Most Inspirational Modern Architecture in the World

Locals and visitors alike are easily captivated by massive famous buildings constructed in different places around the world. Man has already shown his artistic ingenuity even during ancient times and some of those very old architectural designs remain standing to this day, serving as mementos of what it was like during those times. The Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pantheon, St. Basil’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Hagia Sophia are just some must-see architectures and monuments of the old times that inspired experts to keep on coming up with unique and innovative designs.

Most people are more interested on how these massive unique structures manifest the culture of the place during the time they were constructed. Very few people would discuss the technicalities of the designs. For someone who is simply admiring a piece of structure, it is without a doubt that many of these designs are breathtaking and a visit to the area is worth a lot of photo souvenirs to be shared with others.

Architects and designers from all over the world are inspired by these structures to thrive on new ideas that is worthy to be recognized in contemporary times.  Listed below are the most inspirational modern architecture in the world.

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11 Burj Khalifa, UAE

Standing in 11th place is Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building at a staggering height of 828.9 meters. This magnificent architecture is the centerpiece of the Arab country of Dubai, which was opened in 2010. It was designed by the same people behind the Willis Tower and the new One World Trade Center –  Skidmore, Owings and Merril. The building stands on the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake.

10 Villa Savoye, France

The modernist building Villa Savoye which is located in France takes the 10th spot. This is an early and classic model of the major architectural style that transpired during the 1920's and 30's, which is called the International style. It was designed by Swiss architects Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret that was originally built for the Savoye family back in the late 1920's as a country retreat. In 1965, the French government chose the Villa Savoye as the country’s historical monument.

9 Flatiron Building, New York

Hitting the 9th spot is the famed Flatiron Building in Manhattan, New York, which was designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham and was constructed in 1902. It was previously called Fuller Building. The unique triangular shape of the Flatiron building made it possible to fill the space between the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. The building looks very much like a clothes iron when viewed from above, hence the name “Flatiron”.

8 Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

The 8th place goes to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which is proclaimed as one of the most significant buildings and admired architectural creations of the 20th century. It was architect Frank Gehry who came up with this very exceptional concept. The Guggenheim Museum continues to serve as a place for numerous exhibitions after attaining world success over a century ago.

7 Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

The 7th spot goes to Fallingwater, which was designed in 1934 by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kauffman family as a private residence. The house’s innovative and eye-catching design makes it look like it stretches out over a 30 feet waterfall with no solid ground underneath. It is now a historic landmark in Pennsylvania.

6 Space Needle, Seattle

Seattle’s futuristic Space Needle lands the 6th place on the list. It was designed by architects Edward Carlson and John Graham, and was constructed for the 1962 World Fair. The impressive design of the building can withstand wind velocities of 200 mph and is capable of avoiding serious damage during powerful earthquakes with maximum magnitudes of 9.1.

5 Sydney Opera House, Australia

Earning the 5th spot is the illustrious Australian iconic architecture named the Sydney Opera House. This masterpiece of contemporary architecture comprises of three groups of interlocking shells covering a restaurant and two performance halls. It is was then unknown architect Jørn Utzon who created the innovative design. He gained prominence after winning the international competition for a national opera house at Bennelong Point, Sydney.

4 Chrysler Building, New York

Number 4 on the list is the Chrysler Building of NYC, which was hailed as the world’s tallest building in 1930, just a year before the Empire State was built. It was designed by architect William Van Alen and was specially made for car manufacturer Walter Chrysler. During the early part of the 20th century, people were engrossed to build it as it was bound to be the tallest sight in NYC back then.

3 Lloyds Building, London

Hands down to Lloyd’s Building in London which is the 3rd most inspirational modern architecture in the world. It was the brainchild of architect Richard Rogers and it was built between 1978 and 1986. The building’s award-winning futuristic design makes it one of the most recognizable structures in the London skyline and an iconic architectural landmark. It is also known as the Inside-Out Building because of its features that include water pipes, staircases, and 12 lifts found outside.

2 Empire State Building, New York

The top 2 spot goes to the world-famous Empire State Building in New York City. It was designed by architect William Lamb of the Shreve, Lamb and Harmon architectural firm. And it was completed in just 410 days after construction began in 1930 during St. Patrick’s Day. The 102- story skyscraper was declared as one the Seven Wonders of Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Empire State Building’s observation deck has been featured many times in several movies including the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romance Sleepless in Seattle.

1 Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Finally, taking the top spot is the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its extraordinary postmodern design was created by architects Cesar Pelli and Achmad Murdija together with Deejay Cerico and designer Dominic Saibo under JC Guinto’s consultancy. It was recognized as the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world between 1998 to 2004 standing at 170 meters. The Petronas Towers are the iconic landmarks of the capital city.

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