Nobel Peace Prize and More Money For Mr. Putin?

In a move that has surprised many, Vladimir Putin has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Putin has an extensive history with many different military endeavors in his home country of Russia. During the Soviet Union era, he was involved with the KGB and other secretive activities. He also led the country to war against its neighbor Georgia just a few years ago. These issues have left many wondering why Putin has been nominated to win this prestigious prize. Though it may seem puzzling, there is an explanation that some may want to consider soon.

The official nomination was suggested by a Russian activity group, who suggested that Putin actively promotes the settlement of conflicts among countries throughout the world. There have been many other curious nominations to the Nobel Peace Prize contest, including one year that featured Adolf Hitler. Just because he has been nominated, does not mean that he will necessarily win the actual award.

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Nobel Peace Prize and More Money For Mr. Putin?