The 10 Most Amazing Astronaut Feats In Space

It is safe to say that everyone gets slack-jawed in amazement whenever the topic of outer space comes up. Whenever information on a new world reaches us, or we are treated to spectacular new pictures

It is safe to say that everyone gets slack-jawed in amazement whenever the topic of outer space comes up. Whenever information on a new world reaches us, or we are treated to spectacular new pictures that show us the vastness of the universe and just how miniature us jumped-up little humans are on our blue speck floating amid the universe, most people lap it up.

A rocket leaps from the Earth and breaches the barrier of the blue sky above - nothing is more awe inspiring, humbling and at the same time pride-inducing as the images of a fragile ball that is the blue marble of Earth. Some of the bravest and coolest people by default are the ones hurled into the cosmos and into the unknown on these rockets: astronauts.

It would be pretty obvious that many astronauts are capable of doing awesome things, launching themselves skyward into the heavens obviously being the most awesome. But modern technology allows for space walkers to capture their brilliance and share it with the world, some of which is going to be shared in this article right now!

10 Edward White’s First Ever Spacewalk


Where better to launch the countdown at the place where stepping out into the vast unknown all began, many years ago. This year marks the 50th anniversary of humanity’s attempts and adventures in walking in outer space. Admittedly, our steps haven’t transported us much farther than the boundaries of our globe yet (only to the moon), though fifty years is a blink of an eye in terms of how old space is, so we’ve done more than well enough.

9 Space Selfies!


Our budding and ubiquitous handheld technology that allow us to talk, watch movies and take pictures are now as widespread as the people here on Earth. Therefore, it is clearly a matter of natural progression that this technology drift skyward several miles above our head.

8 Planet of the Apes


No countdown of our voyage to the stars would be complete without a nod to the animals that participated in our first intrepid step forward to the stars. The Russians began firing animals upwards like a bunch of cruel bullying kids attaching furry things to a rocket (in the name of science, of course), beginning with Laika the dog.

7 The US Strikes Back


6 Samantha Cristoforetti's Espresso


Space exploration has always been documented by astronauts and shown to an amazed world, then saved and reused often for posterity; yet like our age of incessant selfies, all aspects of life, even that in a space station, can be recorded and shown online for all the world to see.

Two astronauts have spearheaded this new trend: one is Sam Cristoforetti. Taking to Twitter, she has posted a plethora of photographs regaling her followers with every day "normality" whilst hurtling around the Earth in zero gravity, from Tweeting her collection of tiny books on World Book Day in orbit, to giving a guided tour of the bathroom facilities, to making - and drinking - the first espresso in space.

5 Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield went farther than his counterpart Ms. Cristoforetti by becoming the first celestial Internet sensation, from documenting crying tears in space, to Tweeting pictures of the beauty of the Blue Marble of Earth beneath him.

4 Cool Engineering


The legendary Hubble Space Telescope, a byword for wonder that has permitted us to glimpse to the very hinterlands of creation, was actually faulty when first launched. The lens needed to be fixed to correct image blur, so in stepped NASA and their squad of uber cool astronauts, fixing the lens and maintaining upkeep to the very precious looking glass that allows us to gape and hurt our tiny minds at our own insignificance.

3 First Untethered Space Walk


Even for the hardiest astronaut, walking in space has to surely be one hell of a daunting prospect that would shake the strongest courage. So it’s only a matter of imagination and cold dread to most of us when considering the walk of Bruce McCandless as part of the Challenger Space Shuttle mission in 1984.

2 Apollo 13


The unlucky number of the manned missions to the moon, Apollo 13 launched in April of 1970; an exploding oxygen tank destroyed the main command module, leaving only the landing lunar module to shelter the helpless astronauts of Jim Lovell’s crew on their journey home.

1 Apollo 11


Topping the list is the astronaut feat that ranks alongside one of the greatest – if not the greatest – achievement in human history. On July 1969, the crew of Apollo 11, consisting of Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins, completed the first ever successful landing on our moon – by the human race at least!

They landed the Eagle Module upon the Lunar surface – with Michael Collins remaining within the command module orbiting our natural satellite. Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong alighted the Eagle Module and uttered the timeless words: “This is one small for a man, one giant leap for Mankind.”

It proved to be the first time any human on Earth had set foot on a surface other than the planet we are born, raised and die on. It stands, alongside the plaque and flagpole placed on the moon, as an immeasurable testament to the human spirit and endurance and what we as a race can set our minds to.

The Apollo 11 moon landing is set apart as a uniquely powerful event that changed us and although manned missions to the moon ended with Apollo 17 in 1972, Apollo 11 will always remain endearing and powerful to all of us as some countries (like China) prepare to go back.



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The 10 Most Amazing Astronaut Feats In Space