These 10 Influential Historical Figures Used Psychics

The word “psychic” is loaded with outmoded tropes and antiquated preconceptions; it might evoke images of the old gypsy woman behind a crystal ball, or those yesteryear commercials featuring Miss Cleo asking you to call her psychic hotline. There's a social stigma attached to the role of a psychic, a perhaps unfair assessment that they're frauds out to swindle people out of their hard earned money. Yet, several psychics have in the past appeared to demonstrate genuine abilities. The elite - and admittedly rare - reputable and talented 'psychics' have no problem finding a rich and willing clientele. On occasion, that client list may include a few celebrities or well-known figures from our history.

The average person will seek the advice of a psychic for various reasons. Whether it's to discover if they'll ever find love after a painful breakup, or seeking guidance when faced with a major life decision, many of the less skeptical among us are willing to seek some sort of divine intervention or inspiration when the going gets tough.

In fact, some of the best known and most influential historical figures were among those believers. Do you find it comforting or frightening that some of America's most important politicians, attempting to make a major decision that could change the course of the world, sought the advice of a psychic? Do you believe that the careers of some of the most influential artists in history could have been different if it weren't for the advice of a medium?  We're all human, and hope springs eternal, after all; indeed, some who don't subscribe to an organised religion (even some who do) might argue that there's nothing stranger about seeking advice from a psychic than, for example, a clergyman. We'll let you decide for yourself as you discover the truth about ten historical figures who were advised by psychics.

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10 George Washington


This one might be a little cheat, but George Washington was believed to actually be psychic - and he's presumed to have used his own sixth sense to intuit plans for the future of the United States. In 1778, Washington had a vision of a mysterious woman who revealed to him the path of the United States and the country’s journey through time, which inspired Washington to pursue American independence. He also had prophetic dreams that gave him signs to continue the revolution.

9 Abraham Lincoln

During the Civil War, the Spiritualism movement was at its peak, with psychics conducting séances in order to help people contact their deceased loved ones who were dying in the war. The Lincolns often held séances with psychics in the White House, which was initiated by Mary Todd Lincoln after she made the acquaintance of psychic Nettie Colburn, after the death of the Lincoln's young son. It has also been suggested that Lincoln believed himself to possess psychic abilities and saw a vision of his own assassination.

8 Charlie Chaplin


Whether Chaplin actually believed in psychics or the paranormal is not definitively known, but it is known that he had psychics in his life throughout his career.  According to the book The Intimate Charlie Chaplin by Mary Reeves and Claire Goll, which documented the life of Charlie Chaplin through the perspective of his friends, Chaplin often attended group psychic readings as well as more hokey psychic shows that emulated magic shows .Perhaps he was entertained by them, or maybe he was seeking guidance on the course of his successful life as an actor and filmmaker.

7 Woodrow Wilson

This one is an interesting case, but one many of us can relate to. Throughout Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, he consulted psychics not in regards to political matters or international relations. Instead, he wanted to find out about his own death. Wilson would regularly consult different psychics and receive different predictions about how he would die. Perhaps the leader of the Progressive Movement was paranoid about a possible assassination or about not being able to complete his presidential term.

6 Winston Churchill


During World War II, Winston Churchill had numerous advisors to guide him on the best course of action. One of his advisors was allegedly the well-known occultist, Aleister Crowley. It was no secret that Churchill often consulted psychics and astrologers to guide him in his decision making, and it was even rumored that Churchill himself had psychic abilities and used his “psychic powers” to win the war. Because Churchill was consulting numerous psychics, he is known to have come across at least a few frauds who simply wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

5 Franklin Delano Roosevelt


During World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt was said to have consulted psychics while he was making decisions regarding international relations. It is unknown exactly when he began to consult these psychics, but we can all agree that if it was before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, that was a major miss...Perhaps, the attack on Pearl Harbor inspired Roosevelt to consult the psychics and astrologers for advice from the beyond? Even after World War II ended, Roosevelt continued to consult psychics on issues of international relations.

4 Adolf Hitler

Erik Jan Hanussen was a famous German psychic who ran away to join the circus when he was a young child. By the 1920s, he attained considerable fame with his public shows, and his clientele included the Austro-Hungarian royal family after World War I. Hanussen later found himself making close connections with high-ranking Nazi officers and publicly supported Hitler. There are speculations that Hitler himself even had a reading. Hanussen hid the fact that he was Jewish but in 1933 he was mysteriously found dead among a pile of Nazi IOU’s.

3 Roman Polanski

In 1969, Roman Polanski made headlines when his wife, Sharon Tate, was brutally murdered by the 'Manson family' in their home. She was pregnant at the time of the murder, and both she and the baby were lost. In the midst of his grief, Polanski asked his friend and journalist Julian Wasser to help him take photos of the crime scene. At this time, they didn't know who was behind the murders. According to Wasser, Polanski had wanted photos of the crime scene so that he could show them to a psychic for more information.

2 Nancy Reagan

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The fact that the President and First Lady utilized psychics and astrologers didn’t come out until after Ronald Reagan left office. In the 1970’s, Nancy Reagan met psychic Joan Quigley, and the two became bonded. Quigley would often provide Nancy with readings that calculated periods of success for the President and when to act on certain decisions. After Reagan was shot, Nancy had a special phone line installed not only in the White House, but also in Camp David so that she would have full access to her psychic whenever she needed. Many of Quigley’s predictions about Ronald are reported to have come true...

1 Hillary Clinton

Like Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton attended several new age sessions when her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, was first running for the presidential office. She became good friends with a psychic medium by the name of Jean Houston, who claimed to have been able to communicate with the dead. A journalist by the name of Bob Woodward broke the story of Houston and Clinton’s interactions, including a séance that took place during which,  it was reported, Clinton went into a trance and channeled the spirits of Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt.

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