20 Brilliant Uses For Everyday Items You Never Thought Of

top 20 household item hacks

We all love some awesome everyday life hacks. This list of twenty bizarre yet brilliant uses for everyday items will surprise, amaze, and amuse you. As it turns out, there are loads of everyday household objects that we are simply ignoring! They could be huge lifesavers and extremely useful for some of the tasks we perform each and every day. So take a look at these twenty awesome tips and tricks and get ready to use them in your life and home today!

From help with cooking and cleaning, to simple fixes for broken eyeglasses and dripping candles, this list has it all. Some of these tricks are super convenient for the busy adult, while college students can save some extra cash by utilizing their common items for new tasks. There are pretty much endless possibilities with this list.

We hope you enjoy creating pretty jar lids, super-cool clothing irons, and money clips for all that cash you’re carrying around. Share these ideas with everyone you know: family, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc. You could even have a crafting party and whip up some of these items for your favorite people to give as gifts! Get ready for some bizarre yet useful ideas!

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20 Coffee Filters as Face Blotters

Via ecx.images-amazon.com

Are you sick and tired of your super-oily face? We definitely know where you’re coming from! Nothing says “look at me and my greasy forehead!” like a super-shiny face. Well, coffee filters can come to the rescue. You thought those coffee maker liners were only good for helping you make your morning brew? Think again! Coffee filters are a great way to blot up the grease and oil that sits on your face like a shiny mask. Just place the coffee filter over your face for a few minutes and press gently. You will look good as new in no time at all!

19 Wristbands as Coffee Sleeves

Via onbene.com

As if our super-soft and stylish wristbands weren’t cool enough, now they can help us look even cooler as we sip our latte. Yes, your gym accessory can also double as a sleeve for piping-hot coffee (or tea or hot chocolate or any hot beverage.) This is a godsend when you are just sick of burning your little fingers on a super-steamy cup of Joe. Plus, you can totally personalize your cappuccino with a variety of wristband styles. An added bonus? You can also utilize your old socks (cleaned and laundered of course) in place of wristbands. Oh yes, the possibilities are virtually endless!

18 Clear Nail Polish as Eyeglass Repair

Via micabeauty.com

For those of us who don glasses, it can be so frustrating to have a screw come loose in the frames. Those little eyeglass repair kits that you can get at the grocery store are nice and all, but what if we don’t feel like leaving the house? We certainly can’t sit around blindly. So hit up that stash of nail polish of yours (or your favorite female’s) and get to work on securing that loose screw! Clear nail polish is a convenient tip, and a faster and cheaper way to fix those pesky eyeglass issues. Simply apply a bit of the clear nail polish to the fastened screw and let it dry for a few minutes. That screw will be sure to stay in place now!

17 Makeup Brush as a Keyboard Duster


Makeup brushes come in all shapes and styles. Now you can keep your laptop looking in prime and pristine condition by giving it some makeup brush love. Simply ensure that there is no residue blush or powder on the makeup brush (or just buy a new one to use for your computer) and dust away at the keyboard. Makeup brushes are ideal because they are small enough to get into those nooks and crannies that become all crusty and gross. Because we know we just won’t stop eating Doritos and typing with greasy fingers at the same time. Here is a solution so we can have our cake and eat it at our computers too!

16 Straws as Flower Holders


When your significant other gives you a beautiful bouquet of flowers (because that happens all the time), you can keep those buds looking nicer for longer with some drinking straws. Simply cut the straw to the desired length and slip the flower stem into it. This helps the flowers to stand up straighter and avoid that bent over, wilted look (which happens after like, 5 minutes.) Now even the most unstable and top-heavy blossoms can look great for a longer period of time. You can even awaken your inner florist and create appealing floral arrangements, using the drinking straws as nice helping tools.

15 Buttons as Earring Holders


Tired of losing earrings or their backs? These tiny pieces are infuriating and seem to disappear super easily. Well now you don’t have to shell out your hard-earned cash for some over-priced earring holders or jewelry box. Simply grab a button (there are always spare ones attached to jackets, coats, pants, blouses, etc.) Buttons have anywhere from one to four holes, making them a great little accessory for keeping your earrings safe and in one spot. Now you don’t have to scramble around your floor in a frantic search for your earring back. Life just got a little bit easier.

14 Pool Noodles as Boot Protectors

Who doesn’t love pool noodles? They’re super fun, and they make a trip to the pool so much more exciting. Once the colder weather approaches, don’t throw those pool noodles by the wayside or store them away in your attic or shed. You can use these water accessories to keep your tall boots looking sharp and stable. Just cute the pool noodles to the desired height using a knife and stick them into the boots. This will keep the shoes standing upright so they don’t flop to one side, which leaves an unattractive crease that looks stupid once you have them on. Hooray! Sexy stylish boots that will look great all season long!

13 Pipe Cleaners as No-Slip Hangers


Pipe cleaners – those juvenile things we used to play with and make crafts out of when we were younger, are super convenient now that we’re awesome adults! Pipe cleaners can be twirled around hangers to create a no-slip surface. We all know how annoying it is to have our nightgowns, dresses, and other silky clothes just slide right off the hanger and nestle in a bunch on our closet floor. Bypass the aggravation and wrap some fuzzy pipe cleaners (in your favorite color of course) around your hangers and you will never have to worry about slippery garments ever again!

12 Giant Clip as Money Clip

You know those giant clips that teachers use for stacks of paperwork? Well, they can be used as money clips as well. Because we just have such a big wad of cash that we carry around and we need to keep it safe and tidy. Just take your perfectly organized, crisp paper bills, fold the wad in half, and hold it together with the giant clip. You can keep this convenient stash of money in so many different places: your wallet, your purse, your pocket…the list goes on and on. Just keep it a secret! This is the geek-chic way to store cash.

11 Bread Tags as Cord Labels


For the techie in all of us, there is an easier way to keep all of those cords and wires organized. When we have a surge protector full of outlets and plugs, it can be hard for us to figure out which is which. We don’t want to pull a plug just to have the wrong appliance or machine turn off (or combust!) So, those trusty bread tags can come to the rescue. Sure, they’re annoying when they’re on the package of bread, but once we eat all of those pumpernickel slices, we can clip the tags onto the cords and label them with sharpie. Genius!

10 Muffin Cups as Drip Protectors

Via thegreenhead.com

The next time we go grocery shopping, we are going to slip into the bakery aisle and pick up some muffin cups. Not for baking (well, we could bake), but for drip protectors! Think about it: wet flowers or plants, dripping candlesticks, and the like…now we can guard our things by using a muffin cup as a protector. Simply pierce a small whole through the bottom of the muffin cup and insert an object (candle stick, etc.) through it. Now when wax or something else threatens to drip and ruin your material possessions, you are armed! Never have baking supplies been so helpful.

9 Cupcake Liners as Jar Lids


This is a cute idea when you want to really impress someone without pulling out all the stops. Simply buy some cupcake liners and use them as an alternative lid on mason jars. There is a wealth of possibilities with this one! You can place the cupcake liner on top of the jar, tie it on with a pretty ribbon, and now you have a wonderful semi-homemade gift. Fill the jars with anything you fancy: jellies and jams, canned fruit and veggies, or loads of confetti. There are a variety of cupcake liners out there, from patterns to plain. Whether you choose one that is vibrantly colored, or go with lush pastels, it adds a nice artsy touch.

8 Shower Caps as Shoe Covers


Forget about covering your head with shower caps; you can use them as sanitary shoe covers as well! This is awesome for when you get caught in a nasty rainstorm. No way do you want to come back home and dirty up your house! Whether you have tile, wood, or carpet, you can just snap one shower cap on each foot and tread through your house, worry-free. It’s not just house-cleaning that may call for shoe covers, either. We’re sure that we can find a couple of other uses for these innovative shower cap-turned-shoe protectors. Have fun with this one!

7 Hair Clips as Cord Organizers


Any girl will tell you that they have loads of hair accessories cluttering up their rooms. Well, the ever-popular chunky hair clip can now be used for something other than a silly hairstyle circa 1997. Use these clips to hold coiled cords in place. This really prevents wires and cords from getting all jumbled up and interlaced. Rather than spend 5 minutes (or a half hour!) trying to undo the knots that the cord somehow got itself into, we can just coil the wire up in the first place and clip it securely with the giant hair clip. Ta-da! Mission accomplished!

6 Cooking Spray as Shoveling Agent


Check this one out! We all hate, hate, hate shoveling snow, but this hack can make it so much easier. We know how annoying it is when the snow just piles up and won’t get off the shovel. We just keep shoveling and then just amass a huge boulder instead of being able to transport the snow elsewhere. All we need to do is use some PAM or other cooking oil spray and douse both sides of the shovel. Now when we scoop up snow, it will actually fall off the shovel instead of sticking to it. Crisis averted! Now if we could just find a way to shovel snow without exerting physical energy…

5 Dryer Sheets as Cleaning Rags


For those nit-picking compulsive cleaning fanatics, this is an awesome trick. Now we can get the dirt out of all those annoying hard-to-reach places with simplicity and ease. Dryer sheets not only smell good, but they do a great job of getting dirt and lint to cling to them. That means that your baseboards and other surfaces can look even better (and they don’t smell like toxic household cleaning products!) We love this trick, and it makes our chores go by a whole lot faster. Now we can even go the extra mile in making our home look extra fabulous, like us.

4 Tissue Box as Plastic Bag Storage


This is a neat little trick that can help us achieve even more efficiency at home. Once you run out of Kleenex (try watching a chick flick or tear-jerker), you can save the empty tissue box. You could make a cool homemade guitar, or you could use the box for storing plastic bags. This makes perfect sense considering that plastic bags are so versatile. We would love to keep more of them, but they just pile up in a cabinet or closet, which is totally awkward. Now we have a nice, tidy place to store them for when we need a garbage bag or something.

3 Hair Straighteners as Clothes Irons

Via bigbazaar.biz

Check this out, because it’s super spectacular. Hair straighteners are great, but what about using them on your clothes? It works, just try it! You can now have a two-in-one contraption with a hair straightener-turned-clothes iron. The next time you need to spruce up a dress shirt or blouse, just whip out your hair straightener and get to work on smoothing out those wrinkles and creases. This is a super convenient hack for young adults and college students, and it cuts down on the small household appliances and fixtures we need to buy. This is truly a win-win and we love it!

2 Lotion Bottles as Travel Totes

Via bhlabeling.com

Here is one that we would never have thought of! Once you finish with some body lotion, shampoo, or sunscreen, completely empty it and rinse it out. Then you have your own travel-sized tote to bring along on your next trip! This is an awesome hack that allows us to pack some essentials in a convenient and tidy travel-size container. Store your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and other personal care items and bring them along with you. It is best to use a rectangular lotion container or bottle for maximum efficiency. Cool, right? This is a trick we will definitely be using during our vacation.

1 Plastic Water Bottle as Funnel


For those who love to experiment in the kitchen, you will wonder how you never thought of this one. Once you finish with your plastic water bottle, simply snip off the bottom, screw off the cap, and you have yourself a funnel. Use this homemade kitchen tool for measuring out wet or dry ingredients and dispersing just the right amount. This is ideal for adding dried herbs to dishes, doling out rice or quinoa, or splashing some juice or liquid into a pot. The possibilities are unlimited and you will have loads of fun with your super cheap and easy funnel.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, listotic.com

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