15 Little Known Facts About Tupac Shakur

It has been nearly 20 years since Tupac Shakur was murdered – if you believe that he is dead, that is – and yet Tupac continues to be a music phenomenon unlike any other person who has since emerged o

It has been nearly 20 years since Tupac Shakur was murdered – if you believe that he is dead, that is – and yet Tupac continues to be a music phenomenon unlike any other person who has since emerged on the scene. One reason is that Tupac is regarded as arguably the greatest rapper in the history of the genre. The legend of Tupac has grown over time also because of the recordings featuring the rapper that have been released since his untimely death. Those releases have helped add fuel to the fire that has been rumors that Tupac may have faked his death and may be alive today.

Unless Tupac outs himself to the world and then proves that he is who he says he is and that he is still around, odds are that there are always going to be groups of fans who don't believe that the rapper staged what was, per the official story, a gruesome demise. Other theorists may claim that we will never know for sure what happened to Tupac in 1996. That could be a matter of opinion. What is not up for debate is that there are plenty of interesting facts about Tupac that casual fans of the artist may have either forgotten or never knew over the years.

15 Tupac's Real Name 


14 Tupac Was Pro Gun Control 


13 He Was A Young Actor 


12 He Went To School With Jada Pinkett Smith 

Well before the world knew who they were, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac were classmates and friends when the two were in high school. Smith, according to the Daily Mail, discussed this relationship while appearing on The Howard Stern Show in June 2015:

You know, it’s so funny. Now being older, I have more of an understanding of what that was between us,' Jada said while visiting Stern's New York studio.

'When you have two young people that have very strong feelings, but there was no physical chemistry between us at all, and it wasn’t even just for me! It was him too.

'There was a time when I was like, "Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this goes." And when I tell you it had to be the most disgusting kiss for us both. The only way I can put it is, the higher power just did not want that.'

11 He Was A Fan Of Jim Carrey 

10 He Has A Lot Of Unreleased Material


9 He Wanted To Play Bubba? 


It would not be all that surprising to learn that Tupac failed to land some acting roles during his life. According to an interview with his ex-wife, Tupac nearly landed a gig in what became a famous and historic movie. Keisha Morris explained in that interview that Tupac showed interest in being in Forrest Gump:

We went to the Chelsea Movie Theater to see Forrest Gump and then we ate dinner around the corner in an Italian restaurant. He wanted to see Forrest Gump because he read for the part of "Bubba." I was in total shock, I couldn't believe who I was on a date with.

8 Tupac Loved Shakespeare 


Tupac had many influences during his life. Among them were the works of William Shakespeare. Tupac talked about this during an interview with Chuck Philips of the LA Times back in 1995:

It influences all my work. I really like stuff like "Les Miserables" and "Gospel at Colonus." And I love Shakespeare. He wrote some of the rawest stories, man. I mean look at Romeo and Juliet. That's some serious ghetto [expletive]. You got this guy Romeo from the Bloods who falls for Juliet, a female from the Crips, and everybody in both gangs are against them. So they have to sneak out and they end up dead for nothing. Real tragic stuff.

7 He Pissed Off Rashida Jones 

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6 He Knew Mike Tyson 

5 Tupac Liked Pop Music 


4 He Made Joshua's Dream Come True


3 His Buddies Smoked His Ashes?


2 He's Still Rich 


1 Madonna Secretly Dated Tupac


It is not a secret that Madonna and Tupac had a relationship. Those rumors have been confirmed multiple times. What you may not know is that Madonna could have had Tupac's baby had the two remained together for a significant length of time. Author Lucy O'Brien claimed in a book that was released in 2007 that Madonna desired to have a baby with the rapper while the two were an item. Madonna has not, as of the posting of this piece, discussed that aspect of her relationship with Tupac. The fellow music genius has not gone in-depth about dating Tupac other than to say that they were once together.

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15 Little Known Facts About Tupac Shakur