12 Facts About Hillary Clinton You Probably Didn't Know

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton officially announced her candidacy for President of the United States of America on April 12, 2015. Since then, heated controversy, ruthless press and passionate campaign

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton officially announced her candidacy for President of the United States of America on April 12, 2015. Since then, heated controversy, ruthless press and passionate campaign speeches have kept this former First Lady in headlines across the world.

Born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947, Clinton was raised by a republican father and a democratic mother. While in grade school, Clinton volunteered to babysit the children of Mexican immigrants. She was voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ by her high school classmates and gave the first student commencement speech at Wesleyan College. She met former president Bill Clinton in a library at Yale Law School. Together this lovable, political, powerhouse couple conceived one child named Chelsea Victoria Clinton.

Intense disputes transpired between Hillary and Bill after the shocking Monica Lewinsky affair was exposed to the public. A woman of resilience, Hillary has since forgiven her husband and continues to make strides as a politician. However, this presidential hopeful has a lot of campaigning to do and even more convincing to the American population that she can handle the role of Commander in Chief. Is America ready for the first female president to be voted into office? Will the brilliance and absurdity of Donald Trump’s antics trounce her in the polls? You be the judge, but as you are comparing her extraordinary resume to that of a Ben Carson, take a look at these 12 Facts About Hillary Clinton You Probably Didn't Know.

12 Hillary Clinton Wanted To Be An Astronaut Not A Politician

11 Clinton Won A Grammy


A Grammy Award, or Grammy, is an award given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. A Grammy recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry. This accolade is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. Only the most exceptional musicians and artists become Grammy winners. Grammies have been awarded to some of your favorite artists such as, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and Rihanna.

10 Hillary Can't Eat Without Hot Sauce


Many people can’t go a day without adding hot sauce to their food. Hillary Clinton is no different. The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary puts hot sauce on everything imaginable. The report even states that Mrs. Clinton dabs Tabasco on her salad. Clinton was asked what she packed with her during her numerous travels as Secretary of State. Her response was sunscreen, iPad, and confessed it was necessary that she bring red pepper flakes and a small bottle of Tabasco hot sauce with her.

9 Hillary Is A Cubs Fan


The Chicago Cubs haven’t won the World Series in over 100 years. This may give explanation as to why die-hard Chicago Cubs fan Hillary Clinton was quoted saying, “Being a Cubs fan prepares you for life – and Washington.”

This year, during the Chicago Cubs wildcard game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Chicago Suntimes reported that on the morning before the big game, Fox News flashed a banner across the screen reading “HILLARY CLINTON SAYS SHE’LL CHEER FOR CUBS IN WILDCARD GAME.” Hillary must be good fortune, because the Cubs won, beating the Pirates 4-0.

8 Hillary Clinton Loves Taking Shots


7 Clinton Wants To Waive Deportation For Certain Immigrants


The U.S has been forced to address the issue of deportation and the number of families that are separated due to illegal immigration. Eva Longoria, Pitbull, America Ferrera and others celebrity/activists have spoken out against America’s immigration problem.

Immigration is the movement of people into a country to which they do not possess its citizenship to reside there or gain employment and means to improve their condition. Immigration reform includes promoting, expanding, or opening immigration, as well as reducing or eliminating immigration.

For the up-coming 2016 primary elections, immigration reform is a controversial topic and is repeatedly debated among presidential candidates. Trump says build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

6 Hillary Banned Bill Clinton From Their Bedroom


During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Hillary Clinton forbid her husband and then-president Bill Clinton from entering their bedroom for over three months. The Democratic Party front-runner also stuffed her face with mocha cakes to cope with the betrayal of her husband and media scrutiny. The first-hand account of these events were documented and revealed in the tell-all book called, “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.”

5 Hillary Was Subpoenaed By The FBI


4 Clinton Takes Responsibility For The Benghazi Scandal


3 Clinton Wants To Cut Middle Class Taxes

When people living in America don’t pay taxes, such as illegal immigrants or persons utilizing a black market, others have to compensate for it. Thus, like immigration reform, tax reform is a frequent debate topic. Most citizens rich, middle class or poor want their taxes to be minimized. However, someone has to pay for the cost of public services and it’s usually a lopsided collective effort. Drake raps "Shout out to all my [guys] living tax free/Nowadays it’s six figures when they tax me/Oh well, I guess you lose some and win some.”

2 Hillary Is Pro Medicinal Marijuana


Cannabis enthusiasts claim that the psychotropic plant can lead to medical innovations. They argue that it can be a safe and effective treatment for the symptoms of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other conditions. Challengers of medical marijuana argue that it is too risky to use, lacks FDA approval, and that several legal drugs make the use of marijuana unnecessary.

1 Obamacare Was Almost Hillarycare


The Clinton Administration aggressively pursued the authorization of affordable health care. The Clinton Health Care Plan, also known as “Hillarycare”, was a healthcare reform package proposed in 1993. The goal was to organize an effective way to provide health care for all Americans. This pursuit was controversial. During a speech, Bill Clinton proposed a plan to enforce employers to provide health insurance coverage to all of their employees. Hostility to this plan was considerable from conservatives, libertarians, and the health insurance industry.

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12 Facts About Hillary Clinton You Probably Didn't Know