15 Surprising Facts Every Canadian Should Know About Justin Trudeau

What do the words hard-working, determined, and inexperienced all have in common? They’re all adjectives that have been used to describe Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party and potentially

What do the words hard-working, determined, and inexperienced all have in common? They’re all adjectives that have been used to describe Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party and potentially Canada's next Prime Minister. Born into a wealthy political family and the son of one of Canada’s most notorious Prime Ministers, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Justin has been in the public spotlight since birth. However, in this election Justin will need more than a famous surname to win the hearts and minds of Canadians.

In 2011, the Liberal party suffered one of its worst defeats in its history. Not only did the Liberal party fail to take any constituencies away from its competitors, but they also finished in third place with only 19 percent of the vote. To add insult to injury, Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal party leader at the time, lost in his own riding. Four years on, it’s clear that the Liberal party needs to cause an earthquake in Canadian politics if they ever hope to once again hold the balance of power. What’s less clear is whether a young Justin Trudeau is the right person to lead the Liberal party to victory.

Aside from being praised for his eager and passionate attitude during the debates and campaign period, Trudeau has also been praised by Liberal supporters for his policy ideas to invest in clean energy, offer greater economic security for middle class families, and legalize marijuana. But of course, a politician wouldn’t be a politician unless they had critics - and Trudeau has many.

Following Conservative attack ads and controversy surrounding particular promises in the Liberal election manifesto, millions of Canadians are casting their doubts over whether Trudeau is ready to run the country. This article will outline an array of interesting facts - some trivial and some serious - that you may not know about Justin Trudeau. Ultimately, the intention of this article is to help Canadians gain a greater perspective of the Liberal party leader and of the 2015 federal election.

15 Justin Trudeau Has Worked As An Actor

14 Justin Trudeau And Thomas Mulcair Are Ninth Cousins

13 Justin Trudeau Is The MP For The Smallest Riding In The Country

12 Trudeau Has Called Canada’s Environment Minister “A Piece Of Sh*t.”

During a heated question time debate over the Kyoto Protocol in 2011, Trudeau called Federal Environment Minister, Peter Kent, a “piece of shit.” Trudeau made his comments in response to Kent’s suggestion that NDP MP, Megan Leslie, should have been in South Africa for a UN climate change conference during a time when opposition MPs were banned from doing so. Immediately following the question period, Trudeau made an effort to apologize, stating that he was sorry for losing his temper and using unparliamentary language. Below is a link where you can watch Trudeau’s outburst.

11 Trudeau Has Boxing Experience

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Although politicians are known for sparring with one another over policies in Parliament, what they’re not as known for is sparring with one another in the ring. Pierre Trudeau, well known for his witty and often controversial remarks, was also a fan of boxing. Indeed, when his son was growing up, he’d often take him out for boxing lessons. Last year it appeared those lessons paid off when Justin defeated Conservative Senator, Patrick Brazeau, in a charity boxing match. Below is a link where you can watch the fight.

10 Trudeau Has Worked As A Secondary School Teacher


9 Trudeau Has Pledged To Phase Out Subsidies For The Fossil Fuel Industry

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau announced during a speech in Vancouver that if elected, he would fulfil a G20 pledge to phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. This pledge was accompanied with an array of other environmental promises, including the creation of national emissions-reduction targets and the investment of $200 million each year to support clean technologies in the forestry, energy and agricultural sectors.

8 Trudeau Has Promised To Reform Elections Canada

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Elections Canada is supposed to be an independently run organization that Canadians can trust, however following the 2011 election voter suppression scandal and issues regarding accountability, Trudeau’s Liberal party has stated they’re determined to make reforms.

7 Trudeau Has Pledged To Create A New Infrastructure Bank


6 Trudeau’s Intended Seat In Parliament Was Taken By Mulcair


5 Trudeau Could Be The First Offspring Of A Former Prime Minister To Be Prime Minister

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4 Trudeau Is Open To The Idea Of Quebec Sovereignty

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3 Trudeau Supports Bill C51

2 Justin Trudeau Supports Legalization Of Marijuana

1 Trudeau Supports Deficit Spending

Earlier this year, Trudeau shocked Canadians when he announced that the Liberals were scrapping their initial pledge to balance the budget and were committed to a three-year deficit spending plan to encourage economic growth. Like any political decision, Trudeau’s pledge was met with both positive feedback and criticism. Instantly, the Conservatives jumped on the opportunity to call the new Liberal plan dangerous, claiming that if implemented it would increase Canada's national debt. Liberal supporters however retaliated, stating that a decade of cuts have not helped the middle class and that investment is necessary to stimulate the economy.


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15 Surprising Facts Every Canadian Should Know About Justin Trudeau