/woman costume. She likes short billowing skirts and tank tops, but she also looks stunning in a long gown with her hair down.

Katy Perry is one of those few women who can pull off looking good in a dress meant for little girls and also be stunning in clothes intended for hot women.

3 Britney Spears

When she first came out in that oh-so-innocent schoolgirl outfit in the "Baby One More Time" video the whole world fell in love with her and a star was born. Here was a beautiful girl, she could sing and dance and it looked like anything she wore was practically made for her.

By the time she came on stage with a banana snake draped over her shoulder for her performance during the 2007 Video Music Awards her status as a style icon had been solidified for life.

People also remember the dark side of her fashion sense, like when she appeared at another VMA show overflowing from an outfit that seemed three sizes too small. She also once shaved her head, but then again that did not really count as a fashion statement at the time.

2 Miley Cyrus

We all watched Miley Cyrus grow from Hannah Montana to the grown woman she is today. Billy Ray Cyrus’ little girl has certainly grown up into someone you’ll hardly recognize anymore. The long tresses have been cut down to a short punk hairstyle and her ears have been pierced multiple times. She has also had her nose and belly button pierced. She has a tattoo on her ribcage saying “Just Breathe”, another that reads “LOVE” on her ear and a heart on her pinky finger.

Fans are divided on her sudden change in appearance. While those who have adored her as the sweet teenager for years were appalled, others cheered her sense of individual style and non-conformity.

1 Lady Gaga

As far as today’s most unique celebrity style is concerned, pop star Lady Gaga takes the cake. That plus the meat, the egg and the frog, if you get my meaning. You can’t pin down her style except to say it’s eclectic and unpredictable. You can never guess what she is going to wear next. Or in some instances, not wear next.

Remember that meat dress she wore to the 2010 Video Music Awards? It wasn’t just cloth patterned to look like meat, it was actual raw meat. One-hundred percent Argentine beef.

What about that frog dress she wore during a German TV show? To be fair, the dress was not made of actual frogs, but dozens of “dead” Kermit the frogs woven together to make a dress. Still it might have been enough to traumatize some Muppets fans.

Her dress is not the only thing unique about her. She was once carried around in a giant egg to the 2011 Grammy Awards so that she could "hatch" on the premises.

Some people might find her style ridiculous and offensive, but they really should not blame her. She was born that way.

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Top 10 Celebrities with the Most Unique Styles