Never Seen Before: 10 Biggest Firsts In Movie History

Whether you are one for sappy stories, where the guy gets the girl, or someone who lives and breathes for sci-fi, movies are the perfect phenomenon to encompass both. For a few, movies are forms of storytelling, a little different from their usual book-reading. For others, movies are an escape to an imaginary world, where all the cool and hip things take place, or the stuff they want in their lives. Like they say, if you can imagine it, you probably have it in a piece of film somewhere. Have a fetish for men with hairy chests? Check. We have that too. Have a ginormous thing for hacking your way through a horde of zombies? Right-o. Have this bizarre, not-thinking-straight wish to make out with a zombie (Ignoring the fact that the said zombie probably hasn't brushed the blood/flesh out of this teeth)? We have covered that for you too (Watch Warm Bodies, in case you are wondering).

See? Movies have it all! Which is why people take them for granted. We could bet that most of you don’t even know the name of the first movie ever shot (We didn't know either, till we Googled it a while ago). Hence, we would love to give a tribune to cinema by putting forth a list of a few movie firsts you probably never knew about.

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10 The First Time A Toilet Was Shot In A Movie


Didn’t see that coming, did you? One of the most intriguing movie firsts, the first time a toilet was ever flushed in a movie, was in 1960. This scene probably wowed tons of viewers, which was first seen in Psycho.

While you wonder how strange it is that people keep tabs on such minute details, let us tell you that the movie Psycho was a big deal when it was released. All of Alfred Hitchcock’s films are, in all honesty. No wonder the brilliant man received an Academy Award for Best Director for this very film. Looks like the toilet flush was a lucky charm, eh?

9 First Movie That Won All Major Oscars


Oh, how much we love that quirky stache of Clark Gable! One of his finest performances, It Happened One Night has a movie first you probably never knew. Like the title says, this piece of art won all five major Oscars; a big catch for the entire crew of the movie. A romantic comedy film, it was released in 1934.

The film seemed to have it all: the beautiful and smart girl, the rogue-like guy, and the right ending that did not leave you crying with a tub of cookie dough. And of course, the Academy Awards for Best Director, Picture, Screenplay, Actor and Actress.

8 The First Multi-plane Movie


The first ever appearance of the multi-plane camera was in a short film videoed in 1937. A Silly Symphonies, The Old Mill was produced by Walt Disney, the man who gets all the credit for the multi-plane camera; and our childhood, of course. Mickey Mouse fans say, “Aye!”. This short animation told the story of how a group of animals populated a windmill.

Although The Old Mill was merely a test for advanced filming techniques, it ended up receiving a couple of accolades. For instance, it won the 1937 Academy Award for Best Short Subjects: Cartoons. It is definitely one of the movie firsts you probably never knew.

7 The First PG-Rated Movie


First in theater screens in 1966, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? has one of the movie firsts you will find surprising. You see, this was the first film ever to receive a PG rating. Imagine all the frustrated teenagers wishing to watch this movie back then!

The reason why it received the rating isn't that unclear: the movie revolved around a bitter couple who yapped away at each other in front of another younger couple. It seems that the older duo eventually gets to the younger one, chasing them away with their shameless lies and stories. But before that, they get to enjoy a "Walpurgisnacht”. Enchanting stuff!

6 First Interracial Kiss


It seems okay now, but at one time, loving a person from another race meant the start of a blood bath. And it was legit, with each race being racist towards the other. Therefore, the first interracial kiss was probably a hot gossip among all people. But of course, it must have been the start of something great, too.

This movie first took place in 1957, and it was called Island in the Sun. Not only was it an interracial kiss caught on camera, it was also an interracial love story. Apparently, the film was controversial around that time, which comes as no surprise.

5 First Onscreen Kiss


The first time the public ever witnessed a kiss shared by a couple was in the movie, The Kiss (Coincidence? We think not). The movie was released in 1896, probably being one of those classics you could store at home. It made kissing a fad. As such, necks turned and couples yearned.

The forbidden “k-word” matter was probably rather new to the viewers. We mean, it was a blunt depiction of romance. The peck in The Kiss is short of the passion and fervor that the onscreen smooches have in the era. Bet this is one of the movie firsts you probably would have loved to experience.

4 First Movie Stunt


Stuntmen are uber cool, risking their lives and doing some killer jumps, flips and other-stuff-we-don’t-understand. However, they weren’t always around. The first movie stunt was done in a silent film, back in 1910. The name of the film? We will never know.

Rumor has it that there is a record of the incident on the Internet. Nevertheless, no one knows who the man was and who he was working for. In fact, we don’t even know if he was paid! He better have been, because the man leaped from a burning balloon, right into the Hudson River.

3 First Nudity In Movie


Nudity had to be a big deal back in the early 1900s! The first time nudity was involved in a movie was in 1912. Imagine the shock running through each viewer! Priceless.

In this Italian movie, Dante’s Inferno, a man’s frontal portion was shown bare, probably sparking controversy. Funnily, there was no such display of male nudity again, till 1969, in Women in Love. Makes you wonder what that large gap was about. Interestingly, Dante’s Inferno was actually a silent film. So we can’t even know what the man was saying while he was stripping off his clothes.

2 First Movie With LGBT Representation


Even to this day, the LGBT community is not accepted in various regions of the world. As a matter of fact, there are still many people who will hiss and crawl away from you, as soon as you utter the word “gay”. Therefore, it is very surprising that the first representation of homosexuals in movies took place around 1894, in The Dickson Experimental Sound Film.

This portrayal of the LGBT public was done in about 17 seconds flat. No kidding. The film just contained men dancing to said Dickson's violin tune, which was somehow interpreted as “gay”.

1 First In-Flight Movie


A short film that lasted for just half an hour, The Lost World managed to contain one of the movie firsts you probably never knew. This was the first in-flight movie. In other words, this was probably the first time the public got a proper look at the perks of flying. Or not. There are dinosaurs and an ape-man included in the storyline, as well.

Released in 1925, the film comes in at the top of our list because it has multiple movie firsts. It was also the first feature length sci-fi movie. Maybe the dinosaurs and ape-man wasn't such a bad idea after all.

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