Oprah Winfrey Childhood

Dave Letterman admired Oprah Winfrey  for fighting on despite 'living through hell' during her childhood. He described Oprah as an extraordinary person who lived through hell yet was not consumed, but prevailed.

On her interview with David Letterman Oprah Winfrey admitted that she survived not only a brutal childhood but one that caused her to rebel in her teen years. She was sexually abused by her father for many years.

She had to believe then on the ' power greater than herself' to get through the traumatic ordeal. But those experiences according to Oprah inspired her need to empathize with people in her daily life.






Oprah Studied at Nicolet High School, in an all white school in Glendale, Wisconsin. She was the only African-American student, she was transferred there by a teacher, Gene Abrams because of her love for books.

Oprah's lack of guidance from her mother during her teen-age years resulted to her skipping schools, dating, stealing money from her mother and running away from home. She was sent back to Nashville to live with her father.

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Oprah Winfrey Childhood