5 of the Healthiest Celebrities

Celebrities are known for looking flawless.  They look out at us from magazine covers with the whitest smiles, the shiniest hair, and the fittest bodies next to blurbs that say “10 steps to flat abs” and “A new way to perfect skin”.  Readers are consciously aware of photoshopping now, however many people still hold themselves to impossibly high beauty standards.  The crazy thing is that even though most of these stars still look beautiful even without the photoshop, many of them are not as healthy as they could be.  Some regularly work out at the gym but are addicted to junk foods and sweets, and others are reasonably healthy eaters but neglect physical activity.  As it turns out, celebrities are just like us in the health department; balance is difficult to achieve.

But the most shocking discovery of all? A few of the stars who are regarded as the healthiest and who dedicate a fair amount of time to spreading the healthy lifestyle gospel actually smoke.  They claim that it isn’t often, maybe one cigarette per week, but it is still a dangerous game to play, especially where addictive and carcinogenic substances are involved.

This being said, it was much more difficult than anticipated to find stars who eat well, exercise, and who do not engage in risky behavior such as smoking.  The celebrities on this list satisfy all of these requirements and even do one better by sharing their knowledge with their families and the public, through speeches, television, magazines, books, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Here are 5 of the healthiest celebrities.


5 Bradley Cooper

It is well-known that Bradley Cooper is an extremely talented Oscar-nominated actor who speaks French fluently, cares about the well-being of others, and who still manages to look great in a garbage bag.  Though Cooper makes all of this seem easy, he has admitted to there being some bumps in the road, specifically about his own health and his struggle with alcoholism.  He has been sober for a decade now, something that contributes immensely to his mental and physical health.  In addition, he works out regularly, drinks 4-5 liters of water per day, and only consumes protein beverages that are made without chemicals and fillers.  Not simply satisfied with concerning himself with his own health matters, he has also lobbied for Obamacare and mental health awareness.

4 Kourtney Kardashian


The Kardashians receive a lot of criticism for everything they do on a daily basis, some of which is backed up and some of which is asinine.  One thing is certain though, and that is that Kourtney Kardashian is dedicated to being a healthy mom and having healthy kids.  The 34 year-old is a busy mother of two young children, but that hasn't stopped her from maintaining a fitness regime and a healthy diet.  Her favorite exercise is running, partially because she can do it wherever her busy schedule takes her.  For meals, she often eats large salads full of veggies, proteins, and seeds but occasionally she and the kids indulge in organic grilled cheeses or home-made quesadillas.  For the kids’ regular meals, Kardashian consults Super Baby Food, a book that contains hundreds of baby food recipes and tips about feeding young children.  Another thing that is important to do with children and babies is avoiding harsh chemicals, which Kardashian does by using all-natural cleaning products.  Even though Kourtney Kardashian is known as a reality television star, her top priority is being a great mom and she does this by keeping herself and her family healthy.

3 Kelly Ripa

If you have ever seen any Live! episodes with Kelly Ripa, you know that she can really hit the gym hard.  Ripa will be 44 this year and most 20 year-olds could not keep up with her; in fact, 20 year-old Kelly wouldn't have been able to keep up either.  During her twenties, Ripa cruised by without doing a whole lot with regards to her fitness, only to find that she couldn't keep up with her kids once she had them.  A little distressed that it was too late for a woman in her thirties to start working out seriously, she started with simply walking on the treadmill.  Then she started to jog, then run, then tone.  Soon, all of her apprehensions of the past were gone and she emerged a very strong woman for her petite frame.  Not only that, but she credits working out for calming down her brain and easing out her worries, which is a difficult task for a mom of three.  She also eats organic foods, focusing on lots of vegetables and fish, while abstaining from sugar and processed foods.  Fortunately for everyone else, Ripa shares all of this regularly with her viewers and still remains relatable and funny, despite the fact that she could double as Superwoman.

2 Cameron Diaz


It seems that Cameron Diaz has always been known for being extremely fit.  Ever since Charlie’s Angels, where she was whipped into shape by martial arts master Cheung-yan Yuen, she has displayed a body that is strong and toned, as well as a happy and confident mindset.  Diaz admits that she wasn't always that way and that she struggled with healthy eating and exercise as a teenager and young adult.  Now she is addicted to the gym, prepares all of her meals for the week every Sunday, and drinks loads of water.  She has also released a book on healthy living that has been well-received, entitled The Body Book.  The reason that it has been so successful thus far is that it seems to be well-researched and because she hasn't skipped over any of the parts about the body that are less than glamorous, despite the fact that she is a movie star.  Though she has quit smoking along with all of her other previous bad habits, she recently made a controversial remark comparing smoking to drinking diet soda pop, and how the latter is worse.  It’s probably safe to say that you should skip both, as neither is good, even in moderation.

1 Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is number one on the list because she truly embodies every aspect of healthy living.  She regularly exercises and does so in a variety of creative ways.  From doing ballet exercises to sometimes spending up to ten minutes per day doing planks at home, Kerr ensures that not a day goes by without engaging her muscles in some way.  Furthermore, she pays close attention to what she feeds those muscles.  She eats organically, with a focus on lots of vegetables and lean proteins.  In order to be sure that she is following the right regime, Kerr even took some courses to become a certified holistic health practitioner.  This designation also armed her with some knowledge to launch her own line of organic skincare, KORA Organics, which took her four years to develop with an organic pharmacist.  Because your skin is the largest organ in surface area, it absorbs a great deal, including chemicals that can go straight to your bloodstream.  Kerr hopes to curb this by providing skin products that are not harmful to the body and that keep us in touch with nature.  The final step in Kerr’s holistic approach is maintaining a healthy mind, something that she does through yoga and meditation.  She has written two books on self-improvement and self-love for women of her generation, Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself.  She is certainly a celebrity leader in the mind-body-green revolution.

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